Detectives: Olympia mom slashed her children’s throats because she wanted them to stop crying

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OlYMPIA — It’s an unthinkable crime, a mother accused of slitting the throats of her three young children.

Police say Christina Booth, 29, early Sunday morning slashed her 2-year-old daughter’s throat, then did the same to her 6-month-old twins.

Authorities say Booth called 911 after trying to kill her kids.

“My babies won’t calm down, I`ve breastfed them, I`ve formula fed them, they are not calming down,” said Booth.

Police say her husband then got on the phone.

Data pix.

The father is heard saying the kids were bleeding and needed immediate care.

During the 911 call, the couple never says that Booth hurt the kids but court documents state the mom admitted to slashing her kids' throats with a kitchen knife after reaching a breaking point.

Detectives say the mom wanted to stop her babies from crying. Documents state the mom had two glasses of wine before the incident.

On Monday, prosecutors told a judge that alcohol may have played a role in the crime and said they had severe concerns that Booth was a danger to herself and her kids.

The judge set her bail at $3 million.

People who know the family are traumatized.

“You don`t think someone of her nature, a really giving person, a loving mother, would snap,” neighbor Kim Harris said.

Harris says it feels like a nightmare. Her thoughts are with the children -- all now in protective custody.

“There are no words to describe what they are going through,” Harris said.

In separate interviews, detectives said the mother claimed her husband didn’t help with the kids and she had to take them out of his sight when they cried.

Detectives say the father said his wife was on medication for postpartum depression.

During the end of the 911 call you can hear the mother breaking down. “I don`t want to lose them, I don`t want them to die, I don`t want them to die,” Booth said.

Thurston County officials say the father is a soldier at JBLM. They say the couple made inconsistent statements, but they don’t anticipate charging the father with any crime at this point.

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    • alice smith

      Please read my post below and check out the links. There have been a multitude of normal and loving parents that have snapped after being prescribed these antidepressants. In Europe, they have a black label on these medications warning people of the possible side effects. In our country, regardless of the body count, doctors continue to hand them out like they were candy to our population.

      • alice smith

        My post below with the links is being held for moderation. I suspect because of the links. If you do a youtube search for “One Example of Why We MUST Stop The MOTHERS Act ” you’ll hear from one young mother that was prescribed these medications. Also, a well researched website is “SSRI stories” Both links are easily found just doing a google search.

        • Shane Whitman

          Your sympathy for this woman is misplaced. By your logic, law-abiding society should simply let certain homicidal sociopaths walk free just because they “had a rough life” or whatever sob story you choose to believe. She chose to attempt to kill her babies on her own free will. Medications, hormones and emotional distress don’t put that specific idea into anyone’s head, nor are children that are capable of provoking (according to the legal definition of provocation/aggravation) an assault or attempted manslaughter. You need to take off the rose-colored glasses and see the world for what it is, Alice. Weak-minded individuals such as this sorry excuse for a human don’t belong in our society.

          • alice smith

            Shane, I would highly recommend that you read the links that I suggested. Especially, the SSRI stories. In addition, you might want to do a search for the following articles: “Psych meds linked to 90% of school shootings” and “Dr. Peter Breggin’s Testimony at Veterans Affairs Committee On “Antidepressant-Induced Suicide, Violence and Mania: Implications for the Military” I would post the direct links, however, I think that’s why my earlier post was never posted. Media gets a great deal of advertising dollars from pharmaceutical companies so, consequently, it’s the elephant in the living room that’s not being reported in connection to these psychotic events. I’ve been studying this connection for several years. I would suggest you do some reading on the subject prior to accusing someone of wearing rose colored glasses simply because you are unaware. It is documented that these medications can cause around 10 percent of the population to turn violent and suicidal.

          • alice smith

            Shane, I forgot to respond to this that you wrote: “By your logic, law-abiding society should simply let certain homicidal sociopaths walk free just because they “had a rough life” or whatever sob story you choose to believe. ”
            Absolutely, NOT! The responsibility and blood, for these killings where a previously normal person, directly after being prescribed these antidepressants, turns violent, or suicidal, belongs on those prescribing these medications carelessly along with the pharmaceutical companies. What’s criminal is that money driving the motivation and the blood shed in our country directly related to these antidepressants. Money is also the driving force behind the media keeping their mouth shut over the connection.

    • andeesmom

      Easy to say now but we don’t know or understand her mental state. In medication for post partum depression? Should not be drinking and her husband should have known that as well as she, and helped. I’m not excusing at all and believe both have consequences for actions or inaction. Sadly, I knew this young lady as a youngster and this is heartbreaking on every level. I hope she gets the mental health assistance she needs, her husband gets help, too, and at all cost, the children are kept safe and given every help needed to help them grow to healthy mature adults.

  • Me

    Anyone can have children. There is no test to take or any sort of certification that needs to happen.
    Not that there is any way to have this happen, but you have to be licensed and certified to do so many things. But parenting is not one of them. Any suggestions to help this kind of abuse? And that’s what it is.

    • Sarah

      I agree. It is so sad because some people have no business being parents yet it happens anyway and the children are left being the ones that experience horribly sad things throughout their growing years. You habe to obtain licenses and certifications for almost everything but not necessary for soon to be parents!!! It should be mandatory to attend meetings and classes before becoming a parent! No doubt!!!

  • Rox My Sox

    I don’t think it was her personality or bad parenting that’s the issue, but postpartum depression which can happen to anyone. There is no definite tests to see if someone is prone to have postpartum depression unless they have a history of it or show signs of depression during pregnancy. She was on medication for it, so either the medication is not working or she stopped taking it. It’s unfortunate that it took over and she reached a breaking point. She needs counseling more than anything else.

    • Shane Whitman

      At least she showed some semblance of remorse, but depression or not, there absolutely is no excuse for what she did. She could’ve changed something well before reaching her fit of rage, and even then, she CHOSE – mind you, CHOSE – to slice her own childrens’ throats. I hope she serves life.

  • Mia

    Mental illness is very real. She is very lucky that all of these babies survived. Having 3 children under the age of 3 and not having very much or any help is a lot. This woman’s body and hormones have gone through a lot in the last couple of years. I feel bad for her. I hope she gets the help she needs. I don’t think she should ever be left alone again with her children at this point.

  • april d

    What a combo..a drunk mother who suffers from ppd and on meds (which in some cases make you worse) and with a father who is not around and/or does help. I hope the mother gets the help she needs

    • Carolee

      U make me sick bruno I hope god unleashes his wrath on you for such a inhumane comment… you discuss me.. I hope you dont have kids or ever have kids.. those poor babies

  • mcagetsyoupaid

    That’s 100% post partum depression. Most likely her stupid negligent husband didn’t give her enough breaks, help during night feedings and allow her to get a full night sleep at least every 3rd night. I say this because I just had 1 and my husband was just as negligent and lazy until he witnessed me completely exhausted and ready to snap. Men don’t realize how hard it is having a baby and imagine she had 3! Thank God the babies are alive. Both parents are to blame, her for not getting the help she clearly needed and him for not knowing his wife enough to recognize she was unraveling.

  • Laura Nepal-LaPointe

    honestly, i’m more upset by the father. if the mother’s statement is true, then why wasn’t he helping? why was he adding to her stress by making her take care of screaming babies alone? parenting takes support. it takes a village to raise a child. my husband left me completely alone for a few months with our baby while he went out and wandered the town. we were living with a man who was extremely stressed out by how babies scream, so i was all alone, trying my best to calm down one child so the owner wouldn’t get fed up with me and throw me out. i can’t imagine how stressed out this woman must have been, trying to calm down three children so her good for nothing, piece of shit husband could have some quiet.

    • alice smith

      Laura, I understand what you’re writing and agree that the father should have been there as those children were his responsibility also, however, have a comment regarding your, “it takes a village to raise a child”. I remember when Clinton made this phrase popular. She’d gotten it from an African village that was built on communistic principles. The underlying premise is that no child belongs to the parents, but to the governing authority. My response to, “it takes a village” is, It takes a village idiot to let the village raise your child.

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