Hawks react to Browner’s advice to Pats to ‘break’ Sherman’s elbow, Thomas’ shoulder

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PHOENIX — Former Seattle Seahawk and current New England Patriot Brandon Browner told ESPN that he thinks his former teammates Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are tough. That’s why he plans to hit them where it hurts.

“Those dudes are tough, like watching the game you see Sherman was holding that arm like he had a sling on it,” Browner told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “But at the end of the day this is about the Super Bowl. I’m going to tell my teammates to go hit that elbow, go hit that shoulder. Try to break it if you can, you know?”

Both Thomas and Sherman suffered injuries in the NFC Championship win over the Green Bay Packers.

But despite Browner's hard-nosed approach to the game, he said all parties -- the Patriots and Seahawks -- understand the meaning of competition.

"You're going to be my best friend after the game," 30-year-old Browner said. "But at the end of the day I know you want the Super Bowl just as bad as me."

Browner was part of the Seahawks last season, but was suspended for the final two games of regular season plus the postseason because he violated the league's substance abuse policy. Now, he plays for the Patriots and says he looks forward to facing his old team.

"I really had that vision when I signed here," Browner told the Boston Herald. "Hopefully, we'd meet up with my old boys and it happened to work that way."

Below is Doug Baldwins' response:

Response from Doug Baldwin

Response from Doug Baldwin

response from K.J. Wright

response from K.J. Wright

Response from LB Bobby Wagner

Response from LB Bobby Wagner

Browner has played in nine games with a total of 25 tackles and one interception this season.

Q13 FOX News Sports Director Aaron Levine weighed in on the comments Monday.

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  • Karen Phelan

    Really????? These are your friends that supported you during your screw ups. I understand competition BUT are you kidding me??????

  • melissa7064

    To think or feel this way is one thing, but to say it and tell others is another. He isn’t just saying to “go for their weekness or injury” or to “hit them where it hurts” he’s talking about breaking bones, which could lead to career ending circumstances. That’s a whole different thing and not friendly, just competition, or sportsman like. It says a lot about his true character. No friend would do that.

      • Ginny

        He isn’t going to go for the “break”. He’s telling his teammates to do it. I agree with others that competition is one thing. Going in for breaking bones that could possibly end a career it something very different. For all the covering they had to do because of his ongoing pot issues, I think this is a time he should have just kept his comments to himself.

  • Lece

    seriously?!? another reason why the patriots are cheaters…oh and Aaron Levine STFU!!! his words are telling his teammates to “try to break it if you can” and there is nothing wrong with that….maybe you should get a new job in NE

    • Brendan Chase

      “Another reason why the pats are cheaters”?? LOL OMG, Pats are cheating because Browner smacked talk. STFU moron. If anything, Browner’s personality came from LOB… no Pats player talk, but I like it. And how many times have teams tried to go for Gronk’s knee this year when his knee was completely healed? For Sherman, if he’s hurt, even slightly, where he can’t jam the receivers, then he shouldn’t be out there. If he’s in there and gets injured because of it, that’s his own fault. Pats WILL play rough… it’s football afterall.

    • thumbs

      I agree players are targeted in their weak areas, like if they come off a play limping, you run a play right past them. But you don’t kick them in the hurt ankle as you go by. That is just cowardly and pathetic sportsmanship.

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