Man shot to death at Federal Way apartment complex identified as 19-year-old from Auburn

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Erik Raul Reynaga, 19, of Auburn, was found shot to death in an apartment complex parking lot in Federal Way Thursday night. (Photo: Federal Way Police Dept.)

FEDERAL WAY — Police on Friday identified the man found shot to death Thursday night at the Crystal Point Apartments in Federal Way as 19-year-old Erik Raul Reynaga of Auburn.

The apartment complex is in the 35600 block of 25th Avenue Southwest in Federal Way.

Police said the victim was found in the parking lot outside the apartment complex, and that there is no suspect information.

Police said they received the first 911 call at 7:56 p.m. Thursday. When officers arrived at the apartment complex, they found the dead man in the parking lot.

“The preliminary investigation indicates an unknown type of dispute occurred between Erik and unknown suspect(s), which resulted in the shooting,” Federal Way police said in a statement Friday.

“Detectives are actively following leads to identify a suspect(s). If anyone has any information about this crime, please contact Federal Way Police, or call 911. Anonymous tips can be submitted to”

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A witness said "I heard like seven shots" and said he then saw several people jump in cars and speed away. He said that about 5 minutes later, a black car came into the parking lot "super fast" and he heard people screaming for help and then two more shots were fired.

The Federal Way police gang unit was on the scene.




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      • truth

        First off. All lives matter. I blame society for all crimes. You, me, and the next guy to read this until there is change in America. We need reform.
        Yes Erik was involved in criminal activity, Always was bragging about robbing people with his shotgun. Not saying he was a bad person, he was my friend, we all make mistakes. He might have been raised well but society corrupts us as we grow into adults. RIP Erik ill miss our blunt sessions and your halarious personality

      • gokusayin

        I totally agree. Under no circumstances should someone have to die like that. People only talk like that because they feel as if they are a non sinner. Everyone here has committed some kind of sin; small or large, and seen or unseen. God will judge. Please don’t let these negativity ruin what’s important; proper burial, and the mourning that you all deserve as a family. To honor Eric, you must help raise his child to be a great person and help him/her be successful in life. We will be praying for your family today in Church. God bless.

    • Citizen

      You are ridiculous if u think a young persons life doesn’t matter if they ever did anything criminal. It doesn’t make anyone a bad person just because they had made a mistake or two. If he didn’t kill or rape people he didn’t deserve that and your pretty fucking stupid if u think any criminal activity can justify being shot.

    • Family of deceased

      He was not a nego u dumb fuck and what would that matter any way! I hope people make all u feel this way and u have to read this shit when your heart is breaking he was a good kid that was raised the right way

    • Family of deceased

      This is my family he wasn’t involved in bad thinghe was not amused u fucking idiot he just lost his son he was crying I know this is my family

  • Jimmy

    I lived there in 98 and 99. It used to be nice place to live until it was overrun by niggers. It’s like an infestation around there now!

    • Family of deceased

      U hatefull racists fucks he was not even black and even if he was what the hell dose that matter to a Vic’s family u ass

      • gokusayin

        When the people talking here one day go through the same senerio, I hope you think of this post, and how cruel you all have become. I beg God that you never have to see this day, but it’s not our plans.

    • ex gay who's now kkk

      too much black trashh living in federal way and too much black female trash all over king county. they need to leave for Mississippi

  • Anthony l

    He didn’t deserve to be shot in the back if the head behind his ear. He was a kid with a great hear. He was my cousin but close to me more like a brother and he was always willing to help people it made him feel good to help the people he cared about. He wasn’t in a gang or anything like that he was a good kid gunned down in a way that he had never deserved. He will be missed by my whole family and I can’t even Beleive it yet.

  • Kobe Rosa

    This is very sad to hear. I also knew some friends that knew Erik and that is very sad. No one deserves to be killed that way. R.I.P.

  • Sheryl

    With all do respect people, please mourne Erik Reynaga with love and hugs as this HUGE love of life was taken too soon and cut so short, and for what reason on God’s green earth, a huge loss to many that even I could not imagine myself, and for what? For what did he do to deserve to die in this manner You killed me when you killed Erik Reynaga guys, he WAS my life and all I had left in this world and now i have little man and the loss of a decent human being that I made and seeded, and planned him on this earth to stand tall and proud, and full of love and kindness you took away without even a thought!!, He was to proud and loyal for a few of you sick, sad, sorry, clowns straight up 100% no doubt about it. I have NOTHING LEFT BUT ONE PURPOSE, TO BE THE VOICE OF ERIK REYNAGA AND WILL GO TO ANY LENGTHS TO SEE THAT EVERYONE WHO WAS WRONG WILL GET RIGHT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER TRUST AND BELIEVE. NO LIFE, NO MONEY, NO MATTER WHAT, AND EVERY DAMN DIME AND MONEY IS NOT MAGIC BUT THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!!!!!! AT ANY COST AND AT ANYTIME, THE PLEASURE IS ALL MINE. Let us pray, and pray for peace and forgiveness. REST IN PEACE BABY BOY, I LOVE YA ALWAYS AND 4 EVER. YOUR HEADSTONE WILL SOON BE PLACED UPON YOU WHERE I CAN REST THERE WITH YOU. Yea, I’ll say one things for sure 100%, he was by far no angel, but rest assured, he is surely with all them angels now, yes I do believe. He is at PEACE finally! He’s with ALL them beauties and care free, no worries, no stress, no pain, no anger, no resentment, just as peaceful as a peach, rest assured. Essentially, he’s been checked outta this sick, sad, unnruly, pitiful, ugly demonic dark life that will soon come to an end. All those of that were present and played your silly game, made a name, are in fame….and did partake in the death of my son, trust and believe you will have to answer….so please, bring it straight on and maybe, just may
    be, you’ll be revived unlike Erik was.

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