Dashcam video shows police shooting; man reportedly had hands up (RAW VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WARNING: Video is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. 

NEW JERSEY — A little more than a minute.

That’s all it took for the exchange to turn deadly.

The police department in Bridgeton, New Jersey, released video this week showing the death of Jerame Reid, 36, who was shot on the night of December 30.

He was a passenger in a car that got pulled over for allegedly failing to stop at a stop sign.

The dashcam video shows what happened next.

Show me your hands!

Officer Braheme Days approaches the passenger side door. He asks how the two men inside the car are doing, and identifies himself. The conversation is friendly.

Days asks to see a driver’s license.

Suddenly, he steps back from the vehicle and pulls his weapon.

Days shouts: “Show me your hands! … Don’t you f****** move!”

He yells at his partner, Roger Worley: “Get ’em out the car Rog. We got a gun in this glove compartment.”

Days reaches into the car and removes what appears to be a silver handgun. The shouting continues.

“I’ll telling you, I’m going to shoot you! You’re going to be f****** dead!” screams the officer. “You reach for something you’re going to be f****** dead.”

And later: “He’s reaching! He’s reaching!”

Despite the officer’s entreaties, Reid appears to push his way out of the passenger side door. He gets out of the car with his hands in front of him.

Both Days and Worley open fire. Reid drops to the ground.

The vehicle’s other occupant did not appear to be injured. He got out of the car, laid on the ground, and was handcuffed.

Under investigation

A December statement from the local prosecutor’s office did not identify the driver.

It said a handgun was revealed and recovered during the course of the stop.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave and an investigation into the use of deadly force is ongoing, the statement said.

“The Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to conducting a thorough, fair and impartial investigation into the police-involved shooting death of Jerame Reid. Requests for the release of additional information while the confidential investigation is ongoing stand in the way of completing a neutral, objective and independent evaluation of the facts. This observation is not unique to this matter,” read another statement, dated this week.

The police department reportedly released the video after a public records request was made by the South Jersey Times.

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  • S. Burrows

    Geez, what part of don’t move didn’t he understand? Better yet what part of I’m going to shoot you dead if you move, didn’t he understand. He wasn’t following orders! He wasn’t told to get out of the car.
    Maybe Mr. Reid was on a suicide mission.

    • melissa

      Cops aren’t allowed to shoot and kill you for not following orders. The guy was scared…if he did follow orders and stayed in the car and was killed anyways people like you would say he was probably reaching but we couldn’t see since he’s in the car. He wasn’t a threat to that officer…so unjustified.

  • Dawn Dawn Terry

    He would be alive this day if he had his hands up and stayed in the car. Very sad but he should of listened to the cop. Thats all he had to do and he would not of got shot. I carry a gun I have been pulled over and I give them my DL and Concealed permit and they never say anything but thank me for telling them I am carrying. Be up front and truth before anything happens like this. It is by

    law to tell them when you get pulled over you have a gun.

  • Phoongdan

    Just because he wasn’t following police commands doesn’t mean he should die. Pepper spray? Stun gun? Show us your impressive military combat training and tackle him? Nah, I’ll just start shooting like there’s no tomorrow.

    And if this incident happened on December 30th, why is the video just now being released? Did they need time to edit it or something?

    Clearly that officer was completely out of control. Is he ex-military? PTSD? Part of the problem is hiring these ex military types that have mental health issues.

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