Activists turn out in Olympia as lawmakers weigh medical pot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Medical marijuana activists are turning out in force in Olympia as lawmakers weigh a proposal for reining in the unregulated system.

The Senate’s Health Care Committee is considering a bill from Republican Sen. Ann Rivers that would create stand-alone medical marijuana dispensaries that can’t sell dried marijuana — just edibles and concentrates, such as hash oil. It would require testing that’s at least as strict as that for recreational pot, create a patient registry, and seriously curtail collective gardens.

Supporters say the changes are needed to ensure patients have access to quality-tested medicine and because unregulated medical dispensaries are undercutting sales of heavily taxed recreational marijuana at licensed pot shops.

Medical marijuana activists say they want a regulated system, but they also want to make sure patients are protected and that marijuana doesn’t become so expensive that they can’t afford it.


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  • Rick

    “Supporters say the changes are needed to ensure patients have access to quality-tested medicine and because unregulated medical dispensaries are undercutting sales of heavily taxed recreational marijuana at licensed pot shops”

    1st statement is just BS and just said that to not make it sound like all they care about is tax revenue.

    2nd statement….Ahh there it is….the state is not getting any money from the medical side of marijuana and they are upset. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY!!
    If the state did not tax the recreational marijuana 3 different times (and the producer level, distributor level, and the consumer) then they would be able to financially compete with the medical shops & black market. Going to be especially bad for the Vancouver, WA recreational marijuana industry once Oregon’s recreational pot is legal since their tax will be a flat tax of $35/ounce.

    Pretty basic economics that apparently is way over the head of the people who write the laws to regulate this.
    If the state were to structure their recreational marijuana system where the product is at $8-$10 per gram at the consumer level….they would wipe out the medical and black market. When marijuana is so readily available at $10 per gram already (medical or black market) why pay over double that at a recreation shop?

    • first and ted

      We’re not ripping off the public,… we care about quality…. bwa hahaha,…slurp,..hmm,..sorry,…
      They are to blinded by greed to see what is obvious to everyone,….. O_o

  • Think about it i dare you

    They dont under cut it THEY SELL IT FOR WHAT ITS ACTUALLY WORTH NOT THAT 40 a gram BS the state needs to go back to what it does best SITTING AND SPINNING ON IT!

  • rk

    cost of production
    outdoor $0.10-0.25
    light deprivation greenhouse$0.35-1.56 (depends on time of year for light used)
    indoor $2.80-4.00

    so yeah, we medical shops undercut the 502 stores. we don’t believe in gouging SICK people ….greedy 502 paid politicians…..

    come into any shop and pay $5-10/ gram for FAR better product

  • ripitupsports

    Medical marijuana in this state is dead. The medical market has been cutting a fat hog for almost 5 years now and they are upset that they can no longer do the following:
    1. Sell pot to underage “patients”
    2. Cheat the collective garden laws by growing more than allowed plant counts by taping off sections of a grow and saying each section is one collective.
    3. Sell overflow “medicine” in bulk to anyone on black market, patient or not. (Happening everywhere)
    4. Buy cheap outdoor weed from black market growers from N. Cali
    4. Be able to grow and sell, circumventing the tier structure set up by state (if medical can do that, then so should 502).
    5. Pay only excise tax.

    Of course the state wants its tax money, have you seen how much tax is being collected in CO? The problem isn’t that these illegal MMJ places are finally getting some regulations, the problem is that the state set up a failed system in separating it into tiers where you cannot grow and retail your product. Colorado you can and that’s why its profitable, hence the reason Oregon is following that model not Washingtons.

    Easy solutions here people:
    1. Allow medical to live to only serve patients that have legitimate doctor cards, no Forevergreen groups, no Ahh-thorize BS, a medical physician from an office. Yes, the patient would have to make an appointment and get an exam and see if they qualify.
    2. Only allow medical to buy from licensed 502 producer/processors for all marijuana products. Eliminate the collective garden model. That model is growing more pit that hits the street than the dispensaries.
    3. Only allow 1oz supply to a patient, same as 502.
    4. Make medical pay at least the same tax as retail store, 25%.
    5. Medical HAS to adhere to same testing standards as 502. Should be no argument there since its all about patients health and well being right?

    The main thing is to get unregulated growers out of business, these guys don’t manage their money well enough to stop supplementing sales by trafficking pot out of state and selling in bulk to street. These grows are the types of operations that bring robberies and murders to neighborhoods.

    The “what about the patients” campaign is a farce. Most anyone could be considered a patient, most are and most anyone can get a card and buy pot at the dispensary. You will see patients, ripped while snowboarding in the pass. These medical places have more “patients” than most doctors offices, some dispensaries having 5000 or more patients. Multiply that by 200 dispensaries. All these people are very sick and I’ll? GTFO.
    Their tralala is coming head to head with regulation. These pot heads who got rich opening up a store and selling weed to anyone who paid 150.00 for a “patient” card, are upset and using “patients” as a marketing campaign to continue making money..the same reasons as the state. If the patients were really why they grow pot, then sell it for 5.00/gram not 10.00 and we’ll see how fast they close their doors because they are not making any money.

    All of this is for profit people. The pot heads are so entrenched in this “patient” red herring, they have no grip on reality and the reality is that they will have to change or be shut down.

    Prosecutors need to step up and understand that collective gardens are not legal and should be shut down to parole only being able to grow 12 plants for themselves, with a doctors note hanging in their garage. Everyone else has to buy from the legal model that was put in place. MMJ is not legal, it’s been a gray area that has been exploited for too long, the loopholes need to be shut down.
    I’m a patient and I approve this message

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