Panel suggests 11-percent raise for Washington lawmakers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — A salary-setting board wants to boost salaries for most state lawmakers by 11.2 percent.

The News Tribune reports the raise would be in two steps, to $46,839 in September 2016. The raise would be lawmakers’ first salary increase in seven years.

The Washington Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials voted 9 to 5 to support the proposal Tuesday. The final decision won’t come until May.

Rank-and-file lawmakers in Washington make $42,106, fifth-most in a group of 23 states with similar time commitments.

The raises would bring 143 lawmakers up to $46,839. Four legislative leaders have higher salaries. The House and Senate minority leaders would make $51,288 under the proposal and the House speaker and Senate majority leader would make $55,738.

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  • ShadowWalker59

    Oh, nice!! Our esteemed ‘politicians’ are the ones who get any raise, and the workers? Yeah, you can laugh and not feel ashamed. WHO, thinks these poor misguided individuals, who pass themselves off as our ‘Saviors’, are really worth 11% raise? Well, just look these days, and you will find, that now………WE, work for the politicians!! They TELL us what is good for us, and they will TELL us what we should and need, to have. I have very little respect for a politician these days, because they most definitely take advantage of the ‘Stupid American’ voter!! I haven’t voted for an incumbent for the last 15 years, and I see no reason to start now. IF, people think that the politicians we have now, are doing an excellent job, then why are they complaining so much about why things are not good. Just take them OUT of office and start over, I mean, things couldn’t be any worse, and if these yo-yo’s can’t do the job, then throw them out too, and start again. Pretty darned simple, really. But, our illustrious citizenry just continue to put the same old faces, to do the same old jobs they’ve been doing all along………………..which is nothing!!!

    • Chris Decicio

      For decades all citizens haven’t been treated fair on even slate, Congress members glorify themselves and forgot their US citizens too! Pay taxes, Buy their own gym membership, etc. Quit flying self’s/Family on tax payers money. I’d bet if they had to pay for all this abused spending they’d stop running for office. Think about how much taxes would be put back to REAL use even if it where retroactive only 1 year? who voted to allow this? Oh They did! Gave to selves how nice. We have service personnel fighting and dying because their decent loyal citizens that took the job and don’t have choice to quit, all congress excepted to job so don’t be scared of repercussions! Millions of US Citizens are willing to do job with pride and pay on even slate for half the pay and pay their own bills AFTER office.

  • yupitstrue

    Or teachers in state colleges havent been given a raise in 6 years! But, our healthcare was taken, we will, if the President’s “free” first-two-years agenda works, lose academic freedom. I work at a school where one of the three full-time teachers has to work as a barista for healthcare or pay a tax penalty! I heard nothing in the SOTU speech that talked about ‘this America’

  • Penny Paxton

    No only no but HELL NO! They do not deserve a raise. Live within your means. We can not afford to pay them more. To many people go with out and they think they need more. No friggen way. Creeps. Shame on you.

  • D.L.

    How about reducing there salaries to minimum wage and take their benefits away so they can see what it is like to live like a lot of people do. I would like to know just how much money they receive for all of the benefits they get, then make them pay for their own medical coverage.

  • Justin Case

    Why should we pay them more money for doing nothing? Seriously this is out of control, most the people who they serve won’t even get this type of increase. These lawmakers should have to live on minimum wage for a year & then we’ll talk about increases. Smh, Government Gone Wild