Area principal nearly charged with crime for helping student suffering asthma attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LONGVIEW, Wash. (AP) — The Woodland police chief says no charges will be filed against a school principal who gave her prescription inhaler to a student having an asthma attack.

Chief Phillip Crochet says Woodland Middle School Principal Cari Thomson may have acted illegally by sharing a prescription medication, but it may have saved the boy’s life.

The Daily News reports the father of the seventh-grader is sure Thomson was trying to help his son last month, but he worried her inhaler was too strong for him.

Thomson is on leave while the district investigates other complaints brought by teachers and parents.

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  • Me

    would the Dad and all these other parents rather the principal just did nothing while the kid wasn’t breathing??? SHEESH! Save a kids lifecand STILL get backlash! Where is our humanity?????? UGH!

  • valleygirl

    all inhalers are the same dose. At least she helped him. Why didnt the parents make sure he had an inhaler in his pocket at all times? With a note from the doctor he can carry an inhaler in his pocket..I wonder why he didnt have that on him. Thank God she helped him. In this day and age it makes no sense that would be a crime!

  • Randy

    Illegal? Definitely. The right thing to do? maybe She should have called the medic car. They would have been there in minutes and taken care of him.

    • April

      apparently you are an idiot. During an asthma attack that means your wind is being cut off. Your brain can only go two minutes without oxygen so next time you have problems breathing and you can’t get a reason maybe we ought to let you lay there and wait for when your medic card

  • Mary J. Eakins

    The child was a seventh grader, what about 13 maybe the inhaler would not have been to strong and you know what I would have loved the fact she saved my sons life. Ugh what is wrong with people and now they are investigating allegations from others, people coming out of the wood work. Gosh people she is a principle of course she may not be popular.

  • Nancy Welliver Hulbert

    So the father worried about the inhaler being too strong for him? Where was his own inhaler? It saved his life, asthma attacks kill many people each year, better something than nothing. If it comes to trying to help someone who is having trouble breathing and the rule is not to share a prescription, I hope anyone would do that for a person having this problem, sometimes there is not enough time to get to the ER

  • Cheryl

    This is total crap!! You can not over does on asthma inhalers. A doctor told me he lost a patient from an asthma attack as he used his puffer and was waiting till the next prescribed dose. If the man has known that in a time of a severe attack you can use your puffer every minute he may still be alive. This Principal is a hero!!! She saved a child!!!!

  • James

    There’s a special place in hell for the parents and teachers complaining. This woman was watching a child having an asthma attack. This means the child *could not breathe*. She had the means to help him. What would you have done? As for the kid’s parents…I’m aghast that your first thought upon hearing that you child’s life was saved was that the principal broke the law. Shame on them.

    • Michelle

      And this child was 13….still under his parents’ care. Maybe someone should report them for not making sure he had that inhaler with him!

  • david

    I love how the media such as yourself can go attack and harrase people who do bad things.I don’t believe you’re wrong in that what I do believe you’re wrong in is that you’re not helping this guy ,the principal. You all should put a new story on showing appreciation and gratitude towards this man to make the family look like a bunch of idiots that they are. They want money so they’re going to try so to blame that gentle kind spirit for what he or any kind person would have done to have to do to save a child’s life. You are as bad as the parents of that child and it is grotesque. Praise that man….U have seen longer articles on dope heads and police brutality. You have the ability to put a spin on things that will get people minds off the bad of the world instead you divulge it what really no one wants to her. is what we want to really hear about. SICK!!

  • Susan

    We just went through thiswhere a PE teacher felt our daughter didn’t need her inhaler and denied her to go get it. Rather she made her do a lap and said I watched her to see if she changed color or got pale. And there is a form in the office for our daughter to self administer her own inhalers.