Two teenage gang members arrested after Burien woman killed by stray bullet

Man accused in 2009 killing of Seattle police officer says ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ at trial

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SEATTLE — Opening statements began in the case against Christopher Monfort, the man accused of killing Seattle police officer Tim Brenton in 2009.

Monfort was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by police. Officers say Monfort tried to shoot at them during his arrest and so they fired back.

Before he went into his trial on Tuesday, Monfort spoke out in front of cameras.

“American citizens have the responsibility to protect their rights and the rights of the other citizens,” said Monfort.

Prosecutors say Monfort stalked Brenton and fellow officer Britt Sweeney as they sat in their patrol car. They say he drove up alongside them and fired an assault rifle.

“Before she could see anything more, she (Sweeney) saw a brilliant flash and an ear-splitting sound; it was gunfire,” prosecutor John Castleton said.

Sweeney, just two months out of the police academy, fired back, but Brenton, her training officer, was dead. The prosecution says Monfort targeted two strangers in the name of stopping police brutality.

“It was because they wore a badge — they were targeted, ambushed and attacked.”

Monfort’s DNA was not only left at that ambush, according to prosecutors, but also at the scene where several police cars were set on fire nine days earlier.

“The bombs had been placed in the gas tanks of those vehicles,” Castleton said.

Multiple fliers citing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were left next to the torched vehicles. Police say Monfort also threatened more violence.

A portion of the flier stated:

“Start policing each other or get ready to attend a lot of police funerals.”

The defense does not deny that Monfort is the killer.

“Christopher Monfort has a mental illness,” defense attorney Todd Gruenhagen said.

They argue he is not guilty by reason of insanity, specifically delusional disorder.

“You can seem absolutely normal in every aspect,” Gruenhagen said.

The defense says Monfort became obsessed with police brutality after seeing a video of a 15-year-old girl being hit by a King County sheriff’s deputy.

They say the image was the tipping point for Monfort, who believed killing a police officer was standing up for Americans, similar to how the people stood up against the British.

“He feels that with every molecule of his being, he is serving,” Gruenhagen said.

Previously known for his outbursts, Monfort yelled out several times inside court. Outside as he was leaving the courtroom, he said, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

That was a saying and gesture originating from the August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The gesture was seen in demonstrations in Ferguson after the shooting incident, and throughout the United States following the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer involved in the shooting

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    • Brenda

      This guy was seemingly nice to everyone he came in contact with. I do not believe he should have killed the police officer but I do believe all police officers need to be held accountable for their actions. It shouldn’t matter what state you live in the law should uphold them to pay for their crimes. Death penalty? We are not the judge and by judge I mean God. It is for me to say whether or not he should die nor is it for you to decide Kit. Everyone deserves a fair trail regardless if they are innocent or guilty and the end result should never be death. Paying for your crimes I’ve already stated this is a must. There have been countless deaths across the country in these last few years that have been unjust. Everyone knows that the police rarely pay for their crimes.

  • Think about it i dare you

    i do not condone the acts of violence with that being said HE WAS RIGHT AND ITS KINDA CREEPY
    “Start policing each other or get ready to attend a lot of police funerals.” and look what is happening around us……is he crazy or insane because there is a difference

    • Kit

      Moonfart is a mentally ill criminal and he is trying justify is criminal actions. I am glad he was caught before he could commit more of his stupid crimes. He’s a coward –not a fighter for justice. Scumbag should be hung from a tree.

    • dg54321

      So, the cops should be keeping an eye on you then, since you sound like the next nutter to try this “killing cops” routing, huh? Revenge killings do not and will never equal “justice”, to any sane mind.

  • Kit

    Mental illness takes many forms and this criminal was acting out some idiotic fantasy believing he was making a political statement, but he’s just another nut case with a gun. He should be muzzled, in court, like the bad dog that he is. He doesn’t speak for the minority community. The sooner this trial is over the better.

  • Ralph

    Andy of the BS dept., nobody is held accountable for all the crime in the southend until they get caught. Monfort is a criminal scumbag, which you seem to relate to. Where’s your facts, investigation etc.??? Pure BS all the way.