Woman gives last breaths to deliver healthy quadruplets, never gets to hold or kiss babies she wanted so much

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Courtesy Family's GoFundMe site

Courtesy Family’s GoFundMe site

PHOENIX, Arizona (KPHO) — An Arizona woman pregnant with quadruplets who wanted more than anything to be a mother died Saturday after giving birth.

Family members said the babies are doing well. All four them weighed between 2 to 3 pounds.

Their mother, Erica Morales, 36, however, went into Banner Good Samaritan Hospital with high blood pressure Tuesday and didn’t make it out alive.

Baby girls Paisley, Tracey and Erica and baby boy Carlos were born Thursday night, seven months into Morales’ pregnancy.

“She loved them she was so happy to welcome them to this world,” said Erica’s friend, Nicole Todman. “She loved their father and he loved her and that they will never be without love.”

Nicole and Christina Todman said they consider themselves Erica’s sisters. The three had known each other since grade school. They were there Thursday when Erica went into deliver her babies by C-section.

“We are here for this,” Christina Todman said. “We are here to be a mother figure for these children because they are never going to meet their biological mother. They are going to have it through us, they are going to have it through their mother.”

The sisters said Erica went straight into intensive care after the delivery. She never got to hold or kiss her babies. They said there were complications but don’t know exactly what happened to Erika.

“She did everything she possibly could to make sure that she was a great mom from the day of inception to the day she died,” Nicole Todman said.

So the sisters have stepped up to make sure the quads get not only the motherly love they need but the every day things like diapers, bottles, everything times four.

“They are going to need so much for the rest of their lives.” Christina Todman said.

“I’m going to be aunt Nicole to four beautiful babies and I am going to be the best aunt, the best aunt in the world,” Nicole Todman said.

A memorial page on Facebook has been set up in honor of Morales.

Hospital officials issued a statement that said their thoughts are with the family.

The Todman sisters along with Erica’s husband, Carlos, created a Go Fund Me account for people to donate. As of Saturday night, they’ve raised over $30,000.

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  • Paula

    I am so very sad about the poor mom. She had the best friends anyone could have, stepping up to help these little babies when their mother died and the poor dad can only handle so much after losing a young wife and having four new babies.
    I only hope the babies and the people who raise them can find happiness and good health in the years to come.

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