What? Not every state wants to see the Hawks win another Super Bowl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Via Estately.com

Via Estately.com

SEATTLE — What? You mean the whole country is not backing the 12s?

With four teams left in the playoffs, real estate website Estately compiled Facebook data to determine each state’s favorite team.

No surprise, but Seahawks fans were mostly centered in the Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. Packers fans are in California and the Heartland. The Colts are in the South and the rust belt. And East-coasters like Patriots.

For more information on which states like which teams, visit Estately.com.


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  • Merrilyn Alkire

    Aaron, I enjoy your commentaries. I think you’re right on with the chemistry concept. Seahawks players deflect glory to other Seahawks players showing what what a great team they are

    • J

      this just tells which state has the most fans of each of the 4 teams remaining, nothing more… MI would be SEA because the large majority of Lions fans are going for SEA over GB! Check all the other polls including the ESPN ones. This is just packer fans in MI posting about the packers on facebook.

    • Jake

      Typical bandwagon Seahacks fan doesn’t know the difference between a conference and a division. What a surprise… GO PACKERS!!!

  • S. Burrows

    Looking at the map I see a amazing coincidence between those who voted for Obama and those who didn’t, Losers vs WInners! GO HAWKS, people are wiser in the Pacific Northwest

    • E. R.

      Only a complete dolt such as yourself would tie electing a raging, incompetent imbecile like Obama into sports success. Congratulations, America — you’ve reached a new low. And he goes by the name of Burrows.

    • ShadowWalker59

      obammy IS, one big…………LOSER!!! Hooray……this slug will be long gone before long, and the whole country, except Seattle, can rejoice and give thanks!!

  • E. R.

    I despise the Seahawks, and hope that they lose. It would be absolutely delicious to listen to the collective crying of these bandwagoning “fans.”

    • RR

      Typical cry baby who complains about any winning franchise that isn’t a dynasty having bandwagon fans. There are die hard fans in SEA since the days of Cortez and Largent…..those that have had season tickets in the kingdome since the beginning. Hate all you want, the hawks will be victorious, suck on the teet of your inferious team! muhahahahah

    • ShadowWalker59

      And YOUR team is……………………………????? Me thinks you are sooooooooooo jealous, because YOUR team didn’t make it, and the Hawks did! I also sounds as if you are bitter. Well, get over pal, and may YOUR team reach a Super Bowl in your lifetime.

  • Quentin West

    I LOVE the fact that so much of the country would hate to see the Seahawks leave huge bird droppings on the field come Super Bowl Sunday…the rest of America cant stand our resolve, our confidence, or our commitment to excellence! Face it, we’re just BETTER at this game called FOOTBALL.,,and we fly the 12th MAN flag off the Space Needle w/ enormous pride because Seattle is “OUT OF THIS WORLD”….Repeat time bitches !!

  • tired worker

    It seems that the Seahawks are always the underdog. But that’s okay so are the Colts and I think a Superbowl with the 2 underdogs would be great. GO HAWKS!!!!!.

  • karen

    There are Seahawks fans all over the u.S. And, in other countries too! So, where this so called “map” came from, must have been the imagination of someone that doesn’t want the Hawks to win!

  • Memo

    Yes congrats they made it , but don’t think for a second New England is going to go down against a team that didn’t win because of skill, but because Green Bay beat their selves!!! Please Tom Brady has this and if anything Seattle will fall and lose against New England patriots a back to back Super Bowl Title Team

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