Watch handcuffed teen help save officer who arrested him (RAW VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FORT LAUDERDALE — A 17-year-old teen is being hailed as a hero after he helped saved the life of a police officer who arrested him.

Jamal Rutledge  was sitting a few feet away from the desk of officer Franklin Foulks when Foulks collapsed at a booking station in September, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Noticing the officer was in distress, Rutledge, who was handcuffed at the time, kicked and yelled at a security fence to alert other officers in the area. When the officers rushed in to help a semi-conscious Foulks, Rutledge backed off.

Emergency workers used a defibrillator to stimulate Foulks’ heart. He was taken to an area medical center where he recovered.

Medical staff noted Rutledge’s actions and quick response went a long way in securing Foulks’ survival.

According to the Sen Sentinel, Rutledge was under arrest for violation of probation.

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  • warrenlevine

    Kid’s a hero. Give him some intensive counseling, and if he gets the gravity of the good he’s done as opposed to whatever bad he was in there for, get him into sensitivity training in a peer group, put him on work release and then get him into the mainstream, and reward him for what he’s done. He deserves no less.

    • Dennis Hastings

      How about just letting him go? He just in there for violation of probation. No need to send him through the entire process again. He could have just let this guy die, in case you missed it.

  • tired worker

    It just goes to show you Karma works in strange ways. If he hadn’t been arrested the officer may have been doing something else, like driving and caused a accident. He is a hero and this should be taken in coneration and he should be honored, might turn him around because he sounds like a good person.