Carmen Best will be next chief of Seattle Police Department

WATCH: Crews turn CenturyLink into NFC Championship-ready stadium

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SEATTLE -- Since last Saturday's playoff win over Carolina, John Wright and his all-star grounds crew have been working nonstop, getting CenturyLink Field championship ready.

They've repainted the logo on the field from divisional playoffs to NFC Championship.

How many different colors were used?

"Blue, green, white, gray, yellow, a different blue and red -- so seven," said White.

"We hand-paint the eye and that's it with a brush ... but everything else we spray and we use these flexible, bendable boards basically to create all these hard lines," said Sam Town, the field supervisor.

That's just the start -- new crumb rubber is raked into the field. Locations are prepared fro FOX Sports cameras -- 20 in all, catching every angle.

"I get nervous when they (his team) do measurements and when the referees come out with the chains and they do the measurements and I just, oh my God, did I measure that right? said Town. "I hope so. But we just want to make sure that all of our lines are nice and crisp and clear on there and all of everything just pops out."

And on Game Day, five dozen crews will be in the stadium early to set up -- from heated benches, sideline heaters, nets to catch extra points and field goals.

"We do a lot of planning -- a lot of preventative maintenance but you always have to adjust to to the variables of weather," Wright said. "It's satisfying to walk onto the field game day and the field looks like to does today."








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