Artesian well in Olympia seeing steady stream of problems

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA — The city of Olympia is considering closing down a park that just opened in May.

The Artesian Commons  is home to a popular artesian well, that never stops flowing, with a steady stream of people armed with bottles ready to fill up.

“It’s so pure,” said Kenny Brooks.

At 92, Brooks says the well water is keeping him young. “I’ve been drinking it since 1959.”

As popular as the well is, most people who come for the water are not fans of coming to the park.

“Lately, with what’s going on here, I get a little bit nervous,” said Clifford Ikerd, another fan of the well.

Olympia police are hearing lots of complaints from people who live and work around the park, about drug use, vandalism, and violence.

While waiting to fill his container with water, Leland Harmell witnessed one man hanging in the park smoking drugs just a foot away from Harmell’s 2-year-old son.

"This is the Olympia well," said Harmell. "It should be a place where I can bring my children safely."

Nighttime apparently beings even more problems. Police have stepped up patrols and made several recent drug arrests.

But the city is not sure what to do. The park cost $250,000 to create, and has been there less than a year.

The City Council is considering temporarily closing the park while the city comes up with some solutions. A meeting is scheduled for the end of the month to discuss ideas about what to do with the park.

The fresh, pure water will always make it an attraction, but users like Harmell also want something done to make it safer.

"To better this place for families to come and get water. It’s not just about the water that’s here. It’s about being in Olympia."




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  • Amy Talmage

    Didn’t anyone realize they were installing a lovely bathhouse for the downtown Olympia homeless? You added benches and tables and flowers for the all the homeless to use. Because I for darn sure would never think of stopping for a picnic in that mess. I used to get water there weekly that is until I had start navigating the homeless the the literal garbage they disgard. Oh and the man bathing his body in the downpour from the pipe was a pretty big turnoff. Not four blocks away at the lovely LOTT creek they employee a security guard when ever the water is flowing so that they do not have these problems. Get someone posted up there for awhile who enfources the no loitering law.

  • DaveinOlyWA

    what is the problem here? Start arresting people and it won’t completely fix the problem but it will GREATLY enhance the area. word gets around quick enough. Ya, it is likely only going to move the problem around the corner but that is how our society works; out of sight, out of mind.

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