A House Divided: Seahawks vs. Packers fans in one family home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLALLA, Wash. — One family about an hour away from Seattle is proving that all is fair in love — and football.

It’s not something you’d expect to see in the home of a 12.

“Green Bay stock right there, and sure it’s only one share, but it’s my share,” said Packers fan Roland Knuutila as he pointed to the framed stock certificate on his wall. “This is the cheesehead side (of the house), I guess you could say.”

For the Knuutila family of Olalla, it’s about compromise and love for each other and for the game. Roland’s wife, Kari, is a Seahawks fan.

And the two mark their territory with their respective team colors and merchandise throughout the house.

"We are united in our love for football. The teams may be different but the desire to watch a good game is the same."

"We got the couch, you can pick your side," Roland said. "The dog obviously tonight is a Seahawks fan -- traitor. That's all right."

Kari adds, "My son says whoever controls the food controls the house. So I do the cooking so it must be a 12th Man house."

Come Sunday, no matter who loses, you can bet there is no love lost in this home.

"No matter who loses this weekend, one of us won't be talking to the other for the rest of the evening ... then tomorrow we'll start all over, and she'll root for the Packers at the Super Bowl," Roland said.

But he added, "I have my thing; she has hers. We can have friendly banter, it's all good in the end. I love her and if my team can't go to the Super Bowl, I want hers to go."

Go Hawks.









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