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Third-grader removed from school, accused of threatening to bring guns to class

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MOSES LAKE, Wash. (AP) — A third-grader at a Moses Lake elementary school was removed on “emergency expulsion” after he told classmates he would come to school with a machine gun and pistols and shoot them all.

The website iFIBER One News reports student at North Elementary was immediately confronted last Friday by counselors and administrators.

The principal, Doug Luiten, says after speaking with the boy’s mother, they determined the threat was not credible. Police and parents were notified.

The threat is still under investigation and the boy may be suspended or expelled.


Information from: iFIBER One News.


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  • Derek

    We need to find the reason he said it.
    Was he being molested by his teacher which of course would make him act out.
    I got in trouble at school when i was a jr in high school at shelton high. In order to get out of trouble i said my teacher hit on me. Which made me act out. Got counseling every two days missed my last class it was great.
    Hey mom of the third grader sue. Your son only said that because he felt threatened. Make an accusation get 20000 free money. They will settle turn this on the school. He was touched by the janitor so he felt threatened. SUE BABY JUST SUE.
    The school is covering up child molestation.
    This is just my opinion
    Remember the first amendment protects speach people do not like.
    Still need to find out why he said it.

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