‘Enough is enough! Stop bullying Beast Mode!’ Fans target NFL in online petition (VIDEO)

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Marshawn Lynch #24 of the Seattle Seahawks runs the ball against the Carolina Panthers during the 2015 NFC Divisional Playoff game at CenturyLink Field on January 10, 2015 in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Marshawn Lynch #24 of the Seattle Seahawks runs the ball against the Carolina Panthers during the 2015 NFC Divisional Playoff game at CenturyLink Field on January 10, 2015 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

SEATTLE — Fans are not happy that the media keeps pestering Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch to answer their questions after each NFL game.

The league fined Lynch at total of $100,000 earlier this season for not speaking to the media.

Since then, Lynch has taken a different approach and started giving the same answer to each reporter’s question.

After the Seahawks win against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, the media once again descended on Lynch.

“So, y’all gonna try again? That’s what we gonna do?” Lynch said.

He went on to answer each reporters question by saying “I’m Thankful.”

After the last game he replied to each question, “Thanks for asking.”

And, of course, there’s the infamous “Yeah” presser.

Now, a fan has started an online petition asking the NFL to revise its policy requiring players interact with the media.

Wendi Bromlie posted the petition on January 11 and it already had several thousand signatures just a day later.

Here’s the petition:

As a 12, I am calling on the NFL to revise its media policy so that all players are given equal and fair rights as a human being without fear of financial intimidation.

As a fan, I have witnessed enough harassment and undeserving consequences regarding Marshawn Lynch due to his very obvious anxiety interacting with the media. I feel, and many agree, that what you are doing is wrong. You advocate against bullying and domestic violence, but force your players into uncomfortable situations? With a fine attached? There are other players willing to talk to the media and it should be a personal choice.

Your rules state “Reasonable cooperation with the news media is essential to the continuing popularity of our game and its players and coaches.” I don’t feel your rules are reasonable as they read currently, considering the only benefit “popularity” wise the NFL gets by bullying Marshawn is money out of his paycheck. This is not ok. And it needs to change because its unnecessary and cruel, as well as hypocritical.

Enough is enough!

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  • Jim Wilson

    Put the petition out on-line,we 12’s are all over and would love to sign this..Leave the Beast alone and let him do what he loves to play football there are many other players you schmucks can Harass.

    • MissManders

      Click the blue underlined text that says online petition. *facepalm* I shouldn’t be surprised so many of you Seahawks fans don’t know how to click and follow a link.

    • Karma's a Bitch

      Maybe if the Seahawks put in as much effort toward winning Super Bowls like their crybaby fans do by promoting useless petitions they would have multiple Super Bowl Championships like REAL NFL Teams.

  • Nancy Paul

    I must express dismay at Lynch’s fine and his ongoing media pressure, put on him by NFL policies regarding openness to media scrutiny. Please leave him alone. He is a fine athlete and a positive representative for the game of football. Are media reps likewise fine at their chosen craft and yet under the same scrutiny? No. Let Mr. Lynch be an athlete and allow others to interact with the media, as is their choice.

  • tired worker

    I think the NFL should be looking into the bad ref calls that have been happening. If they want to fine anyone it should be them. I am sure that Lynch is not the only player who doesn’t want to talk, not all are as talkative as Sherman. And I doubt that the media goes after all 5,000 + plus players, so why don’t they move on and talk to the ones that haven’t been ask a quetion ever.

  • teacher

    bill bellichick (sp) is never fined. he is also rude; but, he is old, white, a patriarch of a “classic,” east-coast franchise

  • Tj

    Marshawn makes his living because of the media. I’m a huge fan of the hawks, but he signed a contract. He has to fulfill that contract.

  • Debbie Thune

    You realize, Fox, that you could help us help Marshawn by taking a stand and refusing to interview him. Step up, be a leader among your journalistic cohorts, and get your own reporters to interview someone else.

  • The World is Ending

    Maybe if reporters would ask intelligent questions more athletes would be willing to answer them. Questions like some have asked at halftime (I paraphrase) you have played a good game so far are you going to keep it up and try to win?… Player.. No we want to lose… (sarcastically)

  • Paige Pamplin

    Leave Beast Mode alone! Us fans respect and honor our Seahawks. When we see the media “badgering the witness,” we immediately feel like paparazzi are bullies. I hate watching any Marshawn Lynch interview videos because the media is just pushing and pulling him. It makes me so angry to see Marshawn being terrorized. Stop it!

  • Aziz

    BIG FAN OF MARSHAWN LYNCH all the way from Texas us as fans don’t mind nor care if he speaks, and Steven A talking about having a fine after every game….. really with that Greg Oden, Lebron line up having ass. I respect him but damn all that shit in someones face all the time ain’t what that is…. boss I really feel for this man, he just wants to play ball and go home. Just like the rest of America, when they get off work you don’t want to be bothered. You just want to go home relax and chill…………. #LeaveMoneyLynchAlone#BOSS!!!#12

  • it's in his contract

    You people are stupid!! It’s under his contract that he answers any questions from the media for promotional purposes.. He has the money to pay for it, that’s why he didn’t respond back then. But now, he responds, whether it’s one word answers or a whole story, he is fulfilling his contract.

  • NotABandwagonSeaHawksFan

    It clearly states in his contract as a player in the NFL he is required to interact with the media. I can gaurentee if they weren’t paying him millions he wouldnt be playing for them. Like everyone else in the world do your job that you are obligated by contract and get paid to do.

  • karla

    I think it stupid for the media to ask any question, when the guys are done playing they want to get in the showers and relax. The media ask dumb things like ,”so how did you feel out there today or what made you do that play. Really I would rather they came and talked after winding down. Stop letting the women ask them question, I think the public will still like the game. Give them all breaks.

  • brittaney

    Lynch is who he is and he just wants to be bout that action;) he wants to do what he loves doing and thats playing football!! everybody needs to let him be himself and stop forcing him to talk to the media! He’s a grown ass man and can choose what he wants to do….I guess talking to the media is not his thing and we all can see the bad anxiety he gets! I love my Seahawks! So to the nfl people that just want to keep fining him….you guys are a disgrace to the league. This amazing man struggles with anxiety and especially in front of the media but you guys keep telling him “we’ll fine you if you don’t”. Maybe he should get a doctor’s note and I know of a good place he could shove that;) I love everything lynch stands for and everything he does;) I know most of Seattle has his back!! Instead of wasting your time figuring out how much to fine him for *this or that* maybe you guys could be giving your attention to more amazing athletes that want to talk with the media or hey…….even better work on changing your media policy and act like you care about these men that play for the NFL!!!

  • Douglas Backus jr.

    I agree,,, Leave Marshawn Lynch Alone,, If He don’t want to talk to the press..big deal. Too Bad others wouldn’t shut up sometimes,,,

  • lauren hall

    As a 12, and as a human being, the harassment and intimidation of the nfl would be viewed a, in my eyes, bullying. As a mother, I teach my child not to act in this way. We, as parents, would have a hard time allowing her to continue to watch the nfl programs if this continues. What kind kind of hypocrites would we be if we to promote by supporting “your product” and the behavior?

    • Karma's a Bitch

      The harassment and intimidation are in my eyes bullying…And only acceptable when said harassment and bullying comes from Seasquawk players. I will only allow the finest hypocrisy for my child!!! As a mother I teach my child not to act in this way. That’s why I make sure she looks up to Richard Sherman as a role model!!! Hypocritical Much???

    • Karma's a Bitch

      Least I forget. You asked what kind of hypocrites you would be. Why Silly Goose? The OBVIOUS and CORRECT answer is that you would be Seahawk hypocrites…which is exactly what Seahawk fans currently are.

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