Woman allows thousands of bedbugs to feed on her over 5 years, makes incredible discovery

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By giving blood weekly to her life partner's bug experiment, SFU scientist Regine Gries has all but given us the gift of freedom from bed bug torture. Credit:  Simon Fraser University, Greg Ehlers

By giving blood weekly to her life partner’s bug experiment, SFU scientist Regine Gries has all but given us the gift of freedom from bed bug torture.
Credit: Simon Fraser University, Greg Ehlers

VANCOUVER, British Columbia —  Regine Gries has been bitten by more than 1,000 bedbugs each week for the last five year and she allowed it to happen.

In fact, Gries welcomed the 180,000 bites.

Now her literal blood sacrifice has paid off.  She and her husband Gerhard, both biologist at Simon Fraiser University in Vancouver British Columbia, say they have figured out how to attract and repel the bloodsucking parasites.

It turns out bed bugs communicate by odor.  The researchers have been able to identify that histamine effectively repelled the creepy creatures.

They also discovered five odors that attract bedbugs and could be used to draw them into death traps.

That’s where Regine Gries blood comes back into the story.  She sacrificed her own skin night after night as part of the experimentation process to feed the bugs they were using in their research.

But her blood, sweat and probably tears may all have been worth it for people plagued by the beasts.

A Victoria British Columbia company, Contech Enterprises, is now developing what is being called the first affordable bait and trap for detecting and monitoring infestations.

Contech expects it to be commercially available next year.

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  • Brenda bell

    We have bedbugs now in my home . I’m on disability. My son wife and 5 kids live here. 6,5,3,1 and 6months were desperate for help. We can’t wait a year please help us. I saw u on the Dr show yesterday . wait to hear from you.

    • mel

      clean the heck out of everything every day and wash and dry clothes and linens on hot and keep clean and dirty laundry in sealed plastic bags. put anything such as books and decorative items that have nooks and crannies that cannot be washed and dried, or sprayed every couple of days with natural repellant, in sealed plastic bags in a closet or attic inaccessible to children and pets who might tear or open bags. wash floors twice a week with diluted vinegar and spray all over with natural repellant, especially in corners, around door frames, under furniture cushions and under all furnishings. mop all rooms with diluted herbal repellant. remove carpets permanently or shake baking soda and lemongrass powder over every inch twice a week or more often and vacuum; clean or replace vacuum bag, and if possible keep vacuum in airtight plastic bag. spray lemongrass tea on all sides of all mattresses every couple of days. use a light dusting of food grade diatomaceous earth and then baking soda inside electrical sockets and in closed cupboards, the back corners of closed closets, and under fridges, dishwashers, and stoves; keep humans and pets away. get rid of any extra belongings…spray storage areas regularly with herbal repellant. keep all this up semi-regularly for a year and a half and you’re in good shape as long as you always keep any luggage full of lemongrass oil or dried herb , and keep lemongrass tea or diluted lemongrass oil spray with you and spray bedding and all clothing while travelling and don’t have guests in your home. good luck!!!

      • Jeff

        Excuse me, but that leaves no life to enjoy! Just fumigate the zero worth bed bugs out of existence in the house!

    • li

      Diamateoceus earth … I may have spelled it wrong 😜😜 but it works . $14 bag. Food grade organic so it’s harmless to us . . and just put it in corners . walls. Around ur bed . it’s powder so u don’t have to worry bout losing potency . read reviews on it. Its 👌👌👌💯💯💯💯

    • Mimi

      All you have to do is buy bed bug covers, a spray bottle and isopropyl alcohol. Cover the beds with the covers and saturate the beds with alcohol around the edges once the bed bug covers are on. Then you will use the spray bottle to spray around the baseboards of the house. This will cause them to crawl up the walls. If there are any ones that have escaped from the bed. kill them onsite. The live in the beds and once you take there home from them they have no where to go.

      • heatherodonovan1967

        Remember to NOT take bed bug mattress covers or bed bug pillow covers off for a year,they can live a year with no blood! Ewwww

    • Heather

      If you tape off each door and electrical outlets, remove flamible or explosive items,then heat each room with 160 degree temps for 6hrs each room, they will die and so
      Will eggs! Done

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