Everyone’s moving to Oregon… and here’s why

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The Columbia River, with Mount Hood in the background. From Getty Images.

NEW YORK — It has green forests and bike friendly cities, an abundance of craft beer, and — despite the rain — it’s where everyone wants to be.

Oregon was the top destination for people who moved out of state in 2014, according to a study from United Van Lines that tracked 128,000 moves. The moving company found that 66% of all interstate moves in Oregon were from people moving into the state, rather than leaving it.

It’s the second year in a row that Oregon tops the list.

It’s not for nothing that the Pacific Northwest state is popular. Word is spreading about its thriving food, drink and culture scene and Oregonians’ high quality of life.

It offers great accessibility to green space, outdoor recreation, arts and entertainment activities, said UCLA economist Michael Stoll.

CNNMoney named the state’s largest city, Portland, one of the most innovative cities in the U.S. for being ahead of the curve in terms of urban planning. It was one of the first to build a light rail, instead of a highway, in 1986.

Other popular destination states were South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Vermont.

The Northeast, on the other hand, was a region to get out of. New Jersey and New York had the highest percentage of moves out of state. They were followed by Illinois, North Dakota and West Virginia.

This reflects a longer-term trend of migration to southern and western states where housing costs are lower, climates are more temperate, and job growth is at or above the national average, said Stoll.

Oregon, with its mild temperatures, is certainly more affordable than nearby California. The median home value in Oregon is $239,000, according to Zillow. In California? Prepare to pay closer to $432,000.

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  • Paul&Kathy

    Great place for whacked-out drooling leftists and low information voters who think everyone should live as they do in a state of denial and fantasy about reality, education, finances, and politics.

  • wuzzy

    You’re angry very early in the day. I understand you’re entitled to your opinion, but honestly I’m concerned for your well-being. Try going to church and when they start talking about being kind, loving and tolerance for your fellow man listen closely and try to live by these words; Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that you be not judged

  • Veronica

    Having lived in Southern Oregon I can kinda see the appeal… Kinda everything is a bit cheaper and it has a small town feeling, though Medford is fairly large. Southern Oregon also has a full 4 season, and the summers are HOT! However, If you don’t live north of Eugene there is very little to do in my opinion, and as for Portland… It’s Portland, where the young retire, and the transients flood the streets. I visited there several weeks ago and had some delicious food but the homeless are far more aggressive than any where I have been. I got yelled at for not having change, let alone pennies. My brother-in-law was asked for change and counter offered a cigarette which the man was also asking for, while handing the cig to the man he asked for herb, when my in-law said he had none the transient started to insult him and told him that the cigarette and what he did didn’t mean shit. We had another one try to pick fights with both my husband and brother-in-law because after a night out on the town they didn’t have an extra smoke for him to spare. However if you do live around the portland area make sure to support you local strip club. Portland has the most per capita!

  • CBP

    Portland isn’t Oregon any more than Seattle is Washington. Both are big states with a lot of space and all kinds of wierdos. Come out in the spring when the hippies and drug heads come out of the bushes.

    The coast is beautiful but big windy and fog. Eugene is probably one of the most liberal Universties/towns anywhere. As the whole western Oregon is. Just Like the Puget Sound area.

    Throw up your bucks and take your chances. Eastern Oregon gets very very cold sometimes. BTW get used to “Thanks for visiting,,,, Now go home!!!!!

  • Heather

    I’ve been watching Portland slowly chase away all the mom and pop stores to make room for chainy establishments, gentrify all the neighborhoods, and take away all the appeal to why it’s so awesome here. All the cool people are leaving, and making room for the influx of yuppies and trust fund babies that want to wear flannel, grow a beard, and be interesting like a cast member of Portlandia. 1,800 a month for a condensed cardboard 450sq ft apartment? Sure, why not, it’s “local.”

    I love this city, and we are all aware it’s being destroyed.. that’s why we don’t want anyone else coming here, not because we’re prudes or obnoxious, we just care about where we live.

  • Steffen

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