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Paranormal investigators: WOW this footage is incredible

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

POCATELLO, Idaho — Did a security camera at an Idaho High school capture proof the school is haunted?

Some students and staffers are so convinced they turned to a paranormal investigation team which also concluded the footage does show a ghost.

“WOW this footage is incredible,” wrote SPIROparanormal on its Facebook page.

The video footage, posted on YouTube, seems flickering and flashing lights throughout the high school’s halls. Then for a few seconds a shadow is visible on one of the cameras. The shadow moves from drinking fountain, to doorway and out into the open hallway before the lights flash again.

The footage was captured over Christmas break according to KIDK-TV.

The paranormal investigators told the TV station the century old school has a haunted history that includes a hanging and drowning inside the building.

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  • George

    Just to add to the story:
    Cassie Jo Stoddart (born on December 21, 1989 in Pocatello), attended Pocatello High School, along with Draper and Adamcik. On the night of September 22, 2006, Cassie was house sitting for her aunt and was visited by her boyfriend Matt Beckham. Later, Draper and Adamcik showed up. The four decided to watch a movie together, until Draper and Adamcik said they’d prefer to go to a movie at a local theater, leaving Cassie and Matt at the home. At one point when Cassie and Matt were alone, the electricity was suddenly lost. However, it was restored before Matt was picked up by his mother. Unbeknownst to Cassie or Matt, Draper and Adamcik had returned to the house before Matt’s departure (roughly 10:30 p.m). Having never gone to the theater, the two were lying in wait and later confessed to purposely shutting the power off. It is the portrayed in the television series “Your Worst Nightmare” (see above reference), that they cut the power again before proceeding. They then entered the house and stabbed Stoddart 29 times, 9 of which were fatal.[6][7] It was revealed in the course of investigation that Draper and Adamcik recorded their plan to murder Stoddart on video tape while they were at school.[8]

  • Laurie Yost

    Like, no lie, this actually interfered with my phone. I kept trying to get the video to go full screen and it would blink a few times and go back to the regular screen! I’m officially a believer. I’ve never had an issue with watching videos on my phone til now.

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