Revive I-5 returns: Northbound I-5 in Seattle closed this weekend

Former employees reportedly post giant sign in window before leaving failing Seattle Wet Seal store (PHOTO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Some former employees of the Wet Seal store at the Northgate Mall reportedly hung a sign in the window calling for customers to boycott the retailer.

“Today at Northgate- Wet Seal having some problems,” reads the caption on the original photo of the sign posted to the Seattle subreddit.

The photo quickly shot to the number one slot on the reddit front page with thousands of upvotes and comments.

You can see the claims in the photo below:

Wet Seal has seen sales declines for 11 of the last 12 quarters reported Business Insider.

Buzzfeed News has predicted the retailer could be the ‘next 90s icon to die.’

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    • James

      Or that has nothing to do with it and you completely missed the point of what is happening. This isn’t the only place that this has happened.

      Imagine going in to work tomorrow and being told “Hey, your job is gone. You get no severance, no back pay for accrued vacation days and have your stuff gone. Most companies would at least try to give some notice.

  • sara

    So sick and tired of the “entitlement” culture that is spreading through America like a cancer. If these employees were so unhappy they could have just quit and worked elsewhere instead of being such sniveling whiners.

    • Courtney

      They obviously enjoyed working there from all the years they stayed. You are clearly missing the point that they were given 1 days notice to find a new job and were therefore not awarded vacation days that they had accrued with the company. This has nothing to do with entitlement or “just quitting and going to work elsewhere”. Had the company been doing well and making money, they would still have their job with no sign up in the window.

    • Ed Smith

      It’s not “entitlement” if you signed up for it as a result of the company offering you severance pay, vacation pay, respectful treatment, notice of termination. If you hire someone and tell them they are entitled certain benefits including severance/vacation pay…Then YOU are obligated to pay them and they are entitled to it. If none of that was involved or in the contract, then yes it’s entitlement. But in this case it’s clear that some of these benefits that the employees are entitled to are not being paid to them. That’s unethical and if the employees are smart, they’ll file a class action lawsuit. In a nutshell, be equally sick and tired of the sociopathic fuckery displayed by many business owners who do so because they think they can get away with it — as you are of the “entitlement culture” of lazy people who want something they didn’t earn. If you think you’re entitled to a bonus while you ignore your employees due benefits, you have the entitlement problem…not them.

      • Kacey

        I worked for Wetseal. We were never promised severance when hired on and vacation is still being paid out if you live in a payout state. No we are not getting paid out for sick time but no company pays that out. The only way you would get paid out for sick time is if your company combines vacation and sick time into a general PTO , Wetseal does not do this and it is in the employee handbook that you will not be paid out for sick time or vacation unless you live in a payout state. If they worked at Wetseal that long and were such amazing employees maybe they should have read the handbook.

    • Janie

      Good for them. I’m sure there a lot of people that would love to express themselves after being laid off with only 1 days notice. I believe the employees can sue for unused vacation and sick leave if it was never used because the company offered these benefits as part of the package. I would be surprised that there is no severance paid to those who were there more than a few years. It’s not about entitlement, its about big companies taking advantage of the little guy.

  • Rick

    We don’t know the entire story but if the company was doing well in this location good business dictates they’d not of closed. It looks like these were good employees and as positions open at the other stores, I would guess they would have first priority for them. One cannot expect to lay off others to make room for these folks as sad as it is. I’ll be interested to see what happens to the other stores as well.

    Our economy isn’t as good as the media portrays it. Many companies are cutting back and closing; they don’t do this because they’re doing well…

    With a 17 Trillion dollar deficit it’s only a matter of time before the dollar loses it’s value in drastic terms and our entire economy completely fails. This is a small faction of the bigger picture.

    That said, it’s my hope these good folks find other jobs for their skill level and education.

    • wtf

      Its crazy how all of yall have comments but none of yall are in the place we are i am a store manager for wetseal and you dont know how it feels to call 12 of your employees and tell them that they dont have a jobs anymore. And for my managers who never took their vacation and lose over 80 hrs so for all of your ignorant comments you can keep to yourself and thanks to the ones who understand

      • Ed Smith

        Hmm…..We’re supposed to feel for you and the ones who do the laying off MORE (if at all) than the ones who get laid off? Boo Hoo for you…Poor you. Honestly, I don’t give a shit how you feel. You still have a job. Many people don’t give a shit how those without jobs anymore feel and they’re not called ignorant for it. SO boo hoo for you.

        The more privileged folks are, the more empathy and understanding they’re supposed to get? Right…That’s this society’s sociopathic mentality in a nutshell. SMH

        • adam

          Well in this case the manager who had to lay people off… was actually laid off too. So you should take that into consideration. All that was said, was the fact that telling your associates they no longer have a job is painful, considering you love your employees.

      • adam

        Its true, same thing happened to my store. We put so much dedication and everyone loved their job. The day they told us they were closing everyone was crying, bc many had children to support and we had short notice that we are closing. One of the managers lost her apartment because she couldnt find new job on time. Their excuse was that we were not making much although our numbers have been tripled from a year before. Everyone lost their jobs and the company didnt bother to transfer anyone. I myself found out there were a lot of positions opened at different locations, although they told us there were not. As i got hired as a manager at different store i learned that the reason our company shut down our store was because they decided to open 160 factory stores and now we keep having meetings about 100 more opening sometime this year. So they closed smaller stores telling everyone it was money issue. Its all a money game. They didnt bother to help anymore transfer to new stores bc i guess for them it was a hassle. Great companies are those who treat employees with respect. Bc believe it or not retail is a very challenging job, physically and emotionally.

        • Janie

          Adam, I feel your pain. I worked for a large company for four years and was just suddenly laid off for no reason. The company does very well and has been increasing revenue over the past five years. A new investor came in to the picture and decided to laid off all the managers and administration so that they could line their fat pockets. This seems to be a trend with big companies and it’s only going to get worse with the rising cost of living in America and the rich getting greedier by the day.

      • alex mason

        Because you have the title “manager”, means nothing. How you behave and provide leadership as a manager is a whole different story. Thanks for ruling out aspects of leadership, clearly you have none by the content of your post, and you’re better off serving coffee at starbucks. Good riddance with less people like you to compete in the workforce, the more qualified those are to earn that title.

        • Adam

          Clearly this Manager cares a lot about his associates. That’s the kind of managers we need. What makes a great manager is being a leader and leading your team as well as being their role model. Having to be the one to fire the ones that have followed you for so long is not that easy. Not only your loosing job yourself but you have to tell others their are loosing theirs

      • Bonnie

        Why would people even comment if you have not worked retail or even read the sign posted, these people were not given the chance to take these vacations, so they should be paid for them, and are any of you hearing what you’re saying? A person does not stay at a job,and not use any of their sick days if they don’t like the job they are doing, When you are left jobless and know that the “higher ups” are getting bonuses and raises and severance pay yet the ones not sitting at a desk, the ones doing the jobs in the stores are left with nothing then you have the right to comment!

  • Thoa Le

    OMG! I find it ridiculous. Just find a different job. that’s where you belong with the difference in education level. so should a person with no education get paid and receive the same benefit as someone who graduated college? Of course not. If you want to have a better future than finish school and find a better job.

    • adam

      Actually many people who work management in retail have completed school and got degrees in management in a first place. In addition people are not always able to find new job in time, especially with such a short notice, and with that many things can go wrong. For example your job tells you tomorrow is your last day but your rent is due this month, you dont find a job in time, you loose a place to live. Happened to one of the managers from my job. Its not even about loosing the job. Its about the company showing they dont care and they just throw you out without you having a second plan. Retail work is very hard, it takes forking for retail to understand. Many people with education do less work and get paid more, but what about those people who cant go to school because of kids or supporting family. Although i have my degree now, when i started working for retail i had to drop out of school for a while to support my mom who had weak heart condition. All my money went to help her, bc i could only afford to help her vs paying for my school. Different people have different situations. Bottom line is, its the same if you get your degree job and they just tell you hey you have one day and your jobless and on your own. Wetseal makes tones of money, they are cutting just to make more. In this case money comes before people. Everyone can talk smack, but once you dedicate so many years to a company and they toss you out like that, you feel feel just like those people do. Its easy to talk about others when it never happened to you.

  • Jared

    But the economy is doing so well! Isn’t it?! I’m sure it has nothing to do with the reality that the economy is still suffering and the implementation of Obamacare…

  • Don Iverson

    You mean none of those employees – store manager and assistant manager couldn’t read the writing on the wall? They must have thought they were owned by the Federal Government and the company would just continue printing money to pay them.

  • ChristiPeters

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  • khuonghoanggia

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  • Noi that go cong nghiep

    You mean none of those employees – store manager and assistant manager couldn’t read the writing on the wall? They must have thought they were owned by the Federal Government and the company would just continue printing money to pay them.