Rape suspect brutally beaten by victim’s boyfriend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Credit: J. Reuben Long Detention Center

Credit: J. Reuben Long Detention Center

CONWAY, S.C. — A South Carolina man accused of rape was brutally beaten by the victim’s boyfriend, according to multiple reports.

William Mattson, 52, was charged with criminal sexual conduct after police were called to a home in Conway early Thursday morning.

The man apparently found the suspect in a bedroom on top of his girlfriend. Police said the boyfriend then started striking the suspect with his fist and drove him from the house to the front lawn.

Police said the suspect’s left eye was swollen shut and his lips and face were bleeding.

Deputies said the boyfriend was “acting in defense for the victim,” according to WIS-TV.

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  • Nicole

    My God, who wrote this poorly written article? More importantly though good for the boyfriend, I hope he does not get charged with assault for this.

    • Beverly

      Ms. Fox: rape victims have suffered more than 20 years of police abuse, for reporting these crimes to the proper authorities and in the courts. 6 billion taxpayer dollars have been spent on the Violence Against Women’s Act.., and if you though the police were going to bring justice to a child rapist you were wrong…

      I hope this is not the first beating this deviate gets.

  • Stryker6

    “Brutally” beaten. You meant the real victim was “Brutally Raped” and saved by the boyfriend who beat the ever living crap out of the assailant?

    • Skip

      Quickie news, I’d guess they just toss it up, in the interest of being first on the web, and come back later (maybe) to repair it.

  • Rebecca

    Very vague story. Who’s to say that maybe she was selling herself for something and then the bf walked in on it? Too easy for the girl to be screaming rape. Or maybe the bf said it was rape to defend why he beat the guys ass. We don’t know the whole story. I’m always on the side of the true victim and won’t follow along with a vague story. Let’s get facts before we all jump on a sinking ship.

  • Joe

    “Brutally beaten” after rape? Sounds like they are making the rapist the victim, so that means rape is ok now?? Just like ambushing police officers? Thank you liberal media for making the world a more dangerous place!

    • Anaymous

      Did you read before posting? Not one article but many?
      There were many re than one person in the home. How come nobody seen this man enter the room? How come she did not scream? How come he as no record until now? Are you saying a complete stranger walked into a house with multiple people, found a room with a single person, happens to be female and choose her as a rape victim ? and the only eye witnesses are the people in the house according to every piece of information.
      They seen everything after, herd everything just magically when he was found? But nothing before hand?
      No screams where herd, no wtf who is he? Why did he walk in our house?
      The boyfriend needs to be charged. The witnesses need to be questioned down to every last detail.
      People are actually being raped then you have people who hate someone, who just want money, then you have the females who rather blame someone else then let mommy and daddy find out whatever it maybe.

  • Seattle: World's Biggest Sheep Farm

    Jumping to conclusions such as “Oh he did it for sure, even though there is literally not a single piece of hard evidence and the rest of their case is purely conjecture and heresay” is the reason nobody fucking takes Seattle seriously anymore. I can’t wait for this guy to get the not guilty verdict so you all can feel like idiots. Oh wait, nevermind, you’re all probably numb to that feeling by now.

  • Beverly

    There is another dead rape victim in Virginia, Hanna Graham, a UVA student. Police were hiding the dead bodies of his victims for years. Someone needs to beat the perp bloody, BEFORE he starts stalking YOUR KID.
    If you though police were going to protect your kid from guys like this, you were wrong

  • Cravin Moorehead

    OK, everyone. Calm down.
    This took place in South Carolina.
    The guy on top of her, could have been her father, giving her his “South Carolina Style”, kiss good night…..”wink wink”.

  • Kriste Stelzer Dykhuizen

    What is wrong with society you ask? Lets see, a girl gets raped, the rapist gets caught by an irate boyfriend, who thankfully takes matters into his own hands, and the majority of responders ‘grammatically critique’ the reporter. NOT ONE COMMENT on how is the girl? Is she okay? That poor woman, but thank God for her boyfriend! I can’t imagine what could be wrong with society?!?!?

  • Anaymous

    My questions.
    Was the guy ever convicted before this? Nothing in the report states that he was. Who were the other eye witnesses? People who were in the house?
    I’m not saying the guy is Or isn’t getting what he deserves, however to many un answered questions to say it’s ok for one man to beat up another.

  • Anaymous

    I just read more. There were other people in the same home. How come nobody here her scream? How come nobody else seen this man come in the house? Where the people in the house the only eye witnesses?

    If your being rapped you scream you yell especially if there are people home. Who says it’s not a set up? All I have to say is people like to blame sex offenders. Well the guy was not one until “52 supposedly ”
    What we are saying is, it’s okay for anyone to beat up anyone.
    That should be more scary.

  • Jo Beth

    I think well done, well done, I think his whole face should have been black and blue and both eye’s should have been swollen shut. I hope he don’t try to press charge’s on the boyfriend. I am really praising the boyfriend for taking action, just hope he don’t get in trouble..

    • Joe

      I read, that the boyfriend stated, the girlfriend was naked and the intruder was clothed under the sheets and they were hugging and kissing. Sounds like they were caught in the act. If it was in the boyfriends house, he was the victim and should have beat the hell out of both. The writer needs to give more information.

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