Another teenage girl dies only days after flu symptoms appear

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Fourteen-year-old Amber Gray was a healthy, typical teenager, but she died only days after catching the flu. (Photo: WHO-TV/Des Moines, Iowa)

Fourteen-year-old Amber Gray was a healthy, typical teenager, but she died only days after catching the flu. (Photo: WHO-TV/Des Moines, Iowa)

REDFIELD, Iowa — A 14-year-old Iowa girl who first complained of flu-like symptoms on Dec. 21 died only days later, WHO-TV reported Friday.

Amber Gray loved reading and drawing, her uncle, Adam Broman, told the news station.

“She was completely healthy, nothing wrong with her,” he told the station. “Yeah, just a healthy typical 14-year-old girl, which makes what happens to her that much more shocking.”

Although Gray had gotten the flu shot, she complained of flu-like symptoms on December 21. The following day things quickly got worse.

“My sister and brother-in-law took her to the urgent care Monday night thinking she had strep but she did not have strep,” said Broman. “The next morning she had a temperature of 105 and was immediately taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital and immediately put on ventilator.”

Five days later Amber died from pneumonia and sepsis — complications from influenza A.

It was similar to the case of a 17-year-old girl in Minnesota who died a week after coming down with the flu >>> SEE the Shannon Zwanziger case here.

The Gray family never thought Amber would be one of this season’s fatal flu victims.

“Do not ignore signs like this because it`s amazing how quick something like this can happen,” Broman said. “Just hug your sons and daughters when you can because it`s surprising how quickly something like this can happen.”

Amber’s funeral is Saturday.

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    • the cold hard truth

      Firehose diarrhea, explosive diarrhea, projectile vomiting, projectile diarrhea, dry heaves, sandblast diarrhea and diarrhea.

  • Kevin Bond (@Cancerkiller543)

    Obviously the flu shot shot her to death – Nobody will die again – with or without flu shot, once everybody (kids and adults) start doing my WVD – The Weapon of Virus Destruction – Just an exercise for a minute a day – The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth for more than 2 million years – Infections, Cancers, Diabetes and Strokes – Even Tibetans don’t know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time – The price of the WVD for the whole world is 5 billion EURO/BUCKS/BP.

  • okeydokee

    In the late 1920’s a whole small city other than one household had the flu. The Doctor visited that one home to find out what their secret . They  said an onion extracts Bacteria out of each room in their home & garage  its in every 25 to 30 days, so the Doctor took a onion to his L aboratory cut it up and put a piece under his Microscope. He found the onion was  full of Bacteria, so he  put a onion in each room of each house of that city. Flu medicine helped get rid of flu’s & colds faster because the onion was extracting Bacteria out of each room in each house. My suggestion is to get a bag of big  o nions and paper bowls and put a onion in each paper bowl in each room and garage  and change it out every 25 to 30 days.   Mike

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