Remaining Seahawk playoff tickets sell out in minutes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE —  Some 98% of Seahawk season ticket holders had already said they wanted post season tickets which didn’t leave many available for the general public.  So it’s no surprise those remaining tickets sold out within 5 minutes  Tuesday morning.

Tickets were available through Ticketmaster either on the phone or online.  Fans were told they could only purchase two tickets per person.

Despite that, some fans did show up at the ticket office at Century Link Field.



Within seconds of the sellout some tickets were already back up for sale on resale sites for significantly higher prices.

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  • CB

    Who Cares!!! I wouldn’t waist my money ever again to sit in that stadium. If I’m tired of rude Bandwagon Fans, and having beer poured on me at games. I won’t ever sit in that god awful stadium again. All I have to say is where were the fans 10 years ago!! They need real fans!!

    • Mathias

      10 years ago? you mean 2 years into the new stadium and when they were division champs? the year before the first superbowl? yeah, there were no fans then…riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Get over yourself.

    • something1985

      Aw CB, ya the last time that stadium wasn’t completely full was vs New Orleans in like ’02, I remember cause I was there and even then it was still great. The Kingdome was always rocking. The only time I remember it wasn’t truly crazy was the Husky stadium years, that’s it. That’s my first point, the second is who cares about bandwagon fans, every fan base has them. All it means is that there are different types of people in the world, thats it. Actually the majority of increased revenue comes from the female population, and that’s not because of success, that’s because of Russell, the lady’s like him.

  • tony

    Right CB, you are a true sea hawk fan, right? 10 years ago when the seahawks had a different coach, different stadium (15) different defense and different team colors, and they were losing and not winning, you were there. And now the other fans who are not as good fans as you, should see you coming and bow down to you and keep it real quiet around you, because you stood by the logo 10 years ago.

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