Lawsuit filed in federal court against state’s new gun background check law

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA (AP) — Opponents of a new, expanded gun background check measure in Washington are asking a federal judge to block parts of the law that involve transfers of guns.

A lawsuit was filed in district court in Tacoma Tuesday afternoon and seeks a permanent injunction against enforcement of parts of Initiative 594, which was approved by voters in November, that deal with non-commercial transfers to private citizens.

Opponents say they are not trying to stop background checks, but say that the language that requires checks for many gifts and loans goes too far and infringes on people’s constitutional rights.

The measure has exceptions for emergency gun transfers concerning personal safety, gifts between family members, antiques and loans for hunting.


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  • greg

    good – wagr repeatedly lied & misrepresented their 18 page mess under the background check trojan horse. We have constitutions for a reason.

    • Dave

      Please reread the article; the issue is the intentionally vague wording of the TRANSFER portion of the law as passed by those voters who like you apparently can’t read and comprehend what is written.

    • Joey

      Dorothy, with this new law, there is no legal way to temporarily transfer a pistol to someone who isn’t a WA resident. For instance, if my father, a WA resident, wanted to let me borrow his pistol for the weekend in Yakima, I, an Oregon resident, cannot legally have the firearm transferred to me.

  • Rod Spareing

    Before these initiatives are signed into law they need to go over them with a fine tooth comb, because this initiative has ridiculous and vague wording. If the wording is not specific how on earth is it going to be enforced.

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