Mayor of Ocean Shores declares beach erosion emergency

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Ocean Shores, Wash. (Photo:

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. (AP) — The mayor of the Washington coast community of Ocean Shores has declared a state of emergency after recent big waves and high tides damaged giant protective sandbags that protect several houses and condos from beach erosion.

Mayor Crystal Dingler says she’s concerned that land behind the damaged sandbags will be undermined in future storms and the bluff will start falling off.

The city installed the giant sandbags called “geotubes” in the 1990s to protect the properties. Dingler says they were meant to be a temporary fix and they have lasted 15 years. She says there wasn’t enough money to come up with a permanent solution.

The emergency declaration gives Dingler the power to make fixes quickly.


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  • Angel Morgan

    I am not suprized that this becomes an “emergency”. Only because the homes of the “RICH” need the help. Yes, everyone needs help if their homes are falling due to earth erosions, etc. But, if we would THINK of how much weight those homes PUT on that edge of beach, it causes the erosion quicker, right? ALL that money, could go to a REAL EMERGENCY. Like Local foodbanks, housing for the homeless, etc. Maybe it’s because I grew up old school, but I am a bit upset at this.

  • Michael J. Schmitz

    Mayor of Ocean Shores: Best thing to do is get suction equiptment and suck the sand from Rivers that tie-in with the ocean or extract the sand from the ocean about 10 miles from beaches and have the sand strained for rocks, diamonds, treasuries and put the suction equiptment in reverse and shoot the extracted clean sand on all beaches to build it up as high as you want and out towards the seas. Also get a salvage license so you can keep what treasuries you find. I’m The Major Disaster Solutionist American Master and I’m in the Covington Who’s Who Society along with all but 2 of my other solutions. Try Hollywood, FL. & New York state. Also other Who’s Who Society’s on the eastern seaboard. 360-875-4183= 12 miles Northwest of Naselle, WA. =p.o. box 129, Naselle, WA. 98638. I’m also known as Global Command to my Global Teams from all walks of life, since my Triple Output solution given to another Nation for their reason. Once they implemented my solution, it also turned off Global Warming/ confirmed by other Nations= ice accumulation 11/28/2012. Mike

  • Michael J. Schmitz

    Another thought Mayor, you can get those out of work to work & possibly put those in jail to work with guards to save money. I’m for the first time going to hire people to build my invention called the finger lift system. After its built and you have a flat. Just press a button and the flat rises hydraulically. Get out your spare & air gun, pull out air line from under fender well hook up air gun, zap off the lugs, change tires, zap on lugs, unhook airline so it can reel back in. Put flat & air gun away. Press a button and drive away. ( Avionics, Hydraulics & Air Compression). Press 4 buttons and change oil or whatever. I have 2 different people interested in building this. I only want 25% per each unit. Incase your interested in making money for funds for whatever. Mike

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