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Justices undo sentences in Lakewood cop killings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Maurice Clemmons. From Getty Images.

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington’s Supreme Court has reversed the gun convictions and the exceptional sentences issued to two people who helped Maurice Clemmons after he gunned down four police officers in a Lakewood coffee shop in 2009.

Clemmons’ aunt, Letrecia Nelson, and friend Eddie Lee Davis were convicted of rendering criminal assistance for helping Clemmons evade capture, as well as possession of a stolen firearm. Davis was sentenced to 10 years; Nelson got six.

Eight of nine justices agreed Wednesday that it was inappropriate for the trial court to impose exceptional sentences. A smaller majority — five justices — also said the pair were wrongly convicted of possessing a gun Clemmons took from one of the officers.

The justices said that although Clemmons brought the gun in Nelson’s home, there wasn’t sufficient evidence that either Davis or Nelson had control over it.

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  • Pearl

    People of color get breaks that the rest of us do not, too many people are afraid they will pull out the “race card” if they don’t coddle them. 6 years and 10 years were hardly “exceptional” sentences for those two vermin criminal lowlifes.

    • Ari

      Since when do POC get breaks? What did I miss? They get stopped, frisked, arrested and convicted way more often than whites. They serve longer sentences for the same crimes than whites. They get sentenced to death for the same crimes more frequent than whites. They have a whole commercialized prison system against them. They have a harder time finding jobs even if they have equal qualifications as a white competitor and they have a harder time finding housing in non crime areas than whites. Being forced into high crime areas, black kids get socialized into crime and get educated in problem schools. Black americans are living in a country that was built on racism and still profits from this system of institutionalized racism. Never did black people get a break in the American society. You must be dreaming.

  • mike

    How can you be a low life, if your family member commits a crime and comes to your home and doesn’t tell you the severity of the situation, til the cops come kicking down your door.. its exceptional because you have two people really being convicted, because their family member was out of his mind and is dead. So someone alive will go down

  • Kip

    The problem, nobody runs against these people. They keep getting reelected. Again, security for the courtroom, none for the police. Sit in your palace with your robes and gavels and watch your kingdom crumble.

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