2nd-grade Seattle teacher charged with communicating with minor for immoral purposes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

View Ridge Elementary School in Seattle. (Photo: Seattleschools.org)

SEATTLE — Matthew Snyder, a 40-year-old teacher at Seattle’s View Ridge Elementary School, has been charged with communicating with a minor for immoral purposes for allegedly texting and posting sexually suggestive chat messages to a 16-year-old girl he knew.

Arraignment for Snyder in King County Superior Court is scheduled for Dec. 31. Bail was set Friday at $50,000.

The second-grade teacher was placed on leave by View Ridge Elementary Nov. 25, immediately after the Seattle Police Department told the district it had received a report of the possible sexual misconduct, interim Principal Kathy Jolly said.

According to court documents, prosecutors said Snyder asked the teenage girl — who was a high school sophomore but had previously attended View Ridge — if she would like to volunteer in his classroom. She agreed.

After she began volunteering, the defendant “began sending sexually suggestive text messages … as well as ‘anonymous’ chat messages through a social networking site telling her he had a ‘crush’ on her, asking her to ‘twerk’ for him and asking about her experience with men,” prosecutors said.

They added that the girl, who had just turned 16 on Nov. 5, “became uncomfortable and reported the messages to her parents, who reported it to police.”


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  • Jennifer

    Any actual evidence to back this up, or is this just the latest in a very long line of false allegations of bad sexual behavior in an attempted Money Grab?

    • S. C. Clay

      Because if there’s one thing teenage girls love doing, it’s lying about sexual harassment! They especially love all the skepticism and personal attacks that are sure to follow. So yeah, I’m sure it’s all made up.

      • Victoria

        I love how you’re grouping together all teenage girls as “liars.” Yes, teenage girls tend to strech the truth in some cases yet so do adults. It would be wrong to group all adults together as “liars” though, correct? So what makes you think it’s ok to accuse a teenage girl of lying when you know not a single detail about the girls personality, background, etc. besides the fact she previously attended view ridge. I can also assure you before they pressed legal charges against the teacher they found out the identity behind these “anonymous” messages, it would be quite hard to press charges for $50,000 with no solid evidence wouldn’t it?

        • Dan

          Unfortunately it is not hard to press charges with no evidence. As soon as the word “sex” is used the police will arrest you evidence be damned. The police are not there to prove you guilty or innocent only to arrest you and provide that evidence to the prosecutor. The Prosecutor will decide if they have evidence. People need to remember that when talking to LE.

  • jk

    I’ll teach your kids. Pay me $100,000 per year. Give me full retirement benefits at age 60. Give me job security so that sniveling helicopter parents with the maturity of a two year old can’t get me fired. I’d provide the teaching, you kids would do some work and learn. Oh but that is obviously not what the parents want or they’d demand it. Apparently what they want are creepy immature people who do things like this. You’ve set up your education system to attract creeps and so that is what it attracts. Meanwhile, someone like me never even considered going into education even though others suggested it. Public education is a cesspool. It was when I went and I suspect it’s even worse now. Of the $100,000 you’d pay me, $50,000 would be payment for having to put up with the immature nitwits who pass as teachers now. If you got rid of those and hired other intelligent diligent people like me, I’d drop my asking price by $50,000 since my working conditions would be much better.