2 killed, 3 injured in head-on crash; one car allegedly racing at time

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
(Photo: King County Sheriff's Office)

(Photo: King County Sheriff’s Office)

REDMOND — Two people were killed and three people were injured in a two-car head-on crash in the 18400 block of Northeast 128th Friday, the King County Sheriff’s Office said.

A sheriff’s spokesman said an Acura Integra containing two adults apparently was racing another vehicle, according to witnesses, and crossed the center line and slammed head-on into a Honda Accord containing a 4-year-old child and two grandparents.

The adults in the Integra were killed, while the grandparents and child were taken to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, the sheriff’s office said.

The grandmother was in serious condition, the spokesman said, while the grandfather and child had minor injuries.

Authorities are looking for the other vehicle that had been racing the Acura.

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  • Heather

    I don’t think anyone should be called an IDIOT, especially if they just passed away, and that they were HUMAN LIVES GONE, regardless !!! They were my daughters best-friend, unfortunately driving someone else’s car that they were unfamiliar with, and obviously as a teenager, not the most skilled at driving on slick roads. It is a very sad evening for many kids in Redmond tonight who knew these two boys!

  • jennifer

    Glad to see that the morons that caused the crash with blatant stupidity are dead, and did not take anyone else with them. Darwin scores again!

  • Kit

    Sorry to see another painful fatal car accident. I only visit the eastside about once a month on business and always feel the competitive pressure. Everyone has nice cars and drives like it’s a race track.

  • Carlos

    Sorry for the deceased members family but I’m don’t feel sorry for incompetent dangerous driving that took their lives. They knew what they were doing is wrong and yet this still did it. So i have no sympathy for their lost lives that endangers others. I feel sorry for the their families who know that their children endangered others lives and it took their kids lives. i hope the teens family apololize or feel sorry for what their kids did to innocent people. I have no sympathy for stupidity and if you chose to drive dangerously just know if you injure someone elese accept the consequences. if you injure and kill yourself well then you learned your lesson . Always be in your childrens live and teach them right because what they do is reflection of how you as a parent even if you as parent have nothing to do with it or raised your children right. You will still be judged by others. I feel for the kids parents to deal with tragedy but i don’t feel sympathy for their kids lives. Sucks

  • Lily

    What is wrong with you people. Two families and hundreds of people are grieving over the loss the lives of the so called “stupid” people you just talked about. Having been someone that actually KNEW them, I am deeply heartbroken about what happened. Both of those boys were the sweetest people I’ve ever met, they were never mean to anyone, always respectful, and if the tables had been turned they NEVER would have insulted random strangers or called them names. I’m so upset that people that were genuinely incredible people passed so early when a bunch of heartless, arrogant people are left. Death is still painful no matter what the reason is, none of us know the whole story, and I’m asking you all to please keep your rude comments to yourself. Show some respect to the families. Think about it from their perspective, how would you feel if you just found out someone in your family died, and people were just laughing about their deaths and saying good riddance over the internet? This holiday season instead of getting the chance to spend it with their families like you all will get to, they will be 2 people short. The loss of a life is something that should never be mocked. Rest in Peace Erwin and Jose. I’m sending my prayers out to your families.

    • Survived

      Lily… Reckless drivers are very dangerous to innocent and safe drivers out there. This should be a good reminder to all Redmond Teen and everywhere . I hope police find the other ones and prosecute them with vehicular homocide …

  • Thomas

    The other car didn’t cause any harm, so why should they be charged? Unlikely they’ll be found. Also there are family and friends that are grieving for their losses. You don’t have to have be a cold insensitive jerk, and glorify their deaths. Like did you not receive any love or compassion as a child?

  • justin

    I knew the two who died n they were my bestfriends I can’t believe people like you don’t have sympathy this pain hurts inside especially having to hear the cries of their family’s !

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