U.S. Marine charged with murder in death of transgender woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Manila, Philippines (CNN) — A U.S. Marine has been charged with murder in the death of a transgender woman who was found strangled in a Philippines hotel room in October, a prosecutor said.

Pfc. Scott Pemberton is accused of killing Jeffrey Laude, who was also known as Jennifer, according to prosecutor Emily de los Santos.

Laude’s naked body was found with her head in a toilet in an Olongapo hotel room shortly after midnight on October 12, police said.

Witnesses told police that Pemberton was with Laude at a local disco before the two checked into a hotel on the night of October 11, according to documents seen by CNN.

“We will not accept anything less than justice,” the victim’s sister, Marilou Laude, said.

Pemberton was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Prior to news of the charge, the Marine Corps said it was “working closely and cooperating fully with the Philippine National Police to ensure a thorough investigation is completed and due process of law is followed.”

Three other Marines from the same unit have been identified as potential witnesses, the Marine Corps Times reported, citing an internal Navy memo on the case.

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  • Vincent Dakotah Langley

    NOTHING will EVER happen to this U.S. Marine for killing this guy, just because the guy who he killed was dressed, anyway, as a woman rather than as a man. Unfortunately, in most-all society all over the world, somebody like that (a man dressed and so-forth as a woman) matters not — to ANYBODY AT ALL. In other words, somehow, anyway, this person (again, a man dressed and so-forth as a woman) IS NOT even a person — a human-being — AT ALL. …And so, therefore, there SIMPLY HAS NOT, actually, been a murder here, AT ALL. …Just “sweep it under the rug” — and then, for Christ’s sake, just COMPLETELY FORGET IT (and the person who died here), and walk away!!! …Done!!!!!!! …Right??????? …Well, I’m waiting!!! …Right??????? … … … … … … …

    • Vincent Dakotah Langley

      Well, Jordan, you certainly took me all wrong. You have me TOTALLY misjudged! I am am anatomical male (unfortunately, for me) who, for most-all of my life, simply rather would have been a woman in life, instead of a man. I did live something over two years of my life as a woman, instead of as a man. I had had my name legally changed from the man’s name that was given to me at my birth to a woman’s name, I was (and am) on female hormone therapy and such things as that, as a M-F (male-to-female) transgender person. Anyway, what I wrote for a comment here before simply reflects, really, how I got treated and also how I am treated, today, by the whole world around me in life, because of and once I had “outed” myself as a woman, instead of as a man. There were even attempts on my life, too, simply and only because I was (am), actually, a transgender person. What I was trying to say, then, is, basically, that the whole world, UNFORTUNATELY, is full of HATERS!!! Not only that, but, also UNFORTUNATELY, the whole world is also full of “people?” who just simply CANNOT stick to minding their own business and staying the f___ out of other peoples’ business!!! …Anyway, I feel that you would probably not even begin to understand a transgender person, either. So, I’m not exactly sure here, myself, why I am even so much as beginning to try, anyway, to write here again and explain this to you. That M-F transgender who was murdered in the Philippine Islands by a U.S. Marine, IT DOES MATTER. That LADY was a human-being — with the very same right-to-life, in the first place — and, the very same human rights and civil rights — that all “straight” people have and enjoy, who — anywhere in the world, really — SHOULD, anyway, enjoy and get a full, long, happy life out of, that some (other) people in this world DO GET AND ENJOY, before their lives on this planet that we all call Earth are over and so they are then no longer living upon this Earth!!! …There are, by the way, reasons WHY I happen to be a transgender person and NOT a “straight” person. They ARE good and reasonable reasons, to say the very least, on that! And, as well, there are also reasons WHY any transgender person is a transgender person and NOT a “straight” person. And, they, too, ARE good and reasonable reasons, to say the very least about that! …You study it. I don’t happen to teach it. …Sorry. (WHAT AM I supposed to get out of, simply and only, “You’re a dick.” ??? ??? ??? [Quote/Unquote] We WOMEN don’t have “dicks” — unless you’ve NEVER noticed that in life, me mon.

      • Vincent Dakotah Langley

        P.S., Jordan, my adopted daughter, now a grown woman, who is Filipino, lives and works there, in the Philippine Islands, not too far outside of Manila.

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