Copper wire thieves cause power outage in Elwha Valley

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

File Photo. KCPQ TV.

PORT ANGELES, Wash. (AP) — The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office says copper thieves damaged regulators and knocked out power in the Elwha Valley area of Olympic National Park.

Workers with the Clallam County Public Utility District were investigating the power outage early Saturday when they saw a hole cut in a fence.

They inspected further and found that the copper grounding wires had been cut out and stolen.

When one of the grounding wires was cut, it made contact with a regulator, which caused it to short circuit.

Officials say that damaged two other regulators and killed the power in Elwha Valley.

The PUD worker says the theft and damage would cost a minimum of $120,000.

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    • Richard Vert

      No problem ? And where exactly do you think they’re going to come up with the bucks to pay it back ? Bank robbery ? If caught it’s doubtful they’ll even see a prison cell . Zero upside on this one my brother.

  • Dean

    We lost power on that one for a day. Extra maintenance charges in that area, $25/mo, should help offset the losses after all these years. Locals are mad at so many outages all of the time. appliances failing, very expensive cost for no return. With this one however, the thief must realize that the stolen, stolen, milk must be much sweeter.