Visiting soldier can’t stay in wife’s apartment, landlord says

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Sergeant William Bolt says his wife's landlord won't let him husband stay at her apartment.

Sergeant William Bolt says his wife’s landlord won’t let him husband stay at her apartment.

Central, SC (WHNS) — A soldier returning home for the holidays to see his wife and newborn baby in Central, South Carolina is being kicked out of his wife’s apartment after the landlord said he is overstaying the time allowed for visitors.

Sergeant William Bolt is stationed in Missouri, but his wife has been in Central. She gave birth to their daughter two weeks ago.

Bolt said the landlord at The Groves apartment complex in Central told him he had overstayed, saying visitors are not allowed to stay in the apartments past seven days, per the agreement signed by Bolt’s wife, Lily.

“I’m stationed in Missouri and we haven’t seen each other in six months. What’s the problem with me staying and visiting with my wife?” Bolt said.

The landlord, whose name is Chuck, told FOX Carolina he enforces that rule for all his tenants.

Since Bolt’s name is not on the lease, even though he is a spouse visiting, the landlord said he is not allowed to stay. Bolt said the landlord threatened to press charges and double his wife’s rent if he stayed.

“He stated to me that he didn’t care about our situation, he didn’t care about me being in the military,” Bolt said

Bolt said his wife is a Clemson University student and new mom. He fears she could be evicted.

FOX Carolina showed the agreement to an attorney, who said that provision is vaguely written, and said the landlord would have a hard time pressing charges, since the person visiting is the tenant’s husband.

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    • J Watson

      This is not a traditional apartment community. It is a student only complex where each unit houses 4 students who share 1 kitchen and one common are. Each lease is by the room. In other words, each student has their own room and their own individual lease.

  • Daniel

    I wonder how much leave time he has left. Perhaps we as a grateful citizens could put together a little bit of money to put this soldier and his young family up in a decent hotel somewhere close for a few nights as a Christmas present. I’d certainly donate to such a cause…

  • John d

    I to am a veteran so that means if I stand guard of my brothers apartment while he spends time with his wife and newborn child I’m wrong. I am my brothers keeper. For someone to do this to a soldier is complete disrespect.

    • Xaotik Designs

      What about respect for the property owner and the woman’s roommates? What about respect for the rules that she agreed to when she moved in? Respect is a two way street, and it’s really easy to lose it.

      • Silerys

        apparently soldiers only fight for freedoms, unless someone else’s right effects the soilder. Then all of a sudden, who cares about rights? You’re being disrespectful to the people who gave you that right!

        • Xaotik Designs

          All peoples rights and freedoms end where someone else’s begin. Regardless of whether you are a soldier or a hippie.

          That soldier went to war (no proof of any deployment provided) for the sole reason of protecting the US Constitution (and all subsequent laws that are empowered by it, such as contract law, which covers a rental agreement between a tenant and landlord).

          The idea that a soldier gets to go on leave, and ignore other peoples rights while taking things he isn’t paying for is a slap in the face of everything that is American.

          • Julie K. McCarty

            What is this soldier not paying for? Are soldiers not entitled to leave? He is paying rent, along with his wife. I would assume since the article does not mention that they are not on welfare. Most soldiers are not. What ‘rights’ is this soldier ‘ignoring’? Your argument is a logic failure of epic proportions. Not to mention the fact that just because his name is not on the lease does not mean he is not entitled to live there. Go check any rental law about spouses. That is why at the end of the article the news station had a lawyer look at it and said it is ‘vague’ and would not stand up.

          • rob

            All peoples??? What part of the Saudi Desert are you from. Did we drone your camel or something. Your a punk who has never, for a minute dedicated a second of your miserable life in service to THIS country.

          • Xaotik Designs

            Please cite your sources showing that both the husband and wife have signed leases are are paying rent. The article shows that he is a guest, and as such, is not paying any rent.

            Please cite your sources for property law as it applies to student housing provided by the property owners. The property owners also have lawyers, and they are the ones that would have written up and approved the lease agreement that she signed. Likewise, the article states that the provision in the lease about visitors is vague, not that the lease is signed and rent paid on a per occupant basis.

          • Erica

            The landlord may or may not have the legal right to keep this family apart – I don’t know, I am not a lawyer and haven’t seen the lease. But that’s not really the point. The point is that by exercising this right he is being a cruel, callous jerk. Just because you *have* the right to do something doesn’t *make* it right.

          • kay

            All I can see you are such a liberal to agree denying a young man a leave to be with his wife and newborn. People like you have no heart or soul only a supposed superior attitude. This is the Holiday Season why not act like a human and give someone a break who is giving up his life to protect your heartless butt

          • Silerys

            This is not a regular apartment. Its specifically for students. You can’t move your entire family into student housing. You people only have emotional appeals. “Have a heart”. The law is not enforced by emotions.

          • Quit being so niave

            Oh please, he’s fighting for nothing more than a paycheck.

            He’s not overseas(assuming he ever goes) for anything other than because he’s forced to do so. If he didn’t go we would be just as safe as we are now. Only difference is the iraqi people would be in danger and the oil would be kept overseas.

        • Shanna Gilkeson

          In a situation where you have roommates, your rights end where someone else’s begin. This apartment complex is a student community not designed to support family life. They’re just a step up from dorms, not like your typical apartment complex. As such, you could end up living with complete strangers – each with your own bedroom, but you share the common areas with other people. I’m grateful for those who serve our country, but that doesn’t mean he trumps the other leaseholders who pay to live in that apartment. One roommate’s rights end where the other roommate’s rights begin. If I lived in that situation, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be too crazy about some guy I don’t know hanging around for several weeks, and I’d be even more annoyed if I felt like I had to hide in my bedroom all the time in order to avoid a situation I don’t want to be part of.

          • Amy

            Not designed to support family life? So what was happening in that belly of hers for 9 months? This was a shock to the landlord & her roommates? What was she expected to do with the family member she delivered?

          • Quit being so niave

            Agreed, there are always 2 sides to a story and the media is good for telling it in a way to get people to be stupid about it.

          • Steve

            Bunch of bleeding heart liberals masquerading as Republicans on here. There are other women living there – STUDENTS, who are all expected to follow the rules, and this chick expects the contract she signed to be null and void because she wants to raise her family there. Not everyone who joins the Army immediately deserves our sympathy if they continue to be the same douchebag they were before they signed up. Take care of your family. Get a place to live where your wife doesn’t have to raise your baby in a shared living space with a bunch of people who have exams in the morning and who probably like to get drunk every other night of the week. It’s called personal responsibility.

          • Shanna Gilkeson

            To be fair, she might not have known she was pregnant when she moved in, and the laws may not allow her to break her lease because of the baby, so I think your “personal responsibility” statement is a little harsh. That said, as she signed the lease she had to initial the clause about visitors. There was a provision in there for letting the landlord know in advance if it was going to be special circumstances lasting more than 7 days. It’s starting to look like she didn’t follow the procedure. So as far as personal responsibility goes, she didn’t follow a pretty important rule, and if notification was going to be that much of an inconvenience, then finding a place to live with no such rule would probably have been a better option for them.

          • MISCHA


          • Shanna Gilkeson

            Not sure what your all-caps thing is about, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t read or considered many of the comments that explain what the living situation is like. It’s student housing. You pay by the bedroom, meaning your roommates could be total strangers, just like in an on-campus dorm suite. It’s not a single family unit. Each person gets a private bedroom and shares common areas (living room, bedroom, and often a bathroom depending on the floor plan). These weren’t designed for families any more than dorms are. Rental laws vary state to state, but I’m pretty sure most states have laws against kicking you out if you have a baby – but I think it’s a safe bet the landlord would opt to not renew her lease at the end of its term. Until the roommates speak up we don’t know what they think, but really, think about it: this is the kind of thing that usually only comes to the landlord’s attention *if someone complains*. It’s a reasonable bet that at least one of the roommates is tired of baby noises when trying to study and perhaps the last straw was having a strange guy in her grill whenever she wanted to watch TV or grab something to eat.

      • Charles Edward Pardue

        It is that kind of inhuman logic that made petty theft a capital crime in 19th century England, involving either hanging or transport for life the punishment, for everyone, regardless of age. This would be a moot case if the husband was on the lease so the point you are making concerning consideration of the other people in the housing development would also be moot. In fact, if the neighbor were asked, I’m pretty sure they’d be happy to have the husband there for the holidays. Your argument shows a basic lack of heart and it also calls into question if you have EVER served in the military. Better people than you are protecting the freedoms you hold so highly yet you would offer them little, if any, consideration to see their families. Also, to quote the Gospel, the law was made to serve men, not men to serve the law. I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, you’d be whining like the dog you are. You disgust me.

        • Xaotik Designs

          Where did I ever call for hanging? Likewise, the husband cannot be on the lease because the property rents single occupancy rooms in a shared house. There is only one name per lease, and other names have to sign their own lease and rent their own room.

          Likewise, in a place like this, it’s not that hard to sneak someone extra in or to stay longer than you are supposed to. If the landlord/management company is telling the guy to leave, then it probably means that someone complained about him being there. You know absolutely nothing about this man except that he is in the army. That doesn’t make him infallible. Serving your country does mean that you deserve a little more respect, but you can easily lose that respect. There are plenty of people in the armed forces that are dicks.

          Your idea that just because someone served in the armed forces means that they can ignore the laws and rights of others disgusts me. That isn’t freedom, that’s tyranny.

        • Shanna Gilkeson

          The husband would never be put on the lease because the apartments are dorm-like student housing, one person to a bedroom. 1 extra person = 1 extra bedroom’s worth of rent. Furthermore, this guy’s military service doesn’t exempt him from following rules and laws. It also doesn’t trump the roomates’ rights to have a say who’s in their apartment and for how long. They’re paying rent there, too. It’s not fair to make an exception for one roommate and then expect the others to continue to follow the rules when they pay just as much.

      • purelyexposed

        To the writer of this comment who is trying to skate their business along with this newsstory… You are a rediculous $#%&@$,!!!! Why don’t you concentrate on learning manners and tact. There are ways to object to something without making yourself look like an idiot. Instead of riding on the comments section of other people’s newsstories maybe you can start your own ‘Be An Ass Hole’ website where you and the other Ass Holes that make this world a miserable place for others can go and bitch about stupid crap. At least you’ll be posting on a website where you belong. I hope this blogger blocked you. Perhaps you may also benefit from a Finishing School where things such as manners and common decency are taught and cultivated. You obviously missed out on things the rest of us learned in kindergarten and by also just having a heart and mind that isn’t set on negativity and being horrid to others.

  • Jennifer

    She should ask to be able to add him on the lease only to stay during his leaves, and maybe contact Senator Lindsey Graham as well. I also wonder if the military would help get her moved and set up in a new place that would understand their circumstance. (And no I don’t mean pay her rent every month, get get moved and settled once.) I don’t mean to sound harsh, but instead of complaining, get proactive. I understand sheding light on the landlord who has no understanding on the military family life, but there are rules all through life, civilians and military. Goes both ways. Need to make compromises. Yes military fight for our freedom, and deserve some special treatments, but can’t be disrespectful either.

    • Xaotik Designs

      You can’t “add someone to your lease” in a place like this. Leases are per person for a single room in a shared house. She’s not in her “own” apartment, this is student housing that’s just a little better than living in a campus dorm.

      And what is the senator supposed to do? The third amendment states: No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

      Yes, the military fights for our freedoms, but that doesn’t mean that they get to ignore our rights and freedoms when it suits them.

      • Dnovak

        Rules are rules. I get that. But, what ever happened to being a decent human being with a heart. The landlord may be well within his rights, but his morals are seriously lacking.

        • Xaotik Designs

          Generally, at a place like this, In order for the main office to find out someone is over staying their welcome, it’s going to take someone complaining.

          The woman has up to five roommates, some of which may not want the guy to be there for any number of reasons.

      • Vaden Newman

        Where in any of this does it say, “Student Housing” no where in the article does it say she is living in student housing. It simply states she is a student and a new mother. You are Assuming something you have no proof of.

  • June

    why can’t she have his name added to lease? They do all the time, if u get a roommate!! That is the most outrageous thing ive heard!! Apparently the mgr doesnt appreciate his or her freedom, that the husband and others are fighting for. For pete’s sake , it’s her husband, get his name on the lease!!

    • Xaotik Designs

      Because the the property rents single occupancy rooms in a shared house to individuals. A second person would need to rent a second room, and pay their own rent.

      This isn’t an apartment complex, it’s off campus student housing.

      • Amy

        People keep referring to “single occupancy room” So what? She hid her pregnancy? She is expected to drop the baby off at the nearest fire station until exams are over? What? Please explain this to me? Or is the baby not considered a a living breathing family member until her, the husband & baby are in their own place. The whole argument of single occupancy & the roommates being disrupted by the husband while studying for exams is ridiculous. What did they think a crying newborn would do to their exam prep?

  • purelyexposed

    To me the bottom line here in this story is a money hungry uncaring, rude and disrespectful landlord/ slumlord or a manager who is only trying to save his own job… Guess what? These kind of people are everywhere! They terrorize and bully their renters and use the renters as a means to their own end by collecting their precious rent and they don’t give a crap about people. For this person to do this to a soldier and his family, for this person to threaten to charge the wife more money to me is an act of terrorism and extortion. I see that many people are reaching out to this family and I think that is a great example of the American spirit that we all can learn from. I sent that place an email, I hope you will too.

  • Gary Falls

    In all States, a married couple is legally considered one person. Example: An individual is constitutionally protected against testifying against himself. The same protection is extended to the spouse, who can not be compelled to testify against his or her wife or husband. If she signed the contract, he can stay.

  • Deb Murry

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. What an effing jerk that he wouldn’t let him stay there. People have no compassion for anyone anymore. We don’t need people in this world like the landlord. With all the terrible issues in this world and you are worried about a soldier staying with his wife and child. You should totally be ashamed Grinch!!!!

  • Will

    Good! I’m sick of these people going over to a different country and defending that country, then come back and getting treated like they were fighting hand to hand combat with Nazis in WWII. There hasn’t been a threat against the U.S. that a soldier could fight since 1945. And this guy wasn’t even overseas! Maybe his wife should have read the lease and not signed it knowing that you can’t have anyone stay more than a week.

    • fred

      why would you say such a thing ? guessing you never served and spent a long time from home….you seem angry…why ? if not for the military,you would probably not have the freedom to express your opinions….

  • Mary Ballue Banka

    I lived in a single family house with a similar occupancy agreement. I couldn’t have anyone over if it meant sleeping. That would include children for a sleepover with my nephew who lived with me without prior written permission by the rental company as well as paying a per night fee for having that person in my home. Nor could I have more than 4 persons in my home at any time. No group of friends to visit, no family if it meant they had more than 2 people as there were already 2 in my home. This was not student housing or a town home or condo, it was a stand alone single family dwelling. If I were married and we lived apart and he visited or I became married, then the lease agreement would have to be amended with a possible increase in rent and at the sole discretion of the rental company. I guess my point is that they don’t have the worst landlord. What they are facing is pretty common in towns with a large student body that needs housing. Honestly, I’m surprised they let her keep her baby there as it wouldn’t be able to sign the lease either.

  • Property manager

    It’s really simple. First – thank you to ALL people who fight for our freedom. But…really… this rule must be applied to all evenly. It’s not fair to expect the landlord to make exception to rules just because they in the military. The other tenants all have to follow the rules. They all signed up knowing the rules and expecting the rules to be followed. It’s not the landlords fault for following the written and agreed upon rules.
    Clearly this isn’t a ‘normal’ apartment situation because if it was, the landlord would likely be in violation of fair house under the familial section which is set specifically to allow families to live together in smaller dwellings and not be turned away or charged more rent.

  • Agapanthus1

    I can sympathize with the landlord at least a little. Usually why one spouse rents an apartment without having the other spouse sign it also is so the non-signing spouse can escape either a credit or background check, or because the signing spouse plans to break the lease and wants to hide the other spouse’s assets from a lawsuit by the landlord. If landlords did not keep the time visitors could occupy a unit very short, all kinds of people could just move in and stay. Why doesn’t the husband just become a party to the lease?

    • J Watson

      My daughter lives at The Groves.This is not a traditional apartment community. It is a student only complex where each unit houses 4 students who share 1 kitchen and one common are. Each lease is by the room. In other words, each student has their own room and their own individual lease.

  • Greg Mims

    Ummmm…. just because a person is a soldier the rules the rest of the folks live by falls by the wayside? Nah… sorry. WIfey shouldda added him to the lease or they should have added him to the lease during the first week he was staying there

  • Tina Jones

    Can’t the military pay him enough to cover for the excess rent so the wife can put him on the lease? What kind of sick country are we, anyway, that we don’t force our military to treat -military wives- better than this?!

    • J Watson

      My daughter lives at The Groves.This is not a traditional apartment community. It is a student only complex where each unit houses 4 students who share 1 kitchen and one common are. Each lease is by the room. In other words, each student has their own room and their own individual lease.

    • J Watson

      My daughter lives at The Groves.This is not a traditional apartment community. It is a student only complex where each unit houses 4 students who share 1 kitchen and one common are. Each lease is by the room. In other words, each student has their own room and their own individual lease.

  • K. Walker

    For you who shout “rules are rules”, let’s change the compensation for military service to match the work conditions. Raise the pay of every soldier/sailor/airman by 50% so that when the military decides that another change of duty station is required the non-military spouse who is in school, employed, or has children in school, can afford to maintain 2 separate residences until the family can follow AGAIN! I was an Army brat and by the age of 18, had been in 10 different schools and my father deployed 8 times. While “waiting” for him to finish schooling in El Paso, Leavenworth, Ft Riley or tours in Korea or Vietnam, we 5 children and our mother lived in meager circumstances because if he was stationed elsewhere we had no housing allowance. The sacrifices and stresses of military families are greater than any of you know. This soldier is on leave. He has a newborn baby. It’s Christmas.

    • Steve Randell

      Agreed. Some people are just no appreciative of what others do for us. They take so much for granted. I hope he and his wife and his newborn child have a Merry Christmas.

  • J Watson

    We are a military family and we welcome veterans and others who follow proper procedures to stay in our community which is federal law regulated. We are an exclusive student community that takes pride in the country we live in and our veterans who serve past, present and future. We are also a business that runs by rules, regulations and contracts. It is our responsibility to provide the safest environment possible to our students/tenants. Proper procedures were explained to both the tenant and the gentleman living there recently. The particular section that applies to this couple was set aside and initialed by the tenant as part of a signed contract. As it stands right now the tenant and her guest have refused to comply with a very simple procedure. Parents, guardians and grantors respect and appreciate our guest polices for the safety of their students who choose to live in our safe community. It is our goal to provide all of our tenants the same treatment no matter what gender, race, age, school or career they are or have chosen. Safety is our ultimate goal and we can not and will not jeopardize it.

    We apologize that the media has misrepresented this entire situation based solely on the statements of only one individual and made it appear to be something it is not.

    The Groves Clemson

    • Daniel

      That’s well and good. I’m curently living in a dorm style, modular building that has seven rooms, no common area and a shared bathroom/shower. In those seven rooms, are anywhere from 4-6 bunk beds where I have anywhere from 3-5 roommates. For privacy we have strung clothesline across the room and hung curtains to block of a little area for ourselves. Oh, and I happen to be in Afghanisntan where we are still undergoing regular rocket attacks from the Taliban.

      Must be nice for those hard working students, who are getting ready to head home on their Christmas break who are slightly inconvenienced by a soldier visiting his wife and newborn for a couple of weeks.

      Is the landlord legally in the right? Yes.
      Morally? Hell no.

  • steve gamoba

    this is why I never want to join the military. you fight to protect others for their right to treat you like feces. not one thank you.

    • Heather

      Joining the military had nothing to do with this. The landlord being a douche bag has everything to do with this. Your logic is flawed.

  • LJ Robin

    Does this landlord realize the can of worms he is opening? What an idiot! I don’t care what the damn lease says, if a husband, especially one in the military, is visiting his wife and newborn child, let him stay. It’s because of soldiers like him this pathetic landlord can do as he damn well pleases. OK! Everyone call, email, etc. to this idiot landlord. He/she does NOT deserve to have a moments peace!!!

  • Aaron Lonnergan

    he has the right to do so, it’s his business, as much as I hate to defend “Chuck” but that is his decision, and if he wants to be a piece of shit, then he can face the consequences.

  • Marc

    We are a military family and we welcome veterans and others who follow proper procedures to stay in our community which is federal law regulated. We are an exclusive student community that takes pride in the country we live in and our veterans who serve past, present and future. We are also a business that runs by rules, regulations and contracts. It is our responsibility to provide the safest environment possible to our students/tenants. Proper procedures were explained to both the tenant and the gentleman living there recently. The particular section that applies to this couple was set aside and initialed by the tenant as part of a signed contract. As it stands right now the tenant and her guest have refused to comply with a very simple procedure. Parents, guardians and grantors respect and appreciate our guest polices for the safety of their students who choose to live in our safe community. It is our goal to provide all of our tenants the same treatment no matter what gender, race, age, school or career they are or have chosen. Safety is our ultimate goal and we can not and will not jeopardize it.

    We apologize that the media has misrepresented this entire situation based solely on the statements of only one individual and made it appear to be something it is not.

    The Groves Clemson

    looks like Fox as usual got the FACTS wrong

  • Susan

    OK reading in between the lines, this isn’t really an “apartment,” it’s a single room in a house or similar arrangement. She’s a student. I imagine her roommates are already pretty inconvenienced by the presence of a newborn baby. One wonders whether this is an appropriate living situation for her and the baby, leaving the husband out of it. Anyway if it’s fair to the roommates.

    So then the husband shows up, and now we have an entire family in a room sized for and designed for one student. What about the other three students in this residence? I imagine this isn’t what they bargained for! So, probably, one of them complained. The landlord is caught in the middle. The roommates are irritated by this whole situation (husband in the kitchen at 2 am, infant crying at all hours….) and are just trying to be students themselves. So the landlord points to the lease which says 7 days and now he’s the bad guy. What if another student moved her husband and children (need not be a baby I suppose, could be a two year old or even older!) into this place?

    If you want an apartment for yourself, your husband and your child, rent one. If the deal is, one student per room, don’t try to crowd more people in there. It’s not fair to everyone else.

  • Joey

    Wow There is a proverb that says that you can only know who people really are by they way they treat those who can do nothing for them. That Landlord is corrupt.

  • Jane

    This is student community housing, with numerous students sharing a house but signing separate leases. Each person has their own bedroom/private area with shared kitchens, baths and common areas. I’m laying odds the landlord is getting complaints about the soldier from the other people sharing her house! The complex is large,with people coming and going all the time, how else would the landlord know the soldier has been there more than 7 days? I’m guessing the baby is crying at all hours (like newborns do!) and the other tenants are sick of her and the baby. By reporting the husband they’re probably hoping she’ll move out.

    • Gayla Reeder

      “I’m guessing” & “I’m laying odds” – YES, you are – you are “guessing” that she has roommates – she may be in a one bedroom unit which their website says they have available. You are “guessing” that the landlord is getting complaints – that is not mentioned in the news article or in the post he put on his website.
      You should probably know the facts before you start “guessing” about other people’s business.

      • Xaotik Designs

        Maybe if “news” sources were to provide more information, then we wouldn’t have to guess. Unfortunately, they leave too many questions unanswered, so that’s all everybody is doing here is guessing.

        • drycamp

          The paper just whapped this out and slapped it down after talking to the wife and snapping a picture. They were pretty sure they’d get a lot of clicks because he’s a soldier (otherwise no one would have bothered with this situation). And it worked. Fox didn’t intend to inform us particularly.

  • Wayne E. Hendrix

    The landlord is a TOTAL D**K totally within his rights but still a HUGE D**K. I don’t wish bad things on people but this guy needs to be enlightened (A GOOD OLD FASHIONED BEAT DOWN) about how to treat people especially those fighting for his right to be a D**K. Karma WILL PAY this guy a visit and SOON.

  • pruitigoe

    As a veteran I am kind of in the middle on this. I see the emotional side of the argument, young soldier, new baby, it’s the holidays and question where’s the harm of the couple getting a waiver from the standard rules. On the other hand I also see what would be the standard conservative/libertarian defense, they signed a contract, to some extent they are violating others rights vis-a-vis not following the agreement they signed, etc. There is nothing in the oath one takes to defend the Constitution that says by doing so you get special privileges from having to follow certain parts of it. The one point I don’t see any one asking about or the article covering is where are their families in all this? Grand parents, aunts, uncles, siblings? No one has stepped forward from their own families to help these kids out?

    She’s not in class (for those who didn’t go to college there’s about a month break between semesters during the winter.) so I would think she would rather be home, especially with a new born, with family and friends. I doubt that the other students are even staying there. Maybe she’s tied to a job and can’t leave, but there’s little point speculating (then again, this is the internet, the whole point is to speculate to support your point of view). There’s a lot more to this story than just soldier denied stay with wife.

    But everyone likes a good versus bad tale and is going to push their point of view, say belittling things to anyone with an opposing view and in the end accomplish nothing.

    Here’s one thing I wish (and I am talking to you FOX News as well). Would everyone please stop putting every person in uniform up on a pedestal. I served six years, most with the 82nd or XVII Airborne Corps and I can, as any other vet would, attest that the military is just a slice of America, you got great people and despicable people, people serving for the money and some doing it for patriotism, you’ve got liberals and conservatives, a few deserve to be up on a pedestal, most are just ordinary doing a job and some you wouldn’t let your wife, children or dog near. I was in commo so most of the guys I served with were smarter than the average bear and went on or finished college once they got out and are on average decent people. But I also served with a couple who are doing prison time now and it was nothing about their military service that turned them bad. Those dudes were born that way. I was an NCO in a leadership position and even at my level I was approached by a couple of fellow soldiers to see if I would be interested in setting up a drug dealing ring once we got out and had to bust some soldiers for stealing gear and selling it off base. So please, stop trying to make us into something we are not.

  • Billy

    Chuck’s (the landlord’s) family owns a towing company. Chuck would regularly bully his tenants with threats to tow their or their guests cars when he didn’t get his way, or didn’t like that guests were staying over night. He required tenants to fill out an privacy invading online form for their guests and disclose private information on the guests, even though that restriction was not listed in the original contract. This neighborhood is in the country, not in town. There is absolutely no shortage of parking available. The fire alarms in my friend’s unit were faulty, to the point of being criminally negligent. He never addressed the issue, even though they would go off randomly in the middle of the night(dozens of times) with no smoke or fire. The ground under these apartments has erosion problems and was not properly engineered. One morning after a storm, I came out to find a 5 foot deep gully had formed a few feet behind one of the units. Chuck took weeks to fill it in, and he did not offer to relocate the at-risk tenants in the meantime. Based on his character, I am sure he never hired someone to assess the risk of a landslide. If one ever happens, and someone there gets hurt, this cheapskate should be locked up. At that time, I will happily provide the photographic evidence of his prior knowledge. You get what you deserve with this story coming out, Chuck.

  • George Simpson

    “Exclusive Student Housing” unless you’re military, then you don’t have to abide by the rules. So he is stationed in Missouri, hours away and not with his pregnant wife, and she is in South Carolina. Not like he’s in Iraq. Something’s not right here. Awaiting a wave of gofundme scams to erupt. I’m former military also and never look to get someone to bend the rules for me. Most likely one of the three women that were sharing the home filed a complaint or this would not be a story. Would be nice to hear from the roommates, but not hearing anything.

    • Shanna Gilkeson

      What isn’t right here is that there is a clause in the lease – which she had to initial – saying that guests can’t stay more than 7 days, and if there were special circumstances where a visitor was going to be staying longer than that, the tenant needs to notify the landlord. The landlord is claiming he received no such notification, so the wife living there dropped the ball and now she’s crying foul. This is usually the kind of thing that only comes to a landlord’s attention if someone complains, so my guess is that there’s been some kind of conflict between her and the roommates over this (or possibly the baby) so one or more went to the landlord and told him what was going on. There are a lot of knee-jerk reactions in these comments because the visiting husband is in the military, but people are forgetting that the other lease holders in the apartment have rights in the situation, too. They’re students, they’ve probably been trying to get through finals, and they may not be too keen on a baby or some strange guy being around while they’re trying to finish up the semester. If she’d done what she was supposed to and talked to the landlord, she wouldn’t be in the situation now.

  • marecus

    come on people the man has been away from wife and new baby for 6 months, I understand the lease agrement but come on landlord have a heart its christmas let the guy stat with his family. he’ll be gone in little while anyway.

  • Lisa

    Oh my! This landlord should be ashamed of his actions. This young man is serving our Country so this landlord can live as a free citizen. I can understand if the husband was moving in permanently, add him to the lease. Yet, he is home for the holidays to see his wife and newborn. How on earth can anyone find fault with this? I hope this gets picked up by more national news media and this landlord chooses to do what is right! My closing words are of gratitude to this military family for all of their sacrifices and trials during their separation.

  • Sergio

    I live in Dallas tx and I just watched this story on the news and how dare this apartment complex do that to this family and especially someone who is defending your freedom!!well if I’m in Dallas and just watched this story that manager would be fired right away you know how much bad publicity it will bring to these apartments I would never ever ever wver live there now!!!!!


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