Inslee seeks more than $1 billion in new taxes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA -- Governor Jay Inslee says that the state needs at least $1 - $2 billion in new revenue to adequately fund schools and other crucial services.

The plan is already getting heavy pushback from those who say the state should live within its existing resources.

“The state is thinking more about their own financial situation instead of the finances of working people,” said Paul Guppy of the Washington Policy Center.

The Governor and his staff are keeping quiet about what they will formally propose next week.  But, based on what Inslee has said and considered in the past, here are some areas that could be tapped for revenue:

  • Bottled water
  • Beer
  • Capital gains
  • Carbon emissions
  • Sales tax for out-of-state residents

Inslee argues that the new revenue is necessary to meet the several important priorities and mandates from the State Supreme Court:

  • More money for schools (all day kindergarten and teacher pay)
  • Pay raise for state employees
  • Mental health treatment

The Governor’s revenue plan is sure to start a months-long showdown in Olympia over taxes and spending.

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  • Tim Cullen

    Here is an idea: why not manage the money you already take from us? Or better yet lets replace these moonbats with adults who can balance a check book?
    Where is all of our money going?

  • Spam and Rice

    Notice that “Pay raise for state employees” is one of the reasons. I will bet any of you a gallon of IPA that pay raises will be where all the money goes. I have lived in WA since 98, after escaping Michigan, I love it here and thank God ( sincerely) for what I have here. However, the taxes are getting to be a bit much. Taxing beer? Capital gains? where then is the incentive for investing in Washington? I think Inslee needs to have one of his staff members read Atlas Shrugged and then explain it to him.

  • Spam and Rice

    This may not be taught in schools anymore but the last time Americans were taxed without representation there was a revolution. It may be time to start recalling some of these people or suing for misuse of tax payer money. It is our money, we work for it, we earn it and we have no voice.

    • Skip

      The last good Republican was President Lincoln (well, maybe IKE) and everyone after that was a bum. Sorry, GOP policies just don’t work. Maybe you should move to China.

  • Skip

    KKK Joe! We’ve seen the GOP policies fail, not too long ago. during the Bush/Cheney debacle. Remember all the job losses, failing banks, bad loans and worthless subprime mortgage securities? Wow, you have a short memory. Everything went downhill! Better seek help for your early stage Alzheimers.

  • D M Mattila

    How about publishing the budget for the PEOPLE to say where to cut the PORK? Government ALWAYS makes cuts in Safety, Education, and social services….WHAT ELSE is out there getting millions of our dollars?? Publish the budget in every major newspaper in the State and then poll regions to see where the majority of the populations wants cuts. Fire all the relatives working in government doing ridiculous jobs at high rates of pay. Fire all those on PAID LEAVE for years. Cut salaries at the top down, not bottom up like you do. We want a voice in cuts to prevent more taxes!!

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