Dog who mauled young boy is Internet star; boy’s mom pleads for help

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

From the Save Mickey Facebook page.

Phoenix, AZ (KPHO) — It’s been nearly 10 months since a then-4-year-old boy was mauled by Mickey the pit bull, and while the dog is getting a lot of publicity in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail, the boy’s supporters want people to know he still needs help.

Flor Vicente said she’s grateful for the support she and her son, Kevin, have received so far.

Kevin’s mother said she would be lost right now if it weren’t for the community’s help, but it’s been a struggle especially at first when she felt like everyone was against her.

Kevin’s scars are a constant reminder of what he went through in February when he was mauled by Mickey the pit bull near Central Avenue and Broadway Road outside of his babysitter’s home.

Doctors said the pit bull attacked crushing Kevin’s eye socket, cheek bone and jaw.

Vicente said Kevin is constantly at the hospital for checkups and surgeries.

The hospital said he still has a long road ahead of him.

“The surgeon said they’re going to try to open his eye more,” said Vicente.

Vicente said she had to stop working to take care of him.

“I would like to work but, I haven’t been able to,” said Vicente. “Kevin had a lot of appointments, and then he wasn’t eating well so I had to spoon feed him.”

They’ve been living off of donations from the Maricopa Health Foundation.

“From there, I also pay the light bill, the telephone bill, and medicine that ACCHS doesn’t cover,” said Vicente.

Flor said she’s getting financial and emotional support that she didn’t have right away.

“Kevin has had a lot of help especially after some people noticed Mickey’s support,” said Vicente

Flor said at first, she was hurt that Mickey was getting more support than her boy.

People were donating money to keep Mickey from being put down.

Kevin’s mom felt that supporters were blaming her boy for the attack saying he was trying to get Mickey’s bone.

“My friend said that people were supporting the dog and really liked him, and I said it can’t be that this is happening. I couldn’t understand,” she said.

“This has never been Kevin versus Mickey. Human versus a dog. This is a horrible case that happened to Kevin. I feel badly for him, but I wanted to save Mickey because I never thought he should be killed,” said Attorney John Schill.

Flor said she’s made peace with what happened, and just wants to thank everyone who has supported them.

“Without the help everyone has given us, I don’t know where we’d be right now,” said Vicente.

Maricopa Health Foundation said they still have money left from the $38,000 that has been donated for Kevin’s living expenses, but since Kevin still has a long road ahead of him, they are always looking for donations.

You can donate at

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  • Ashlee

    It’s been almost a year, and your still have $38,000? It’s time to go back to work and stop looking for other people’s money. And while you’re at it, teach your child animal etiquette.

    • Ashlee

      Lol you both are stupid. I feel bad for the kid, yes. But the parent is negligent. That’s a basic thing you should teach your children.
      And if you are worries about money take the donations and pay your kids medical bills and go back to work to pay your own bills.

      • Mitchell Wilson

        Shoot the dog, jail the owners and help the child! The dog is guilty of attacking a child and the owners are guilty of not teaching their dog etiquette or keeping it confined and under control. Ashlee or should I say Asslee! 4 year old children do not always make the best choices and it has to do with brain development, something where you seem to be having issues with as well.

        • Ashlee

          “Asslee” like I haven’t heard that one before. Lol.
          It also appears you have a brain development issue, because the last time I heard that I was in middle school. Come up with something more creative. Ahaha.

        • Lizz Huie-Fulks

          It seems you are forgetting all about the negligent babysitter. If she had been doing her job properly,then Kevin would never had gotten near Mickey. Neither Kevin nor Mickey are to blame for what happened. It is the babysitter and the dog’s owner.

    • Ashlee

      It’s people like you that encourage our younger generations to be degenerates and full of excuses.
      LIKE I SAID. I feel for the child. That really sucks for him, my heart goes out for him.
      I think it’s the mother that is ridiculous to be asking for MORE money when she’s already been living off the the community for a year. Using her child’s injury to be lazy.
      And the whole situation could have been avoided if she would have taught him to not put his face in animals faces especially if they have food, treats, ect.

  • Hmmm

    I have a GSD and a Dingo/Pit mix, my girls and I live across from an Elementary school and the kids love them. My girls are my world and still, when I hear of people fighting for the life of a dog that mauled or killed a child, a person really, but especially a child, I get real pissed. It’s true that there always seems to be a lack of compassion for the kids. That care should be for this little boy, and then the effort should go out in trying to adopt out a dog, did you know every 11 seconds a cat or dog is being put down?

  • Baylie

    Okay people here is the thing – Mickeys owners were at fault for having a dog chained in their yard that was openly accessible to anyone. That dog was also under fed and under socialized, but none the less, an innocent mistreated dog. Then you have Kevin who was with his babysitter who was OBVIOUSLY not doing her job. I wouldn’t let a child I was in charge with anywhere NEAR a dog I didn’t know or trust, how did he just go up to the dog? Oh right – the moron baby sitter wasn’t paying attention. So let’s look at the real people to blame – it’s not Mickey and it’s not Kevin. The blame lies squarely at the feet of the negligent babysitter and negligent dog owners. Why did this moronic mother not go after the babysitter for damages ? The child was left in her care and while in her care was attacked by a dog that was on his own property. I work at a daycare and watch more than one kid at a time and let me tell you it’s not hard to keep an eye on them! So leave Mickey be. He’s a victim in this too!

  • Marissa Ferraraccio

    First of all, the dog attacked the child because the child was UNSUPERVISED, left by a negligent babysitter and wandered into the dog’s yard and tried to take its bone. The dog didn’t attack, it was provoked and acted. Just like ANY animal would.
    1. Teach your child proper behavior around animals.
    2. Make sure your babysitters are attentive and not putting your child at risk

    The child will heal and will have a happy life and the dog will live out the rest of his life happy as well. Both parties’ lives were affected and it’s a sad situation. Give to Kevin’s fund if you can, but don’t make a big deal over the dog; he is a mute point at this moment.

  • Lizz Huie-Fulks

    So the babysitter’s negligence was never addressed. She is responsible for this incident if she had been properly supervising Kevin then this would never have happened. And Yet, she is scott free, no punishment for her whatsoever. And the owner of Mickey needs to be held accountable also if he had treated Mickey better and not kept him chained up and not socialized then things would have turned out different.

  • sarah

    So this is my comment to all these posting the dog should not have its own Facebook page or fans this is why we have a dog leash law also the sitter would have paid more attention to the child plus the owner should have never let his or her dog out on its own and also not gonna lie ashlee weather a s of has food or a bone in its mouth if it is trained right then it should have never bitten Kevin ok because I am a pit bull owner and I have raised many pit bulls and not one have ever attacked a child for getting in his or her face I an go right up to my pit and take their food or their bone and so can’t my kids or any child at that and my dog would never bite or attack but some owners just want pit bulls to look cool and macho well I’m sorry to say if that’s all you want them for then you are an idiot because h have to know how to train then just like rain a wolf I had one when I was 18 trained from a puppy I adopted it from one of those wolf protective places ant exactly remember where been so long but I’ve had demon forever now and he’s never attacked anyone so for those of you whobhaven put please raise em right

  • Monica

    I know it’s Christmas time but anyone that has a heart to help out this little boy whose nose was bitten off by a dog…routine check ups are 2 hours away and this poor boy is still in the hospital…it saddens me that he has to spend Christmas in the hospital for something so awful:( thanks in advance…

  • Colleen Redfern McCarthy

    Interesting… the boy wandered into this dog’s yard. The dog was in his own yard and the kid who wandered in got bit. Hmmm… interesting. I would guess that the roided out knuckleheads who say they’d shoot a dog for wandering onto their property are thinking this is ok.

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