Police search for protesters who allegedly attacked officers (RAW VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Police are searching for two suspects who allegedly interfered with an arrest during a downtown protest Saturday.

The arrest and interference were all caught on video, Seattle police said.

According to the police department, officers attempted to arrest a man after he assaulted an officer near Western Avenue and Bell Street during protests over police brutality and the grand jury decision on Micheal Brown’s death in Ferguson.

Video shows police attempting to take the suspect into custody, when two other men and a woman joined in, pulling on the suspect and shoving and pushing officers away.

Police still managed to arrest the suspect, as well as another demonstrator who tried to prevent his arrest, police said.

WARNING: Some may find the video disturbing 

Now, police are on the lookout for a woman wanted for obstruction and a man wanted for assault of an officer and obstruction. They are pictured above.

So far, the police department has arrested 21 adults and two juveniles involved in the demonstrations for a variety of offenses ranging from pedestrian interference to assault. No demonstrators or police officers have been seriously injured to date, police said.

The announcement of the assault on officers comes on the heels of the Seattle Police Department requesting demonstration organizers use a special event permit process before marching.

The police department says it has spent more than $585,000 monitoring the latest protests. Police believe that in applying for a special event permit, leaders "can effectively support people's right to gather and be heard while maintaining appropriate staffing levels for upcoming events anticipated in the future."

The SPD has released a list of reported costs for each of the recent protests through Dec. 2:

  • 11/13/2014                                     $1,324
  • 11/17/2014                                     $5,039
  • 11/18/2014                                     $3,360
  • 11/19/2014                                     $5,081
  • 11/20/2014                                     $202
  • 11/21/2014                                     $935
  • 11/24/2014                                     $101,571
  • 11/25/2014                                     $43,113
  • 11/26/2014                                     $14,419
  • 11/28/2014                                     $82,431
  • 11/29/2014                                     $81,483
  • 11/30/2014                                     $1,332
  • 12/01/2014                                     $156,161
  • 12/02/2014                                     $89,519

TOTAL                                        $585,970

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