Court: No pay for Amazon warehouse security checks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court says warehouse workers who fill orders for retail giant Amazon don’t have to be paid for time spent waiting to pass through security checks at the end of their shifts.

The unanimous ruling Tuesday is a victory for the growing number of retailers and other companies that routinely screen workers to prevent employee theft. The justices said federal law does not require companies to pay employees for the extra time because it is unrelated to their primary job duties.

Some workers at Amazon contractor Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc., claim they wait up to 25 minutes to clear security before they can go home.

The Supreme Court reversed a federal appeals court ruling, which said the screenings should be compensated because they were performed for the employer’s benefit.

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  • Shylo Ferguson

    Thats a load of crap. That time adds up. If they dont want to pay them adjust the schedule so theyre off work when they leave security. Forcing them to stay for security then not paying them is just wrong.

  • Lawrence Beerbower

    I totally understand the need for the security and checking employees to make sure they only leave with what they brought to work and are not stealing from the company. I have had to go through this screening process myself many times working in warehouses. It is what happens when you can not trust employees to not steal from you. Employee theft takes a huge toll on employers every year and many have done it for years. You should be paid for the time you actually worked no waiting in a screening line to check out because people do not know how to properly prepare themselves to speed up the screening process. If the only thing you take into work is what you have on your body the process should go rather quickly. I understand not everyone takes a car to work to store their personal belongings and so we end up slowing down the exiting process because security has to check all containers and clothing that passes in and out of the facilities to ensure security of products

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