Hundreds of firefighters fight massive fire at Los Angeles construction site

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A fire burned at a Downtown LA apartment building on Monday, December 8, 2014. Courtesy: KTLA

A fire burned at a Downtown LA apartment building on Monday, December 8, 2014. Courtesy: KTLA

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Los Angeles firefighters spent Monday morning battling two fires, both in apartment buildings: one under construction, the other under renovation, fire officials said.


A 911 caller reported the first fire at 906 N. Fremont Ave. just before 1:30 a.m. The location was directly across the street from a fire station.

“That address had a multistory apartment building under construction, a total of seven floors in the wood-frame stage, approximately 1.3 million square feet of area space,” Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazas said.

“More than two-thirds of (the building) was on fire, causing significant exposure issues for two nearby high-rise buildings,” he added.

It took 250 firefighters to get the massive blaze under control.

No one was injured.

CNN iReporter Andrew Gottesman lives close to the scene. He told CNN he saw the fire from his window and it “seemed incredibly large.”

Gottesman described the inferno as scary sight. “It was incredibly nerve racking being so close, and I actually was expecting to have to evacuate my building.”

“The cause is under investigation, and the loss is being tabulated. We estimate that it will be in the multimillion-dollars of loss range,” Terrazas said.

The second fire was reported in a smaller apartment building about eight blocks away on West Seventh Street just after 4 a.m.

Fire officials don’t know whether the blazes are related, but it took 100 firefighters to get the second fire under control

The fires also caused traffic headaches. Parts of the 110 and 101 freeways were closed as fire crews battled the flames.

CNN’s Joe Sutton and Josh Levs contributed to this report.


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1 Comment

  • Ricky Adams

    Can someone explain how a construction project a mere 300 feet from a major fire station can be “fully engulfed” before the fire station notices it? That fire was set. Probably an occupist-anarchist type. We are too soft on domestic terrorism. I’ll put 100 dollars down that this is going to happen on a regular basis if the next President tries to restore immigration law in this country, I hope my hunch is wrong though. I do think we should take some precautions, between riots and this fire and Ebola the danger in this country is heating up. Precautions like:

    1.Having at least a months supply of food that does not spoil handy, such as canned goods and keep at least 50-100 gallons of fresh water if you can

    2 If there is a risk to you, keep life insurance on yourself (its only $15 a month online at Life Ant).

    3.You should coordinate a spot outside of major metropolitan areas where you can meet if people get separated and you need to escape populated spots.

    It’s all stuff that we should be doing anyway.

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