Parents arrested after boy forced to sleep outside for nearly 2 months

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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Chandler, AZ (KPHO) — A Chandler boy was forced by his father and stepmother to sleep and live in their backyard for at least one month over the summer as punishment for showing a lack of “basic respect,” a police report stated.

The 16-year-old boy alleged he was locked out of his room and had to spend one-and-a-half months outside in the summer heat, often enduring rain and dust storms. He also alleged he had to use the yard as a restroom.

The incident came to light when the boy left his home after a month and went to his uncle’s house. The uncle called police on July 19 to report the alleged abuse.

During police questioning, the boy said he apparently upset his father by using headphones on his gaming console, something his dad did not like, according to the police report.

Brian Romine, the boy’s father, said other arguments stemmed over foil lids peeled off cake topping containers that he found in the boy’s pockets. His son denied tampering with the containers. It was later learned the boy had opened the lids to smell or the eat the contents before returning them to the shelf, the officer’s report stated.

The boy said his dad gave him a sleeping bag and pillow and told him to go sleep on the lawn chair on the back patio. The teen also stated that his dad told him to take two bottles of water with him, the officer’s report stated.

Police questioned the boy’s stepmom who said the teen had been “lying and misbehaving.” She continued to complain about the boy’s attitude and actions and that the answer to her problems was to “take a lot of drugs,” police stated.

A CPS agent took the teen into custody.

Brian and Shelly-Anderson Romine were arreste

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  • IH8Parents

    This is getting out of hand. Parents should be punished for actual parenting and lack of actual parenting. Parents who don’t treat kids as friends, they end up becoming assholes in real life. Parents who actually parent, kids end up becoming suicidal. You want to have good kids, here’s some advice. Show lots of love to your kids, explain to them what’s right and wrong and explain them real life consequences and be patient. That way, we have good kids.

      • ILoveMyParents

        I had to change my username. I don’t hate my parents. I just hate parents that hurt their kids more than love them. I apologize people

        • ILoveMyParents

          I have always love my parents no matter what. They mean the whole world to me. Okay I will stop talking at let others talk

    • sfoutch

      I have been a mom of boys for 26 years this story is alarming to me but u obviously dont understand that children dont come with instruction manuels and EACH AND EVERY ONE ARE DIFFERENT!! I HAVE SEEN CHILDREN that have been raised properly knowing there were consequences in life who are continual disrespectful ungrateful jerks!! In this day and age being ur childs friend and being their parent are something u combine in order to be trusted to tell u when something is wrong rather than someone else who might steer them in the wrong direction the MUST ALSO understand that u have expectations and letting u down is something they dont want to do and then u pray to god that they listen to what u are saying and maybe JUST MAYBE they might make it out as decent respectful and productive members of society!!! Then…..along come the grandbabies just in time for u to start all over again!!!! Lol

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