NEW INFO: Death toll rises to six after small plane crashes into suburban Washington D.C. home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(CNN) — A small plane crashed into a house in suburban Washington, D.C., Monday morning, killing at least six people, according to emergency officials at the scene.

Three victims were on board the aircraft when it hit the home in Gaithersburg, Maryland, according to Montgomery County fire spokesman Pete Pringer, who talked with CNN affiliate WUSA.

Three additional victims were inside the home at the time of the crash.

Two neighboring houses were damaged in the explosion.

The Embraer EMB-500/Phenom 100 twin-engine aircraft was on approach to Montgomery County Airport when the accident happened around 11 a.m., according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA and officials with the National Transportation Safety Board are on the scene.

CNN’s Deanna Hackney, Leslie Holland and Rene Marsh contributed to this story.

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  • integralicsmilt

    Attention deficit disorder (ADHD) is the most common behavioral condition of childhood. It is frequently estimates that from 3% to 6% of the child and adolescent population in the United States is identified with ADHD. Nevertheless, a current report released by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) suggest that ADHD might impact as many as 8% to 17% of America’s youth. The APA report suggesting a higher public health danger than previously thought.

    Children and teenagers with ADHD are at a substantially higher risk for numerous psychological and social problems than those without ADHD, consisting of academic and occupational underachievement, violence and criminality, increased suicide and risk-taking habits. Children with ADHD are likewise at risk for anxiety, social difficulties, and family disruption (J. Kendall, 2003). Although research studies have actually demonstrated that household dysfunction is common in households with ADHD children. Likewise, family members might suffer severe mental impacts, however, knowledge is obvious doing not have as to ways to help these households deal with the daily challenges ADHD.

    Article of interest Recently I read a short article titled, Working with the Family of a Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The authors of this short article are: D.J. DeMarle, L. Denk, and C.S. Ernsthausen. I suggest this certain article for several reasons the most crucial being that it is packed with excellent concepts; and some very good suggestions that sets the framework for resolving family members’ appropriate issues about ADHD and make recommendation for effective treatment and support group. The majority of professionals understand ADHD as a medical condition. I don’t agree with that evaluation. It holds true that ADHD has a biological and a physiological element. Nevertheless, I believe that ADHD is a psychological, behavioral, and medical disorder. When we view ADHD as a single entity we risk of dealing with part of the signs. For instance, if we concentrate on the medical element ADHD, the doctor is typically consulted to determined if the kid fulfills the criteria for ADHD as required by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM IV). The assessing doctors are likewise hired for recommendations and to prescribe treatment for the condition. Nevertheless, many physicians with an extremely active practice can not devote the time that is essential with the household to review the nature and reasons for ADHD and the multi-disciplinary technique to dealing with the condition. Therefore, there is an elevated threat that the medical professional might inadvertently enhance existing worries and misconceptions about ADHD in the minds of member of the family.

    With this in mind we can understand how important the multi-disciplinary team and their experiences working with and supporting families throughout the speaking with and speaking with procedure. Research shows that household’s reaction may straight affect adult mindsets, the child, and their actions with him or her. It is an accepted fact that parents’ mindset is affected by the details got, caring understanding, and the level of interest shown by the physician and other experts sharing the news. This article, in my viewpoint, is a plan that can direct families from the process and help the group to develop method to decrease family members’ anxities.

    Due to the fact that ADHD has received mass media attention over the last few years numerous in the general public have reached an opinion about ADHD that is not supported by clinical truths. I provide this brief quote from the post to developed a foundation for the unsupported, but large, belief about ADHD. The authors explained the verbal exchange in between Don and Mary Butler (pseudonym) who had simply been informed by their pediatrician that their boy Tommy had ADHD and suggests Ritalin as the suitable treatment. Don relies on Mary and stated, “See I told you he was just a lazy and rotten kid, even the physician thinks so; that’s why he is putting him on medication.”

    ADHD Real or Imagined? Don is expressing a commonly held belief that ADHD is not a legitimate medical illness. It has actually been suffested that many in the medical community has actually strayed from the scientific course and developed a disorder to relieve teachers and moms and dads’ stress and anxieties concerning childhood unsuitable habits by routinely drugging kids into proper habits. Those who continue to believe that ADHD is a medical misconception should disregard a mountain of clinical studies and research study literatures that records the existence of ADHD as a ligitimate and severe disorder. Based on the criteria established by the DSM IV, ADHD represent the greatest number of referrals to kid psychological health center than all other psychiatric and behavioral issues of youth adolescent.

    The ongoing questioning of the validity of the diagnosis of ADHD has actually triggered uncertainties about its management in the minds of lots of clinicians and the general public at big. Incorrect beliefs about the validity of ADHD might prevent the appropriate care of some patients and cause confusion about the requirement for approved treatment. As mentioned above, critics explain ADHD as a method to label difficult children who are not ill however whose habits is the problem. They further contend that, far from having a biological basis, ADHD results from improper parenting and poor, inefficient, teaching practices. These mindsets further stigmatize clients and their households, and increase the problem of this devastating disease. There is overwhelming medical proof that ADHD not only trigger particular disabling signs that often persist into their adult years, but numerous research studies shows a biological connection and a characteristic reaction to authorized treatment.

    Rodney Dangerfield, the popular actor/comedian, often said “I get no regard.” The idea that came to my mind was ADHD gets no respect. That is definitely the conclusion one might reach after checking out a lot of insidious statements that ADHD is not an authentic and devastating disorder. A lot of us, including this author, who deal with children identified with ADHD have no impression about the truth and seriousness of this condition.

    Like lots of instructors, in today’s educational settings, I come in everyday contact with trainees diagnosed with various disabilities, consisting of ADHD. For that reason I have a profound sense of resentment towards those who support the beliefs that ADHD is not a legitimate health problem however absolutely nothing more than a label created specifically to discharge moms and dads and instructors of their obligation to handle unmanageable kids. However, I can comprehend how the unenlightened and those who opt to view ADHD from a range might easily be led astray. For example, a number of us eventually show some of the symptoms common of ADHD. We sometime get sidetracked, we have actually difficulty completing assigned work or finishing other vital jobs. On the other hand, children with ADHD are, in most case, less able to take care of themselves, less able to act appropriately in social setting; and less able to communicate on the same level as other kids of the same age.

    Phantom Symptoms

    Last, for unknown reason, symptoms indicating the present of ADHD may briefly be absent leading others to think that the individual with ADHD can control the habits. Also, a definite diagnosis is difficult due to the fact that there are no tests that can regularly detect ADHD. A doctor can only observe habits and offer a professional conclusion weather the kid has ADHD. If a child is having problem concentrating, or might be unwilling to cooperate on the day they see the medical professional this might lead to an incorrect diagnosis. For that reason, it is essential that ADHD be detected by healthcare experts that concentrates on these kinds of disorders with the assistance and cooperation of moms and dads and instructors.

    DeMarle D.J., Denk L., Ernsthausen C.S. (2003) Working with the Family of a Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Pediatric Nursing, Vol. 29 (4), 302-308.

    Dr. William Smith is a psychologist and expert with several years experience working with households and people, including those who have a child with disability. For additional details, Dr. Smith can be called by completing the contact type Dr. Smith will provide a FREE initial evaluation to any one who request such.

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