Etch A Sketch ‘Princess’ creates unreal art on classic kid’s toy, offers to sketch your portrait just in time for Christmas

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO, Illinois —  She calls herself Princess Etch A Sketch.

Once you see her art you’ll know why.

Jane Labowitch can draw things on her Etch A Sketch that most people couldn’t draw with a pencil and pad.

Now Jane has taken her talent to a whole new level.  She is now selling each Etch A Sketch piece she creates as a unique Christmas ornament.

On her Etsy page you can see ornaments featuring the Mona Lisa, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and a whole host of Disney Characters.

But she will also make a custom piece from a photo you send to her.

I am happy to etch names, portraits, locations…you name it! Before purchasing, I would prefer to approve of a reference image. Please send photos you’d like for me to work from in a message, and I will review the image in a timely manner.

On her Facebook page Jane writes that she started playing with her first Etch A Sketch at the age of 4 on weekends at her grandma’s house.

I played with my Etch A Sketch there because my grandma restricted my TV watching. In retrospect, I am really thankful that I wasn’t allowed to watch TV so much because it was during those weekends of boredom that I began to hone my skill. I played with my Etch A Sketch so much that I got used to the mechanics, and I got to the point to where I didn’t have to think about which way the knobs made the stylus on the screen move. In a sense, I became fluent in a language.

As an adult she continued speaking her language as she worked her way through a degree at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.  She now works as an illustration and digital media and sells her Etch A Sketch art on the side.

If you would like your custom Etch A Sketch drawing and you want it by Christmas, Jane writes that you’ll need to order it before December 10th.

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