Group of protesters block streets again in downtown Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — The crowd was much smaller today; only about 50 or so protesters but they were determined to get their message across and still managed to disrupt traffic downtown, blocking several intersections along the march.

Most say they had a renewed sense of urgency with the Grand Jury in New York decided not to charge an officer there.

Protesters say it shows it is happening all over and all Americans should take a stand.

“It goes on and on and on and why is it every time, every time the system let’s these cops walk free, every time so we’re saying no more. It’s got to end and anybody with an ounce of humanity should join us,” protest organizer Emma Kaplan said.

There was speculation early today that police would change their tactics today to try to keep protesters from blocking traffic.

The group was clearly outnumbered by police, twice or three times as many police on bikes, on foot and in cars and vans.

Fortunately there was no violence and no confrontation… police let them roam but gently guided the protesters the way they wanted them to go.

Data pix.

Police wouldn’t comment about specifics but said they are always making changes.

"Every time we have a demonstration or major event we're always writing after action reports, so we're always working to assess and also reassess our tactics and efforts and trying to find the best way to deploy officers from an efficiency and an efficacy standpoint,” SPD Detective Drew Fowler said.

After the march there was some talk about yet another protest Thursday, although there are no details. Some officers also tell me they heard some talk in the crowd about protesting on Saturday.

We'll have to wait and see and hope it stays as peaceful as it did Wednesday night.

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  • Jeremy W.

    Tactics?? What tactics? Standing behind bicycles instead of arresting, or dispersing these agitators as they disrupt our city and lives?
    The PC thugs have neutered the Police around the country.

  • Sara

    Meanwhile, those of us who actually contribute positive things to society continue to be annoyed and disgusted by these stupid idiots.

  • Kit

    The question should be, why are so many people of color engaged in street crime? The mugging, shooting, robbing and shoplifting. Earlier this year a Seattle resident was robbed and murdered for his cell phone while taking a walk. The murderer was a dumbass teen punk that wanted a phone. Did the community riot and burn down the town? Where was the outrage from the white community? The police did their job and the young criminal was caught at the airport. These protesters need to protest the criminal element – not against the SPD.

  • ted

    As usual these Q13 commentors are a bag o’ hammers,… @ sara ,… what, if anything do you contribute? ……. crickets ……… But this time I agree,… the protesters have lost focus and don’t seem to have a leader,… meanwhile, the fringe is looting and destroying peoples property, this essentially shoots whatever cause they had because you scared the regular people that are just trying to get on with their lives. It’s time to back up, regroup, find a leader, concrete your cause, and try again later…. your fringe has mucked this up thoroughly….. good luck…..

  • Stan

    Couple more days and there will be one dude from a privileged Seattle family standing by himself in a Guy Fawkes Vendetta mask looking around asking “uh guys, guys, where is everyone?”…yawnnnn…. protest forgotten

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