Neighbors say Everett pot shop too close to kids’ hangouts, but city disagrees

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT -- The city of Everett is allowed five retail pot shops. The first two opened quietly, but the third is being met with a lot of resistance from neighbors.

Neighbors say the newest shop, Purple Haze, is too close to a Camp Fire office and the Interurban Trail. They say they don't want it at that location, as it appears to break the law that says pot shops can't be within 1,000 feet of places were children gather.

Now, parents are gearing up to fight the new shop.

“I think things need to change so we have more say about what’s going on in our neighborhood,” said Candace Duce, mom to a preschooler and a kindergartner, and a resident not far from the shop.

She’s worried about marijuana users coming and going, and criminals that could be attracted to this cash only business.

“I’m terrified for their safety,” said Duce.  “We play outside all the time in our backyard, and we have our children’s friends over all the time to play and I worry about their safety, too.

“It’s just not good to have our young children being around this kind of business,” said another neighbor, Katie Arnestad.

Keeping kids from pot shops was one of the goals of the state when voters made marijuana legal, they said. But City of Everett workers say the shop takes into account area places where children gather.

“Our regulations that we have right now take into account state laws about distance from recreational facilities and things like that,” said Meghan Pembroke, spokesperson for the city of Everett.

The state apparently doesn’t  consider places like the Camp Fire office and the Interurban Trail locations places where children gather, and so neither does the city. The owner of Purpla Haze didn’t want to talk, but there is a lot of work under way to get the store up and running.

Neighbors are working too. They just hired a lawyer, and say they may take the city to court to keep their new neighbors out.

The city is expected to issue the business a retail permit sometime this week, and at that point, Purple Haze can open at any time.

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  • TheWanderingJew

    Because there has been so much crime around the currently open facilities throughout the state?…

    Marijuana users are not the danger to those children…People as stupid as the women quoted in the article are far more dangerous to any children (including their own) than any pot smokers that might visit that establishment…

  • Annalisa

    Society has everything backwards. It’s ok to have alcohol in grocery stores but gosh forbid there are marijuana shops when alcohol can cause someone to beat their partner, get into deadly car accidents, and basically makes people unable to function normally whatsoever while marijuana merely gives you the munchies and makes you a little lazy. Yet it’s ok to get drunk and become reckless and who cares that teenagers are more likely to drink than smoke weed and even though it’s proven that alcohol is far more dangerous, society wants to focus on a drug that not only has many medicinal properties but causes less harm than cigarettes do! The state brings in more money for the community and more jobs are created. Really, what are people afraid of? The only reason why it was even considered a “gateway drug” is because people would have to get it off the street from drug dealers and 9 times out of 10 a drug dealer has other drugs that they pressure people into getting especially when that drug dealer runs out of marijuana and they say “hey I may not have weed but I have this you can try”. Now that we take marijuana off the streets we also have more control over its distribution and use. Honestly, it’s always going to be around and just because it’s brought into the open instead of behind closed doors it’s become more of an issue and I personally prefer it in the hands of officials than the drug dealer around the corner!

  • James Steig

    If any place sells alcohol or tobacco in that area then pot should be allowed to be sold as well. I see a Chevron in that picture so tobacco is being sold for sure.

  • John Tide

    Crime went down in Denver when they legalized selling weed. Wish the news would report facts instead of spreading fear. Those parents already live in a bad area of Everett and the area hasn’t improved over the years. The parents know this and that’s why she said they only let their kids play in the back yard. People that are buying legal weed are following the rules and are more likely to be well off. I would be worried about the other drug dealers in the area instead and the people they sell too. Because I know that the drug dealers are already there and these parents would rather support the black market because it’s not out in the open.

  • Crissi

    Here’s some news, NO ACTUAL NEIGHBORS CARE. I know because I am one of those neighbors. My 3 young children also do not care. What we do care about is the number of drunken weirdos wandering out of the Safeway right next door. Since Safeway became a liquor store last year, at least once a week we have to chase off a drunk who has passed out in the alley or bushes beside the store. In fact, the most recent case was a bum who’d taken a few bottles behind the store, literally right next to my 6 year old’s bus stop, drank until he was so drunk he tried to drop trou and take a crap and passed out naked from the waist down in his own feces. My husband had to wake the guy up and tell him to move along. I would really love to meet some of these ‘neighbors’ of mine that have such a big problem with a legal dispensary, where I’d guess none of the customers are hanging around outside after they buy, getting toasted and passing out in the street, and ask how many complaints they’ve lodged to the Safeway next door.

  • Ty Welch

    Should have got off your butt and voted down that foolish pot crap legalization law then. Now Pot Crap is going to be everywhere and readily available to children. Tough, get over it. Legal use of Pot crap is the law, the genie is out of the bottle. Mind altering Pot Crap and its society poisoning consequences are going to be just like the STDs plaguing our society because people wanted casual, commitment free sex. What, now you want your Pot Crap cake and no consequences icing too? No, it never works that way. There are always unintended consequences to selfish adult desires. This consequence will be a nation of unmotivated pot crap high teens with many health problems due to being stoned.

    • Lis

      Wow. Do you by your crap. Far worse drugs to be concerned with. It was available before this. Just like alcohol. kids get their hands on what they want, no matter the law. Stay at church an preach there. Witness much…….

    • Ric Ofthedead

      You have to be 21 with valid id to get in the Potshops…. you need your internet rights and breeding rights revoked.. we dont need more idiots like you in the world… I bet you are a drunk or a member of AA

  • Lis

    Parent your children. Teach them. What about strip clubs, an slut coffee shop drive thrus. An your so called neighborhood, looks like nothing but a crappy commercial area. Everybody’s to concerned with what everybody else is doing. it was voted legal, which should have happened a very long time ago. Get over it, stop crying.

  • Bobbie

    Agree with Crissi that the neighbors should stop worrying about the pot shop and start worrying more about the drunk homeless people that wander around that area.
    To those neighbors that were filmed for this story; you do realize you live in a commercially zoned area? Also, that you have a bikini hut directly across the street?

  • Glen

    Those people worried about the shop need to face reality. Alcohol and it’s abuse have caused far more, almost not comparable actually, abuse, anger, violent issues than pot ever has or ever will. If they’re that worried, they need to ban the liquor stores first. Got the point?? It’s pretty simple really.

  • Steve

    Buying from a legal marijuana store w/ valid ID shouldn’t be an issue. It’s all the drunks, crack heads, and heroin users in that area. Those arent the people going into a legal pot shop

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