Bremerton doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients during exams, detectives fear more victims possible

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Dr. Darren Chotiner

Dr. Darren Chotiner

BREMERTON, Washington —  A Bremerton area doctor was arrested Tuesday morning after police said two patients had come forward claiming he sexually violated them during exams.

Dr. Darren M. Chotiner, 46, was arrested at his East Bremerton Clinic after a warrant for his arrest for the crime of rape in the second degree was issued by a Kitsap County judge.

Police said both patients had come forward in the last few weeks saying they had gone to Dr. Chotiner for back pain.

“It was during those visits and examinations that Dr. Chotiner allegedly physically contacted them in a sexual manner and continued to advance himself upon each victim,” said Bremerton Police in a written statement.

Detectives said they are trying to determine if there may be any additional patients with similar claims.

Documents obtained by Q13 FOX News from the Washington State Department of Health show Dr. Chotiner was also accused in 2011 of attempting to kiss a patient.

Dr. Chotiner has been practicing in Washington since 2007.  He is expected to make his first appearance in court Wednesday afternoon.

Detective Crystal Gray is the investigating the case and asks any other potential victims to call her at 360-473-5485.

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  • Jennifer

    Any actual evidence to back up these allegations, or is it merely the word of these “victims”? Going after deep pockets by making up false stories about bad sexual behavior is the new way to win the proverbial lottery in the form of lawsuits, etc. If these two patients had gotten together to plan their stories it would be very, very effective. And now, of course, other women will see an opportunity and come forward with stories of their own. Ya gotta love the litigious money-grabbing society we live in.

    • Christine

      I agree, worked with chotiner for a few yrs at harrison. He was one of my favorates and always brutally honest. The pts he sees could be money hungry and make up anything. Ive seen it in hospitals. I pray its not true and if not the evidence prove. But it sounds like there were never any complaints to his peninsula community. Just law. If i felt uncomfortable the first time i would never continue to see him over and over . Sounds crazy

  • Tina BergmanTin

    I cannot fathom that this is true. I have worked beside Dr Darren Chotiner, when he was part of HMC ‘s hospitalist program, and have been one of his patients, as has another family member.
    Dr Chotiner , has always been professional and respectful.
    These allegations will follow him and his practice for the rest of his life, even when they will be found untrue.
    My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

  • Melinda

    I can not believe that Jennifer and Tina are degrading the victims here. It is not easy to come forward in cases like this and yet you are calling them liars. God help you if the shoe is ever on the other foot. He has been in trouble with the state before what does that say about the “good” Doctor?

  • Melinda

    The statement below is from the Kitsap Sun.

    Chotiner faced allegations of inappropriate sexual contact with a patient in the past.The state Department of Health issued a statement in 2012 alleging Chotiner kissed a patient in an exam room in October 2011. The contact was consensual, according to the statement, and the patient was fully clothed. Chotiner entered into a performance improvement agreement with his employer subsequent to that encounter, according to the statement. The agreement included training on professional boundaries, and prohibited Chotiner from providing primary care to female patients without an assistant present. In 2012, Chotiner entered into an agreement with the Department of Health to avoid formal action against his license. The agreement required further training. Chotiner did not admit to wrongdoing through the agreement and the Department of Health did not take formal enforcement action against him. He completed the required training and was released from the agreement at the end of 2012, according to documents.

    • me and my ebola

      Key word= consensual. But enough to make him an attractive target for a money grab. I’ve seen this too many times……

    • Christine

      Articals can be falsely advertised. You can look up his provider credentials and it clearly states the pt. kissed him. Back in 2011. Anybody can look that up and try to use it against him

  • kris

    When a person is accused of a sex crime, the “perp” is automatically assumed to be guilty until proven innocent. This is a fact, and helps explain why there are so many false claims of sex crimes. You can literally destroy a person even though the charges eventually get dropped or they are found not guilty at trial. And, as mentioned above, payoffs and lawsuit settlements are another reason. This is a fairly common problem but nobody ever seems to talk about it.

  • Sasha

    I’ve heard many weird cases now about how Dr. Chotiner has made many women feel uncomfortable during exams. Rumor has it that he was let go from HMC because complaints, but Chotiner says women there are just sexist. please. I hope everything turns out well for all parties and justice is served.

  • Kelsey

    I have been a patient of Dr. Chotiner for over three years…he is professional and caring! These women are probably addicted to opiates (back pain my a$#) and saw an easy target. Rape? Give me a break!! I wasn’t aware that the definition of rape changed so drastically…I sincerely hope he is found not guilty!

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