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Xbox Live down, ‘Lizard Squad’ takes credit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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SEATTLE — A hacking group claimed to have taken down Xbox Live servers Monday evening, reported, disrupting evening gameplay for thousands of gamers.

The hacking group, called the “Lizard Squad,” has targeted game servers for several months, reported.

The group tweeted out a short message at 5:37 p.m.

Many gamers reported problems with their Xbox Live service throughout the evening. PCMag tried logging into Xbox Live from Northern California at around 10 p.m. Eastern and had no success, the magazine reported.

The group has previously taken down several networks, and recently announced they intended to wage more cyber attacks on gaming networks during the holiday season.



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      • Alejandro

        of course you can, its just a DDOS attack, which means they just crashed the servers by flooding them with false packets. They don’t actually have personal info or anything.

      • Eren

        It’s just a DDoS they pretty much overload the servers and made them crash they didn’t actually hack anything in the true sense of the word but its just as Illegal as Hacking. Your Info is safe

  • Sarah

    If your life is that pointless to ruin this many people’s day who pay good money to play on Xbox live maybe you should kill yourselves because your life is obviously pointless if this is all you can spend your time doing.

    • Lizard Squad

      Maybe you should kill yourself.. We find it funny to EASILY overload the Xbox servers then watch you Xbox geeks freak out. It was a good turnout definitely won’t be the last time.

      • beau

        Fuck you guy’s and you’re slanted eye’s. your just pissed off because you live in a communist country and your leader not you thinks for you. How about trying to start thinking for your self and do something positive. Like get a fucking job or put a gun in you’re mouth and go too sleep. Hack that bitches

      • Wolf Pikeman

        fucking computer nerds are the bottom rung of the criminal empire, you fucking little kids without girl friends. Get out of your mom’s basement and get some sun little fucking computer nerds.

      • Christian

        Hey try hacking out of being raped in prison cuz once the authorities find u they’ll fuck u up hack the people who kill people not the innocent people who work hard to make a living idk who the duck u guys think u r but tall just computer geeks butt hurt cuz talk can’t get a job or a gf how about playing a video game and be normal like the rest of us Jesus christ yall immature and that’s coming from a 16 year old that’s sad

        • Christian

          And put your big boy pants on and suck a dick don’t just hack people for fun one day yall are gonna be depressed shits cuz of how much u realized u wasted your pathetic life doing dumb shit think about it just think about it

      • It's just sad...

        Trash with nothing better to do than ruin other people’s days. Low-tier low-priority criminals, but criminals all the same.

      • #lizardsquadvictimsoflife

        Lizard squad you pathetic little wankers hope when the authorities catch you they name you so everyone can give you exactly what you deserve, a good kicking! What exactly are you proving? Just because you are all victims in life you try to piss everyone else off well have fun we all just go out an take a break from xbox an have fun in the real world unlike you saddos sexually frustrated virgins forever! Unless you ever actually meet morpheus an take the pill then you could just lose your virginity to one of us still plugged in!!!

      • H2oHILARIOUS

        Says the 1 that hacked into 1 of the worlds hardest Programmed networking systems, u got real balls back in into xbox live ya geek, if anything psn gets hacked for a week each month go ruin their day

      • Raiders757

        Why don’t you little snot nosed pansies show yourselves? Bunch of cowards, all of you. You can’t get laid so get your rocks off hiding in a basement ruining everyone’s Christmas. How pathetic the lot of you are.

      • MrBV

        Why would you do this? Dome people buy their children games and would like to see them able to use them. Probably wouldn’t be quite as bothered if you didn’t choose to do it on Christmas morning of all days…

      • Endofday

        LIZARDSHITS, I cant wait for you little cunts to cross the paths of myself or one of our sector.
        Hackback? No, we just prefer to locate then ‘liquidate’.
        You never thought of that, did you? Think about it next time you pull a stunt like this.
        The worst that could happen is something you might never have thought might be an option.
        People go missing all the time.

  • dedicated gamer

    i think everyone should strike from logging in until xbox live gives everyone a free year because this should not be able to happen at all

  • Jeremiah

    Here I am at 2:00 and anything even related to xbox live makes my xbox 360 freeze, tried to play CoD Ghosts, then two downloaded games, Forza Horizon, and Skyrim all of which have downloaded content but they freeze my xbox, it’s like somethings still wrong even though I can finally sign into live

  • Stephanie

    I was in the middle of a suspenseful show, someone was about to get killed. Turned out it was Live :P Have yet to turn it back on after giving up trying to access Netflix around 9. Let’s hope these annoying jackwads haven’t done anything too drastic.
    Oh. I did find on Lizard Squad’s Facebook page the following post:
    “on the first day of christmas my true love came to me!
    a brand new computer virus without the vaccine!”

  • Grizz Mac

    At this point these guys are a threat to national security and should fall under the umbrella of terrorist. If that is the case it completely changes the game as to their rights and what happens to these little pricks once they get their hands on one of them. See how long a computer geek keeps his mouth shut when he is getting water boarded.

  • Evan

    Why would you do something like this? If you have the skill to bring down a highly secure network, why not do something useful with your life instead of bragging about how you ruined every gamer’s day?

  • IrratatedMommy

    That is so cruel what is the point of that? Totally disruppted my family and I watching Christmas movies together! SMH Get a life.

  • Derek

    Lol lizard squad some bum ass bitches who sit around all day jacking off, lol worthless living in there mom’s basements. I really hope they all die slow, nerdy lil virgins

  • beau

    Hey lizard do you like the taste of seaman or getting ball gaged may be getting you’re ass stretched because all those things I just mentioned sound like fun to me doing them to you.

  • GhostOfMany

    Lizard Squad we find it hilarious that you guys think it is amusing to shut us down for your own personal fetish to watchin “geeks” freak out. Mark my words though Stan…. you will get caught but you better hope its the authorities and not civilians who are unto you. So enjoy your month of touching your dicks to xbox servers crashing but dont think you won’t get caught. We know you live in Kentucky and we have partial of the address taken now whats left is your EXACT location. So long Bill.

  • David Dougherty

    To all those in the lizard squad, I don’t know if you pay attention to the comments that people send you guys do the fact that most of its derogatory, I work my ass off 5 to 7 days a week, occasionally I get time off on Saturdays and Sundays, now when I get the time I usually work on my motorcycle, take my dog for a walk, or I watch Netflix via my xbox, Xbox is how a lot of good people use their free time and you’ve been taking that away from them, hacking Xbox Live is a serious task, an impressive one at that, but I personally would appreciate it if you guys used your skills for something the didn’t have such a huge impact on how some people live their lives, I have an uncle who is autistic, he doesn’t communicate very well with other people, so most of his social interaction comes from xbox and that’s all he has, clearly you guys are talented and a lot of people are overlooking that I just think you guys could use your talent for something a lot better

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