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Carmen Best will be next chief of Seattle Police Department

Protestors disrupt holiday tree lighting in Seattle

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SEATTLE — The weather was a challenge for the annual Christmas Tree lighting at Westlake center.

But it was Ferguson protestors making the biggest impact on the family event.

“We’re fairly appalled,” said John Liebling, who came to see his son sing as part of the 5th Avenue Choir. The kids were frightened off the stage by activists that disrupted and drowned out the festivities. “They stepped on the whole thing, and to nobody’s advantage.”

Hundreds showed up for the kick-off to the holiday season, but more than 100 protestors made their way front and center.

Some in the crowd supported the continued outrage over the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

“I get that they’re a disruption, but a huge thing happened in our country that affects all of us,” said Wanda Omdahl, who came down for the tree lighting.

But most said it was not the time, or place, for such a protest.

“The lighting is like a family ceremony, it’s not really a place for protests,” said Callie Webber.

Nina, a protestor said, “Unfortunately there’s a lot of kids who live really harsh realities every day, black or brown, and I’m sorry we can’t protect everyone.”

No one was hurt during the protests in outside Westlake Mall. Before arriving at the mall, demonstrators spent the day marching through the downtown shopping district, sometimes confronting the police, who were following them. That led to five arrests.

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  • richardmbowman

    Since when did there become a time & place to protest? Some of these ppl are “PROTESTING” against what they believe to be an injustice. And, as free citizens, they have the right to be heard, by their government & the public. It may distress &/or inconvenience some, but, so it goes…. Some earlier protesters did a little more than demonstrate against what they called injustice. They destroyed property, withheld taxes & killed soldiers commissioned by their government. We now call them patriots & “Founding Fathers.”

    • Anna

      There were families and children at this event and these protesters had no concern for their safety, after all didn’t this all start because a mother lost her child to the hands of someone she felt took it unfairly? I understand the racism in this country I was shocked and appalled when I visited the Midwest recently however both sides are guilty of it period I have not a racist bone in my body and I am nice to everyone yet one woman had the nerve to look me up and down and call me a name that included my color. So yes I get it but putting families and children in danger at an event that is meant to celebrate kindness and givin does not help the cause. It set the stage for another potential tragedy. So yes if you are civilized and want to be a part of something that Is good and not hateful, this event was not the right time nor the right place for it period. People who did this should be marching on Olympia and not in Seattle laws aren’t going to change there nor are they going to change if you put families and children in danger it just mutters your message and makes all the protesters look like thugs.

  • Kenneth Briggs

    it is time to shoot them all, they can protest where this all happen at , they do not need to tear up / down other peoples stores or shops . round them all up give them all jail time like week end clean up the cities streets for two years and a large fine and they pay for the stuff that was broken and stuff they took .

  • Tanya Marie (@CanadaTanya)

    When a children’s choir of school youngsters that included children of all races is threatened and scared to death and all their carefully rehearsed concert performance is ruined then it becomes less of a protest and more of a vile act of civil disobedience and is outright disgusting

    • ted

      Yea, right, freedom is ‘vile’…. jesus, I can’t believe what I’m reading, and you’re probably one of those self proclaimed “Patriots”… right……

      • 3 cats

        Ted…are you one of those teeny bopper knee jerk liberals, willing to protest anything because it gives you some sense of misguided purpose? Or are you just a teenybopper ready to show your angst at all forms of authority?
        My bet is that either way your not thinking this through… A tree-lighting festival is no place for protesting an overblown incident that was merely an excuse to riot, loot and pillage. Don’t forget that the “Sainted” Mr. Brown had just beaten and robbed an old man for a handful of cigars,,, nor that he punched a law enforcement officer in the face ant tried to steal his side-arm. Choose better heroes

  • JudyPrather

    What these protesters forgot in demonstrating at a “Christmas” celebration is that this is the season for peace. These children practiced hard to sing there. Their music is sent up to Jesus. He did not like racism but did advocate peace and love for all of us. Please, we have to suffer from so much violence during the year, let us have this time for joy, love and peace for everyone in the world. Remember Jesus is the reason for the Season. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  • ShadowWalker59

    Protest, protest, protest……..why don’t these deadbeats go get a job!! These slugs just want to get on TV, and are nothing but a bunch of smelly, jobless morons, being politically correct cowards!! I’ll bet half of these poor creeps are nothing more than homeless boobs, trying to get a handout for free. Let them all go to work for a living, instead of mooching off somebody else who actually works! And don’t tell me there isn’t jobs they can’t do for some money, they’re just picky and love that food stamp, welfare giving government!!

  • Kit

    We keep saying, the protesters are in the wrong location. I am all protesting if you have a just cause. They need to march around Seattle’s central district and Tacoma’s hilt top areas demanding that local citizens quit killing each other. Are the protesters from out of state? They don’t seem to know our history. We have blacks killing other blacks over drug deals, wearing the wrong colors, arguing about who is a better rapper and killing for an iPhone. Let’s not forget the crazy black man who killed four police officers in Lakewood Washington – did the community riot and burn down Lakewood? Also, the murder of SPD officer Timothy Brenton occurred on October 31, 2009, in the Central District of Seattle.

  • Susan Kay Jordan

    Thanks Losers for ruining the event for everyone! You are not winning any converts to your side by scaring children. You are just a bunch of bullies who are so pathetic that you have to ruin things for families. Great job, you set back your cause by miles.