‘Mass Die In’ closes mall indefinitely (PHOTOS)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
From KTVI.

From KTVI.

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO — Demonstrators boycotting Black Friday and protesting the Ferguson grand jury decision staged a “Mass Die In” at a mall in St. Louis Friday, closing the mall for an indefinite period of time.

According to KTVI, hundreds protesters laid on the floor of the mall for four and a half minutes of silence to allegedly represent Mike Brown‘s blood on the ground.

The movement was organized on social media using the hashtags #NotOneDime,#Blacklivesmatter and #Stlblackfriday.

According to various social media posts, police let the protesters peacefully demonstrate and closed the mall.

No arrests have been made.

To view a live blog of this story, click here.


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  • Kit

    People should be protesting against the stupid gang culture that kills dozens of people every year. The police don’t shoot as many blacks as the crips, bloods and other idiot gangs do. Who shot Biggie Smalls and Tupac?

      • Bob

        Ted- Really? So you base your entire statement and belief on an incident that was proven to be as the officer and witnesses said it was? So you believe that people should be Judged and condemned based solely on lies That is not only pathetic it is down right scary. I bet you say that people should not condemn an entire population- like the blacks, for the actions of a few bad apples. And here you are doing that exact thing. Such hypocrisy is amazing.

        Let me guess- you are also one of these folks who has been creaming what a racist Officer Darren is. Yet you – and all these protestors, have never met him. You all have Judged the man solely on the color of his skin. That makes you nothing more than an uneducated hate filled violent racist.


        • NeverScared

          Bob, why are you so angry? Ted mentioned the fact that Police run in gangs – they basically define the term. That really isn’t even a point of debate, and has been true WELL before the Ferguson incident. There are thousands of stories to back this up, you only need to do a simple search. Instead, you make assumptions and start slinging insults based solely on those assumptions. YOU have judged a man based solely on the color of his prose…
          Tell me again, who is pathetic? I care about your oh-so-informed opinion…

  • Kit

    August 2014 two employees of a Kent gas station were killed by a couple of persons of color/gang bangers. Where were the protesters? Did people burn down half of Kent?

  • Kenneth Briggs

    so what did these a holes prove ? the black kid or guy still is dead . now what was his side of the story ? go and take your crap to the city of Ferguson and leave the other cities and town alone . your stupid butts are doing nothing for the black folks . you are looking dumb and stupid now ..

      • Bob

        The only racists in this whole affair have been the blacks. First they proved their own racist beliefs by Judging the Officer purely by the color of his skin. That is an undeniable fact. Add to this that they have repeated again and again how they raise their kids to look at ALL whites as their oppressors- the enemy. They tell us over and over again how they raise their kids to fear and hate the cops- especially the white ones. That they are the enemy and to treat them as such. That they need to fight back against these enemies. To show no respect and to be obstructive any chance they get. They have instilled hate and racism deep in their kids minds. Sadly this sets them up for a future of failures

        M Brown owes his death to his parents and the black community. Period. They ignored every single one of his violent attacks on innocent people. That was acceptable behavior for them. When he attacked and robbed others – that too was acceptable behavior to them. Then they taught him that the police were not to be trusted- ever. That the police were their deadly enemies. So now they have a kid who feels it his right to violently assault anyone – including the police, because that is what his parents taught him.

        Get a life Ted. Better yet- Get A Job.

  • Bob

    Well now we kn ow what these folks did after they cashed their welfare checks. They protested in hopes of getting more free money so they can sit around and tell the world how they should live. Like free loading uneducated welfare rats.

    These protestors are nothing but hate filled violent Racists. Each and everyone of them condemned the Officer as a racist yet not one of them had ever met him. They Judged him Solely by the color of his skin. That makes them not only racist to the core but hypocrites as well. Worse now that the evidence has proved Officer Darren’s innocence they state in interviews that the truth does not matter. Really? So these idiots believe that people should be judged, condemned and executed based on nothing more than lies. Someone need to 1 slap them upside their heads and 2- cut off all their public assistance. Make them go out and earn a living like everyone else.

    • NeverScared

      Bob, a good majority of employed Americans, other than those in retail, had Black Friday off. Are you saying all the shoppers are freeloaders too? The hypocrisy throughout your post is hilariously ironic, seeing as you are trying to point out hypocrisy. How, exactly, is this protest in ANY way about increasing public assistance? How was THIS specific protest in any way violent? I feel sadness for you; alone with all your anger, nothing better to do than troll over the holidays. I hope you find peace… and logic, too.

  • Patrick

    This is a straw that broke the camels back situation. Police brutality is widespread and unchecked. This is a last resort to bring dignity to civil rights. We the people must act to regain the basic human rights that were enjoyed by our parents and grand parents. Freedom is fading fast. This is a wake up call. This is much bigger than Mike Brown, this is a worldwide issue and that’s why the protests are taking place all over the world. We the people can either take action or watch on the internet and TV, either way you’re a part of history changing its course. Let’s hope We the People are able to be our country’s guide

    • Kettle listening to multiple pots

      Let’s give Mike Brown’s family a call and inquire about these alleged basic human rights they enjoyed so fully throughout the past few generations as you imply.

  • Patrick

    Ted is the only sane voice on this page besides my kernels of truth. The rest of U should go learn Ebonics, turn off the Fox News and stop hating. Black Friday protests were very effective at getting the point across for they hit America in the pocketbook. Look forward to this kind of protest every year as regular people will continue to stand up against corporate oppression

    • Kettle listening to multiple pots

      You call nearly a 10% rise in online sales the result of an effective/ successful protest? With more to come on Cyber Monday?

      I understand you are enthusiastic about the concept of change, but please be prepared to substantiate your self-proclaimed “kernels of truth.” You are making it difficult for those of us unsatisfied with the national grand jury indictment process to find reasonable allies who mistake passion for focus.