Students stealing cars? Teens arrested after dealership break-in

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Police have arrested several people in connection with a string of break-ins at car dealerships.

The three suspects caught on Monday are high school students. Police are now trying to determine if the three are responsible for other break-ins in the area.

Tony Carabello says the seven cars that were taken from his Edmonds lot, Gasoline Alley, early Monday morning were parked right in front. The thieves grabbed the keys from inside the office.

“They broke the window, and smashed it in,” Carabello said.

Tony says he’s heard of cars being stolen for parts or to be sent overseas. But in this case, it appears the cars were simply taken out for a ride.

Detectives found one of the cars in Lake City and arrested three teenagers after a brief chase.

“This is the new thing with the kids,” said Carabello. “I don’t know if they think it’s ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ or ‘Fast and Furious’ or what. But they think it’s a joy ride and they go drive them for a while.”

Detectives are now trying to figure out if those teenagers might be responsible for thefts at other dealerships in the area.

Gus Uribe says the car that was stolen from his Seattle lot early Sunday morning was later found in Marysville. Based on what was inside, it appears it had just been taken out for a ride. But the damage that was done will cost him several thousand dollars.

“It is frustrating, because it seems to be a bigger problem than we originally thought,” he said.

When he found out it might be a group of teenagers responsible for all this, he was shocked.

“They were doing this in the middle of the night, where’s the parents? Who’s watching these kids? Who’s accountable for them?”

That’s what Tony wants to know. He’s the father of a teenage son himself.

“It’s very frustrating. I really look at the parents, and I hate to say that. But what are they doing letting their kids out 3 in the morning?” he said.

From what we understand, the three teens who were arrested Monday were released into the custody of their parents. But police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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  • Kenneth Briggs

    wake the dumb ass parents up and force the parents to pay for the cars that the teens took . so what if they do not have the money , the brats took so parents will pay for the cars on a monthly plan til the cars are all paid for and the brat kids will spend nights at kiddie jail so that the parents will know where they are at

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