Police release video, names of officers in shooting of 12-year-old boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Credit: FOX 8

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Authorities released surveillance video Wednesday of the officer-involved shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, FOX 8 reports.

Rice was shot in the playground area of the Cudell Recreation Center around 3:30 p.m. Saturday.  Police received a call that a male had a gun near the swings and was waving it at people.

When the two officers arrived, they allegedly ordered Rice to put his hands in the air; instead he reached for what they believed was a gun in his waistband and that’s when the officer fired two shots.

The gun ended up being an airsoft but it looked like a real gun, police officials have said.  The orange safety tab had been removed from the gun.

“The officers are distraught,” said Jeff Follmer, president of the police union.  “They immediately started first aid and stayed with him until paramedics arrived.  No one wants to use deadly force.”

**Warning: Below is the surveillance video that was released by Cleveland police at the request of Tamir’s family. We are not showing the shooting out of respect to Tamir’s family. Some may still find the video to be disturbing.**

Police also played the 911 call and police radio traffic from the shooting. The names of the officers involved were also release. They are currently on paid leave while an investigation into the shooting takes place.

The officer that fired the gun had been with the department for less than a year.  He was with his training officer, a seven-year veteran of the force

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    • 03sv1g

      It shows the kid pointing the gun all over the place, then reaching into his waistband when the cop car pulls up. What else do you need to see? If you had read the story, it told you they wouldn’t show the shooting out of respect for the family.

  • Kenneth Briggs

    another white boy cop that kills a kid . how many black cops kill white kids ? what is with these crap ? why do these whitecop got to kill all the time ? this cop should be shot at so he will know what it feels like . and yes watch this pig get away with it .

    • Rb

      Let me guess your black? It’s obvious it looks just like a real gun, you’re playing the victim card!!!! The cops can’t risk things like that, it’s tragic I know but look at the facts and not race, it makes you look racist against whites! I’m black by the way!!

  • Ridiculous

    Actually, the person who called police told 911 operator that the gun was a fake. So the cops pulled up KNOWING it was fake. They also yelled “drop the gun” which was in his waistband. Meaning he needs to reach for it to drop it. What the video doesn’t show is they pulled up and shot this 12 year old in 2 seconds. But, “he didn’t comply”. And yeah the police won’t be charged because our country allows black children to be killed because some white man was scared something COULD (but doesn’t) happen.

    • Lew

      They said it was PROBABLY fake, if you pulled up to a suspect with the report of him pulling a gun on people would you risk the gun being probably fake or would you take action to make sure you make it home to your family. It’s easy to sit behind a computer and make a judgement but as an officer when you see black males shooting each other all the time the risk seems higher. It’s not racism, it’s statistics .

      • ted

        Lew, you ignorant slut, the officer pulled up, stopped, and in 2 and half seconds assessed the situation and killed a 12 yr old with a toy….. you don’t see anything wrong with that?

        • sam

          assessed the situation in 2.5 seconds did you want him to wait atleast a solid 30 seconds? what happens it turn out to be a real gun and that’s 2 dead cops not a dead 12 year old? you gonna side with the 12 year old? assessing the situation as fast as possible is key to not being a dead guy on the street. kids these days don’t use common sense or have any respect for the law. common sense says don’t reach in your waste band when a cop pulls up. don’t run when a cop tells you to stop. all these things in the past year that have happened could have been avoided if people would remove the head they have firmly placed up there ass. teach your kids common sense and you wont have dead kids in the street. lets leave it at this . youre ignorant youre a jackass youre just as ignorant as a kid waving a gun around and pulling it out of his waist band in front of a cop with a family he would enjoy going home to that day. think if the shoe was on the other foot.

  • Gone Shootin Hootin

    Gun safety and responsibility starts with any gun toy or real. You go waving around a gun that looks real and chances are if the cops don’t shoot you someone else will.

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