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Michael Brown’s father: ‘They crucified his character’

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The parents of Michael Brown, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., testified before a United Nations committee Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014, because they want the world to know "what's going on in Ferguson."

FERGUSON — Michael Brown’s father says a grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer who killed his son changes his view of America.

“I was upset. I didn’t understand,” Michael Brown Sr. said in a conversation with the Rev. Al Sharpton on Tuesday on MSNBC. “It just let me know that where we live is not what we thought, or what I thought. It’s what people have been saying all the time, for a nice little minute: that this was a racist state.”

Sharpton accused Prosecutor Robert McCulloch of trying to disparage Michael Brown Jr. He asked Michael Brown Sr. how he felt about the prosecutor attacking “the character of the victim.”

“They crucified his character,” Brown said.

In the interview, Brown did not cite any specific comments McCulloch had made.

“For people that don’t even know my son, they probably wish they did,” he said, adding that he feels “empty” from the experience. “I’m just crushed.”

In a news conference Monday night announcing the grand jury’s decision, McCulloch extended his “deepest sympathies” to the Brown family and referred to the “tragic death.”

He said the grand jury’s decision was based on evidence and facts, some of which contradicted people who said they witnessed Officer Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown Jr.

McCulloch had long promised a fair and complete presentation.

“We will be presenting absolutely everything to this grand jury,” he told a radio program in August. “Every statement that a witness made, every witness, every photograph, every piece of physical evidence. Absolutely nothing will be left out.”

Transcript of prosecutor’s news conference

Documents released by the prosecutor’s office show that witnesses gave differing accounts.

Should a special prosecutor have been appointed?

Experts disagree over whether McCulloch should have stepped aside and let a special prosecutor handle the case.

His father, a police officer, was killed on the job in 1964 by an African-American man when McCulloch was 12.

HLN legal analyst Joey Jackson said Wednesday that while there can be discussions about the possibility of bias as a result of his father’s death, there is a more fundamental reason he should not have taken the case: the close relationship prosecutors often have with their local police.

“You rely upon the police every day” as a prosecutor, Jackson said on CNN’s “New Day.”

“You give them your support, your resources. They give those resources back to you.”

CNN legal analyst Paul Callan disagreed with the reasoning. A prosecutor should not be disqualified “because he’s worked with the cops closely in the past. I would say, ‘You know something? He’s a guy with integrity, I’ll trust his investigation.’ “

“I think the grand jury reached the right result on the facts of this case,” Callan said. Still, “you have to have public confidence in the result.” If the public did not have faith in McCulloch because of his father’s killing, then “maybe because of the level of public distrust, we should have had a special prosecutor,” Callan said.

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  • Kit

    When the media showed security camera video of Michael Brown taking the cigars and pushing the store owner out of the way, it changed my view of this case. Young Mr Brown made a terrible mistake when he attacked the policeman. Young people need training in how to deal with authority figures, whether it’s a TSA employee, a park ranger, teacher or city police officer.

  • sick and tired of idiots

    Sorry Pops your son crucified his own character by choosing a life of thuggery and crime. This was his own choice. Why do you struggle so much with the concept of “personal choice and responsibility” ?

  • Bob Chamberlin

    Michael Brown Sr is a racist bigot. He can’t understand or will accept the truth that his son was being a bad person and acting violent towards the store owner after he got caught stealing cigars from his store and it was caught on tape in that store. Then his son gets caught by the police officer on the street and goes into a mad rage after him. This has all been proven fact. I’m sorry to say this; but I’m pissed off at black people like Michael Brown Sr talking his trash. No wonder his son was trash when you can see it through his fathers words that proves he is a complete and total racist on white people when he should accept the fact that his son was way out of line and died due to his violent criminal activities towards the police officer.

  • lupe

    Stop blaming the whole world for the actions of a few. Especially when you know your baby was at fault. Go back to the Lord. Pray and worship Him. Keep the peace. Promote peace.

  • spectreblackstar

    Maybe you should have raised a gentleman–not a THUG!!!!!
    Stop blaming. It was Michael’s fault–not Officer Wilson’s, the community’s, the system’s nor the government!
    Stop listening to race-baiters, like that piece of crap Sharpton.

    • JP

      Michael Brown unfortunately got what he deserved and poor Officer Wilson’s life has been wounded. I’m sure he will never get over it but will eventually heal.

      I’m sure young Michael was brought up in a typical African American family setting. Was his father around whe he was growing up? Was stealing just a way of life for him. It’s tragic but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Rip Mike!

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