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I-5 briefly shut down as Seattle protest over Ferguson decision turns violent; another march planned

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SEATTLE — A Seattle protest march over the Ferguson decision turned violent Monday night, with marchers throwing rocks, bottles, cans of food, and large fireworks at police officers trying to prevent them from walking on Interstate 5.

Seattle Police reported that 5 people were arrested during the demonstrations. No injuries were reported.

About 200 young people had joined the protest against the Ferguson, Mo., grand jury decision not to indict a police officer in the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown. Among the protesters was the recording artist Macklemore.

And after the I-5 incident, many of the protesters moved to 12th and Pike, where they blocked the street.

The protest march was peaceful for most of the night. But when protesters tried to walk on an on-ramp to I-5 at Madison and 7th in downtown Seattle, police moved in to stop them. Police said protesters lit flares, threw bottles and cans of food, and large fireworks at officers.

Police responded by firing pepper-spray at the protesters and hurling flash bangs at them.

Some, however, made it down an on-ramp toI-5 and essentially shut down the northbound lanes of the interstate for about a half hour. Police moved in and removed the protesters, but many of them started to move toward Seattle's East Precinct.

Police are investigating several incidents of property damage after vandals reportedly spray painted buildings at 6th Avenue and Pike Street
and 9th Avenue and Madison Street. Vandals also reportedly shattered a bank's window at Madison and Boylston Avenue.

At least one more march was scheduled following Monday's decision. Marchers were slated to meet at Mount Calvary Baptist Church late Tuesday morning and rally at the federal courthouse.  T

he the march was organized by Seattle King COunty NAACP and United Black Clergy.

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    • The World is Ending

      You right Michale Brown would have eventually seriously hurt or killed someone,the cop saved a feature life, most likely a black one, because black on black crime is significantly higher than any other combination.

      • Randy Moore

        I do believe that the way the judgment was passed was not convincing and it is normal for a community to feel targeted. There should be a re-trial to bring the officer to justice

        • Pantry

          How can there be a retrial when there wasn’t a trial to begin with? This wasn’t a trial; the grand jury failed to indict the police officer. And even if there HAD been an ACTUAL trial, a second trial would be unconstitutional under the fifth amendment’s double jeopardy clause.

  • Kenneth Briggs

    yes the dumb protesters was on the ramps and freeway 580 here in Oakland , Ca also . the cops should of used those birds in the sky and spray them , get the national guard out and round them all up and charge them for all the time that the police had to deal with this crap and they can pay a nice fine and do week end clean up for two years rain or shine

  • DuhNigreus

    So far, our North American pavement apes have not disappointed. Way to live down to everyone’s estimation of you, sparkling wiggles!

  • Joe

    Savages will never have any sympathy from me, because they’re lying fakes and criminals who play drama queen for special treatment in return.

    • Alex

      Go fuck yourself. A kid is dead. And not just one kid–lots and lots and lots of kids are dead, many of them even younger than Mike Brown; a twelve-year-old boy got shot last week just for daring to be a black kid outside. None of them did anything wrong. The real ‘savages’ here are the fucking cops killing kids just for being black, and if you can’t see that, you’re dumber than you sound. Wake up. Read up. Or shut up.

      • Mario

        Hi Alex. Let me stop you right there. Mike Brown did do something wrong. Several things wrong, actually. The first was robbing a store. In fact, this whole affair could have been avoided had he not robbed that store. The second thing was assaulting Officer Wilson. The third, and fatal “something” he did was trying to grab Wilson’s service weapon.

        Lastly, the 12 year old boy in Ohio wasn’t “daring to be a black kid outside”, you race baiter. He was wielding a BB Gun designed to be a replica of a handgun, complete with the orange tip scratched off. He was pulling it out of his waistband and pointing it passers by. And when police were called to the scene and instructed him to put his hands up, he reached for the replica handgun in his waistband instead.

        You should take your own advice, Alex. Wake up. Read up. Or shut up.

  • ted

    What an ignorant bunch of posts, All normal people move along nothing to see here but nauseated, northwest racists. To bad, I thought we were farther along than the rest of the country, this is about years of ‘bad policing’, for years and it came to a boiling point, this isn’t about one incident. much of America is worried about the power that police have and how they abuse it…..

  • Matthew S

    Percussion grenades and pepperspray. No tear gas. We thought it was, but it was just smoke from the grenades. I was next to a cameraman who was hit in the shin with a percussion grenade left with a bleeding wound with a diameter around the size of the diameter of a soda can.

  • Bob

    These protestors are complete and utter idiots. They are nothing but a bunch of uneducated ignorant hate filled RACISTS. Each and everyone of them have Judged Officer Darren to be a racist yet not one of them have ever met him. They Judged him based solely on the color of his skin. So all you protesters are hypocrites. You protest what you do.
    I won’t even go into the fact these folks are all entitlement babies. They refuse to put in any effort in life l- like education or work. They expect others to pay for them. Worthless. And a good example of why we need to end public assistance of all kinds. Time for these losers to earn a living like everyone else on the planet. If they chose not to then they can live under a bridge and eat out of a garbage can.

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