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I-5 briefly shut down as Seattle protest over Ferguson decision turns violent; more marches planned

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A Seattle protest march over the Ferguson decision turned violent Monday night, with marchers throwing rocks, bottles, cans of food, and large fireworks at police officers trying to prevent them from walking on Interstate 5.

Seattle Police reported that 5 people were arrested during the demonstrations. No injuries were reported.

About 200 young people had joined the protest against the Ferguson, Mo., grand jury decision not to indict a police officer in the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown. Among the protesters was the recording artist Macklemore.

Data pix.

And after the I-5 incident, many of the protesters moved to 12th and Pike, where they blocked the street.

Data pix.

The protest march was peaceful for most of the night. But when protesters tried to walk on an on-ramp to I-5 at Madison and 7th in downtown Seattle, police moved in to stop them. Police said protesters lit flares, threw bottles and cans of food, and large fireworks at officers.

Police responded by firing pepper-spray at the protesters and hurling flash bangs at them.

Some, however, made it down an on-ramp toI-5 and essentially shut down the northbound lanes of the interstate for about a half hour. Police moved in and removed the protesters, but many of them started to move toward Seattle's East Precinct.

Police are investigating several incidents of property damage after vandals reportedly spray painted buildings at 6th Avenue and Pike Street
and 9th Avenue and Madison Street. Vandals also reportedly shattered a bank's window at Madison and Boylston Avenue.



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  • Tom Tee

    What I saw in Ferguson many months ago, was in my mind a thug and a bully paying the ultimate price for his very own bad decisions, bad actions, bad attitude and bad behaviour. I am as white as a sheet of paper and cops in my town would bring me down just as quickly if I stepped out of line in an equally aggressive manner. The most concerning thing in my country is that now it seems as if the cops have been ordered to turn a blind eye if the perpetrators happen to be of a certain racial origin? I believe in one nation, one people and one law for every single solitary person under that flag and not that concessions of any sort need to be made because of a person’s race. None whatsoever! No concessions whatsoever! It is gutless for any person to behave like a pig and then run for the cover of ‘race’ when the going gets tough but previous to that, they seemed more than happy to bully any other person who got in their way with total disregard for their rights.

    • Charley Bell

      You pretty much nailed it. Now they are destroying the local businesses, stealing for their own greed, and lighting everything on fire. They will then expect the government to rebuild. Ferguson is a small city within St. Louis County, the small business owners there cannot afford to have their business ruined, this rioting and destruction has nothing to do with Michael Brown and everything to do with anarchy and entitlement. We have national news broadcasting this tragedy as if it is a systematic occurrence by the police, in the last 10 years, Ferguson has had perhaps 2 lethal shooting by police. How many black men and women are killed every day by other black men/women across this country?? The President on down doesn’t give two cents about those cases because they can’t exploit them for their own political gain. It’s sad, sad for the victims, sad for the families, and sad for our country!

      • Bob

        Agreed. I would add this- the black community continually scream how they raise their kids to think of police as the enemy. Period. Enemy- meaning someone they are supposed to fight and destroy. They teach their kids to show the utmost disrespect to all police officers. So no surprise whenever the police have to deal with a black it is already a tense situation because their parents raised them to fight the police- to kill the enemy. The majority of these “racist” incidents are not coming from the whites- it is coming from the blacks. Think of this- why is it that the blacks are screaming and protesting to keep cops from wearing body camera’s? Because they would be shown to be violent racist thugs. It would end their “bait the cops to win a million” lotto.

        One thing has become quite apparent – the blacks communities entitlement attitude. They believe they should be given whatever they want without having to work for it or earn it. This is one reason we need to end Welfare and Public Assistance. Make them work and earn a livening like every other person on this planet. America is the only country where if you are black you do not have to work or earn an education, etc..

        Another thing is also clear- that blacks refuse to take ANY responsibility for their actions. Period. They believe they are free to rob, violently and viciously attack others, rape and murder- and if you accuse them then you are a racist. Play the race card.


        M Brown attacked the police officer. He tried to get his gun. Lets be honest, he was not collecting guns- he was going to shoot the officer. But according to the Black community- he had every right to do so and the white did not have the right to defend himself or to even live.

        Again- Pathetic.

    • Not Surprised

      Hmm. Black people rioting. Black people attacking police and innocent people with bottles, rock, and anything else they can get their hand on. Black people burning down property that doesn’t belong to them – arson. And then the black people wonder why they are stereotyped to be violent. Go figure!

      • Anonymous

        I was at the Seattle protest, and not that you will believe me, but all the vandalism I saw was from white anarchist protesters. In fact the majority of protesters were white. Also, why is black on black violence still an argument? The majority of white people are also killed by white people. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE. Thank you.

        • Bob

          Your ignorance is amazing. What does whites killing white have to do with anything? Same argument – the majority of blacks are killed by other blacks? No Justice No Peace? WTH are you babbling about?
          Again No Justice No Peace- for what? Because a white kills a white- what does that have to do with NJNP? Not a damned thing. Seems like you were protesting and rioting just so you could commit violence and be an animal. You try and claim this as Justice? Seriously? Justice from what for what?

          Typical protestor- uneducated, unemployed and just plain ignorant.

          • Bob

            Also explains why you posted anonymously…you are afraid to have people know who you are because you know what you stated was pure BS.

  • Cozmo

    Seattle has nothing to do with Ferguson, the marchers here are simply looking for something they can destroy and say that they are supporting whatever is going on in Ferguson

  • Morris Ryan

    Citizens with black skin are going to force us to accept that black criminals are to be left alone – trial by media news broadcast is such sweet and honest justice.

  • Kit

    These protestors should be demonstrating against the black gang violence taking place in Seattle, not events in Ferguson. The southend has many unsolved murders from black on black gang activity. Everyday, there are reports of armed robbery on Beacon Hill and the Rainier Valley.

  • Kit

    Why didn’t these people protest when Justin Ferrari was shot and killed in 2012 by some dumb ass gangbanger? This protest isn’t valid.

  • Kit

    Why didn’t they protest the murder of a Greenwood resident in Feb 2014? A white man killed by a black teen. He was murdered for his cell phone!

  • Joe

    The Age of Obama! As usual, Obama closed with ‘Anger is justified’, then stoke the fires of decay because he wanted the law enforcement to be neuter on the front lines and demoralized.

  • julie

    It’s downright absurd how these low IQ morons get all Butt Hurt over a shooting that was 100% legally justified – yet they direct NO mental energy or outrage whatsoever towards their OWN behavior (as in: do NOT strike a cop and rush him, do NOT commit robberies, do NOT burn businesses for no reason, etc). It’s hard to imagine what their delusional stone-age view of the world is.

  • SeattleFan

    So apparently you must indite an innocent man in order to make others happy? So disappointed in Macklemore for buying into this kind of lynch mob mentality.

  • John Weber

    Here is a for sure thing to think about, the investigation was doomed because it was tried by media sensationalize from start and race baiters. The officer did not seek out some poor choir boy walking home from church, Mr Brown went looking for trouble that day and found it why would you attack a armed police officer, unfortunately based upon viewing his parents behavior he needed some help in that department. These protests will do nothing but disturb good american peoples lives. And 100 % for sure as soon as the politicians and medias outlets milk this dty and can’t make anymore money it will be old news, think about it people do you hear about Newtown??, Travon??, Iraq, 5 people a day being killed in Chicago, etc if it make no money its not news. simple but sad!!

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